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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to know which teen help organisation is good or bad.

You know when an organisation is a good one and need help now is one of them. When they promote the value of mom and dad's wisdom, then they understand the value of child and parent relationship.. All children should know who to go too before anyone else, who too trust, and who too depend on...An organisation that goes on the belief that most parents are good, instead of bad, helps to show the real direction a teen should take, family.

There are many bad organisations out there who try their hardest to bypass mom and dad, believing in "their" self importance above family.
One of these organisations which is nothing other than an extension of child protection and according to parents I have talked too, combined with my own experience is open doors in lanark county smiths falls ontario, terribly anti-parent. Get ready as a parent to receive the blame for all problems with your teen if you go there, while the teen is in the room the finger will be pointed in your direction and watch the expression of your child, "I told you it was your fault". Once that's done, you have just unknowingly made things worse by going there.
The staff is terribly inexperienced in family affairs and gets their training from outside the family home. They have no idea what is going on in the home, it's rules or it's character, and if one listens to them, the family will be for the worse.
Their site is self explanatory, the first problem is the parents and if "they" judge, according to "their" criteria, something is wrong, you could end up in a nightmare scenario.
See here.
Interesting isn't it, "they" think they have the power to bypass your wishes by saying a 12 year old has the right to private counseling. What that means is if your teen is mad at you, for one reason or another, teen rebellion for instance, he or she could say something they do not mean, and you end up with a terrible problem. This is going on the assumption that all parents are potentially bad, instead of potentially good and that is why, one should never go to this organisation. Parents must always be in the forefront of raising children, not some staff member who has never taken a step into your home and knows nothing of it's workings.

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