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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Blogger DayKoons...Men going ghost

Found a blogger who makes a lot of sense....DayKoons.

Among MGTOW and MRA folks, the idea of "going ghost" seemed to be a very promising way of addressing some social issues that were not easily fixable. To a large extent, many guys have gone ghost and have simply dropped out.

Rotary and other Civics clubs are now dominated by women, and most churches and temples are virtually controlled by women and are growing more feminine daily. As as been often noted, men don't have meeting places anymore outside of strip clubs, and not all men frequent those places.

By insisting on full integration into most of men's spaces, women have basically rewarded the most hypermasculine men by not giving them incentives to participate. We won't go to religious institutions dominated by women with a softer message tempered for female sensibilities. We won't involve ourselves with civic organizations or groups that are basically "hen houses" like "The View" for women. Instead, men have created impromptu groups surrounding video games, extreme sports, pinball, billiards, movie genres, etc. Men haven't dropped out of culture and gone ghost, they have adapted and simply tuned out the institutions that don't serve their interests or needs.

Some however, have gone the extra mile and are living as literal ghosts. They work off-the-books, keep relationships artificially limited, and focus on work and pursuing their own interests. I honestly only know about four guys out of a few dozen work associates and friends that are able to do this. Some spend their time racing motorcycles or doing sports, others are full-time writers, but the common denominator is that they refuse to allow themselves to be put into a routine, or any kind of system that controls their behavior. That is the primary purpose of going ghost. Do you really want politicians to govern your behavior, or make decisions for you?

For me, going ghost means I never become part of the community or involve myself in anything that attracts attention from the government or powerful interests. I never live in a neighborhood with an HOA. I like the quiet of a beach house, or the anonymity of an urban loft. I do not like suburbia, a mortgage, work rules, home rules, and zero time to myself. That is the life too many men are leading, and many of them would like to simply walk away. Don't wait too many years. Life is short, and this isn't a rehearsal. If you are miserable in a world of conformity and collective control, simply walk away. Nobody has a gun to your head to conform. Stick up for yourself; wake up, and if necessary, take off.

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