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Monday, April 15, 2013

Jodi Arias trial.... Feminist witness.

Imagine for one minute if this was a man killing a woman, shooting her in the head, slitting her throat, stabbing her 30 times, taking pictures of the crime, saying he does not remember, or that it was someone else, and then saying sorry, I was abused, it was self defense.
Would a feminist witness say to the d.a. "you need a time out", or "are you angry at me", or "he was abused, it is not his fault". I don't think so...
Killing of Travis Alexander; wikipedia

The arrogance of the so called expert witness, alyce laviolette, is nothing more that a radical feminist who has the view all men are bad and therefore must be abusers and it's OK to kill them. You can see in her behavior the dislike she has for the "male" d.a..
The problem with the continuing excuses these so call feminists have in saying all women are victims is people like arias can kill a man, and try to get away with it by claiming abuse, knowing full well, the established feminist idealism of all men bad, will defend her.

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