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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What Ontario needs is a law declaring parental rights "fundamental".

Starting July 1st, parents in Virginia will have “a fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care” of their children.
The bills formally declare parental rights as fundamental, meaning they will have the highest level of legal protection.

“Fundamental” means these rights cannot be taken away unless the state has a compelling reason to do so. When rights are “ordinary,” the state has more leeway in overriding parents’ decisions.
Parental rights include any legal obligations that go with being a parent, such as the right to custody or visitation, the right and obligation to provide financial support, and the obligation to provide the child with proper care and supervision.
Full story
In Ontario the major problem with drugs, teen pregnancy, lack of education, generational welfare, is the intrusion of social programs and the education system sticking their noses where it does not belong. Telling parents what will be thought to our children without having a say, easy access to welfare, so on...
Diluting parental rights has produce a dangerous path for the long term future of the next generation. It is a "fact" that when parental rights are enforced and respected, we have less drug abuse, crime, teen pregnancies, welfare and a more educated hard working society. I always believed the reason the suicide rate is so high amongst teens is because they have no idea where to turn when things get difficult. They are told in schools and by social programs through the media that they are adults at a very young age when they are nowhere near nor ready for a world who uses people for profits.
The expression, "it's a ruff world out there" is more real today than ever, and the young must have someone to turn to when thing get messed up. Depending on social programs, or teen help line, or counselors who have no idea how the family home works is what's causing the problem. Parents are better placed to understand the mind of their own children.
Declaring parental rights to be fundamental would greatly enhance the position of the father in children's lives, and all research show that when the father is involved, kids have a better chance at a good future.
Taking away courts meddling into families is paramount, no more should a father hope that the judge is in a good mood in order to be involve in his kids lives.
What benefits a child is mom and dad, and all the respect than comes with it.
The right to be a parent is not given to us by the state  or its courts or its education system, let alone its social programs, it is a God given right.
And when the state respected this a long time ago, our society was better off.
There is no such thing as co-parenting with the state, the social programs or the education system, they "must" answer to parents in order to have a stable society.
Schools, courts, social programs, teen help lines, all those intrusive organisations controlled by the radical feminists and their mangina allies have become so negative in their outlook on life, demonizing parents, especially fathers, that sons and daughters, no longer have a hero to look up to, no role models, and this causes deep resentment towards society and a lost generation.
Therefore, parental rights, and that is mom and "dad" must be entrenched in the charter, constitution and laws, as the first and last word in the raising of children.
No more should the few bad apples in our society be the example for such intrusive laws, it should be recognized that parents as a whole, are the answer to our problems, not the cause.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Calls for an investigation of Lanark county interval house finances.

This was in the emc not to long ago....
"Lanark County Interval House wants to assure the public that we do not share personal or contact information of any of Lanark County Interval House supporters."
so, what the hell do you call this...I must be missing something....
I see names and personal contacts of supporters here.....lol...and this is "not" the only ones, there is names of personal contact information practically every week in this..."newspaper"..
I make it my goal in life, no matter how small, to expose the B.S. this specific shelter puts out there week after week with the co-operation of the local media, namely the emc-Perth, Smiths falls courier....
Since I am the only "viable opposition" media outlet of Lanark county, it is important to see the other side of the story. To expose what is truth and what is propaganda. 

The other story I would like to point out is, this shelter gets a considerable amount of funds from governments, provincial and local, businesses and personal, they even got an infusion of money from the regional government recently. I exposed their little game a while back, they asked for money, saying they were broke, when the regionals told them everyone is in financial difficulty and they could not help, they and the local media made them look bad by saying they did not care about women and children, did not take long after that for the local governments to freak out and give they $35,000. 
That said, practically every week, the local media has a story about donations to this shelter, thousands of dollars.
Question? Where is all this money going? How can they be broke when they get donations every week, and support from businesses, personal, local, provincial and federal...???
I call on governments, even the tax man, to investigate, have an assessment of this shelter, to tell us exactly where the money is going, the salaries of its staff and their personal expenditure promoting themselves. 
This is a very small shelter, the cost to run it, is not that extensive, if a "man" was running it, it would be more financially responsible, if there where male workers, they could show and explain to the victims of domestic violence that not all men are the same, promoting the reality that what happened to them was the act of an "individual" instead of "all men bad".
Promoting the idea that "men get their power through rape and sexual harassment" ...
only make victims believe they will be victims all of their lives, but then that is what they aim for, this way that person believes she will be victimized for the rest of her life and can be added to next years statistics.
I do believe that if there were male examples, male workers in shelters, it would integrate the strength back into these victims, that men, as a whole are understanding and caring. But since they only have workers who have brought their hatred with them, how does this make them "experts" and how does this help a victim get her strength back when she is blasted with messages that can only be described as one sided.
In closing, the women's shelter program has become an industry, and their policy is to get as much money as possible at the expense of the victims, to accept any story, whether it is true or not, invites false statement in order to get on the top of the emergency list, quick custody against fathers, or just simply...revenge. 
All these issue wastes funds, better used to help victims, and that is why I am calling for an investigation of the financials goings on at this shelter. 
What are they really doing with all the donations and funds they get practically every week.

