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Sunday, April 7, 2013

"Open letter to sarah bingham, crisis counselor and project coordinator at Lanark county interval house." Part2

Well I waited a week, read the emc-courier this week and saw no response to my previous post "demanding" sarah bingham and the emc-courier separate themselves and the woman's shelter in carleton place from statement such as "recognize that all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment".
And to admit that the majority of men are honorable people who would step in to defend the weak. And if some people are afraid to get involved, which I doubt very much, it is because people, (feminists), have created this issue by saying all men are violent and pushing laws to that effect. If someone is in a position to defend a victim, one has to keep in mind he will probably be charged for assaulting the perpetrator who is victimizing a person, the choice is go to jail, get charged with assault for defending a victim or not get involved at all and go home. As for the story talked about in my previous post, "no one got involved" I doubt that very much, if this really happened and if there were men, "they would have gotten involved" that is reality.

To be frank I did not expect her to change her idealism overnight or ever for that matter. Their primary concern is to get as much funding as possible by demonizing all men as the statement above shows. What they fail to realize, by attacking half the population, they not only alienate men but also the women in their lives who do not believe they raised their sons to be abusers and bad men.
Maybe someday people such as her, erin lee todd (director of lanark county interval house) and others will be replaced with those who believe men are a necessary part of making this world and this county a safer place for all.
The way to prevent violence is to admit everyone into the issue, including men, women's shelter should not be the domain of radical feminists who believe "all men are bad"; by alienating part of the population they avoid showing the realities of our community, healthy family life, and when women and children do go through any degree of violence, it is not all men who are responsible but the action of an individual.
When a woman goes through a shelter, she and her children are told "men are bad", hence she and her kids will go back out into the world believing this and be afraid for the rest of their lives, instead of realizing that most men care for their safety and freedoms, that is why advocating for an inclusion of men as workers in a shelter is so important to show that they can get their "strength" back by realizing men are not all the same as they are brainwashed to believe. There is a reason for them doing this, by continuing to feel victimized, the victims continues to depend on these shelters and the funding comes into play by keeping them in their inflated statistics.
Every time they write in the emc-courier they talk of women's strength and struggles, yes, women struggles when they are told all men are bad, and their strength is non existent if they keeps on hearing "all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment". It is not men who are victimizing women, it is individuals with twisted policies of continued victimization.

So, since they will not separate themselves with the statement that "all men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment" let's see who they are talking about in Lanark county:
EMC-COURIER; most of this paper is publish by...women... 15 to 5 as I can see...
Don't they have men in their lives, sons, husbands, brothers, fathers, the statement above is after all talking about them, what about the male reporters, do they support the statement above?

I am sure the men do not support the statement that they achieved power through rape and sexual harassment?
Do the women think that the men in their lives achieve or will achieve power through rape and sexual harassment?

There are many other "men" in Lanark county who are in a position of "power", and they are there because they work hard...

There is a lot more, local police, opp, so on, so on, the point is, these people whether one agrees with their politics or not, believe in universality, to treat everyone on an equal basis, they promote the idea that everyone should have a safe and productive life with their family at their sides and not one achieved their positions in such a disturbing way as the statement claims. 

This blog therefore "demands" that the statement be condemned and taken out of the web site in question. 
And that the women's shelter in carleton place Ontario separate themselves from such a disgusting definition of men...

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