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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lanark county sees increase in male domestic assault calls...plus inflated dv reports from the local women's shelter

This report shows that the message the local radical feminists have been saying is false and misleading. Not too long ago I read a report by the local shelter's that there was an increase in domestic violence. Problem is they did not explain where the increase was, that some men in Lanark county, abused by their women, are now reporting it. Their report was misleading people saying at was all women.

The numbers of male abuse in the report below (take into account the number of men who do not report it, and the numbers would jump higher) is low, but at the same time men are starting to realize that abuse by women must be reported otherwise they end up been charged and usually for no reason other than revenge. One can see that it is only an act of revenge when the woman in question goes back to the man after a few days or weeks.
 I know someone whose wife would leave twice a year, sometimes three, run to women's shelters, make false reports, she did this for 10 years, then he divorced her, the point is...she came back 20 times. That is 20 times the money they wasted on her, could have been spent on "real" victims.
Charging those who make or promote false accusations, not only protects the wrongfully accused(99.999% of the time, men), but also the real victims of our society, if those who abuse the system know that they risk being charged also.

The other point is, this report says ONLY 59 calls in one year were answered by the officers of the Lanark county opp, to be fair let us put the local city police reports also, for the sake of argument a couple of dozen more...
That is a big difference from what the local feminists at the women's shelter in Carleton place have been reporting...It is amazing that this "newspaper" even published this report, considering in the few years I have been reporting on this, I have "never", let me repeat...NEVER, seen a contradiction to what this shelter ever reported.

In the local shelter's extremely inflated numbers they claim, 2259 calls in one year at their shelter.

Of these take away the false accusations for custody purposes against fathers, the ones that use the system to be put on top of the emergency list, those who had a simple argument and want revenge, so on, so on, and we have the exaggeration I have been talking about. There is a big discrepancy in 59 calls a year compared to 2259, put forward by this shelter.

I have always promoted that the truth is better than any kind of exaggeration  when the truth is told, belief is followed, help is easier to get, and funds are allocated according to reality. It is now an accepted "fact" that shelters overstate their statistics, we know that some use the system for all the wrong reasons.

And shelters wonder why their funding is going down???

Maybe, those "men" and the women who hold power, do not subscribe to the idea that "men hold power through rape and sexual harassment" and find this statement extremely...insulting.
Let's face reality here for just one moment, MEN, want our women to be safe, to be secure and happy, productive and self sufficient if they wish it, after all they are our daughters, without us, there is no freedom, we are the ones who have died in wars to assure "we" live in a free world. And ironically, feminists depend on us for the right to speak their mind...
They are not the sole proprietor of women's rights....

 So, my hat is off to Insp, Gerry Salisbury commander of the lanark county opp detachment for this report, as I have said before, the truth is always better, and I am happy to see the OPP reporting what is real. It's a start and hope it continues.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post,exposing the truth is always a good thing,especially for victims.I'm a shelter worker and I see what your talking about every week.We get a lot of women who abuse the shelters for personal reasons.The reason it's not exposed is for the funding.

BlackWolf said...

Thank you...sorry I took so long to respond, if you are a shelter worker who is unhappy, maybe we could talk, makes thing better, by exposing the "corruption".