Woman pissed at local opp....rams cars in parking lot...

Carleton Place Ontario OPP.

Police say a woman drove a vehicle into the rear parking lot of the detachment and crashed into parked police vehicles.

A pedestrian in the parking lot observed a woman driving a grey 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier enter the parking lot and crash into the side of a marked OPP vehicle. She then drove her car into four other marked police vehicles.

After crashing into the police vehicles, the woman drove to the detachment’s front parking lot where she was arrested.

Considering how some of them, feminists, treated me, simply because I politely asked the director erin lee tood for help and did not want her local women's shelter in Carleton place to lie and put my daughter on welfare... if they treat people the way they treated me, I am not surprised someone got pissed...


If your a Prepper and you bragged about it...

150 Officials Including FBI Raid Nonviolent Prepper and Confiscate Firearms

A prepper is someone who gets ready for the fall of society, we seen them on TV  with hand guns, saying they will defend their stash, well good luck, by bragging about it, and going on TV  and promoting it all over the internet, where it is even worse than TV,  they, the elite, now know who you are where you are and what you have....Way to go dumbass....Do you really think they will not take it....if things go bad?

Don't bragg your a prepper, be ready, just in case, keep it a secret, don't tell anyone, choose who to help, and if things do go bad, pretend your starving, make it look good, keep silent, and bury your stash in multiple location, never all in the same place, so if it is taken, at least you'll have some left to feed your family.
 I was watching a show on history on preppers, the only thing I kept on thinking about those bragging about having a year of food and water on TV is "you poor stupid fool", now they have your address...

Been a prepper in my opinion, means you must be secretive about it, if society breaks down, all of those you told will be coming for what you have, your neighbors whose families are starving, those who will see a way to make a profiit, government who will take it upon themselves to distribute what you have after they take their share of course....
I am not preaching doom, hopefully this will not happen, but if it does, and if you called yourself a prepper and told people, you already lost what you stashed away....
Registered your guns? they have your address
Text someone about it? they know...
Talked about it on the phone? they know...
Build a shelter in your backyard? they know...
Bought your survival equipment, left a receipt? they know...
Bought boxes of mre? they know....
Get the point, been a prepper, is a warrior's decision you made to protect your family, and in any military decision, you must apply intelligence  who will know, who can know, and who you can trust, and in any of these situation, trust no one, and you will survive...
Good luck

25 Things That You Should Do To Get Prepared For The Coming Economic Collapse

Why I am against abortions...

Silence is Deafening: Major Media AWOL on Grisly Abortion Trial
Gosnell used and reused unsanitary instruments to perform abortions, Grand Jury found
Gosnell employee: baby ‘jumped’ when I snipped its neck during an ‘abortion
Abortion worker Sherry West testified she heard a baby screaming and screeching during an abortion
Gosnell defense claims babies already dead when he snipped their necks If they were already dead, why snip their neck????? (snip the neck of a baby... a baby........ evil is in our mist... Evil knows no bounds. When they can justify this, they can justify ANYTHING...)
so with all this....
Obama's new budget calls for $30 million more in abortion funding
While cutting social security and health care...
Obama Cuts Social Security and Medicare by Much More Than the GOP
Still don't think this guy's priority are really screwed up...

I tried to stay away from this issue, but as an adult, protector of children, when I hear a murderer snips the neck of babies....to cut the spinal cord as if it is an unwanted animal, it goes against why I am here....why I exist....
We are not here to provide the elite with possessions, we are not here to serve the state, we are here to protect, provide, love, care, and give our children a life with giggles and laughter...

This is no longer about abortions and rights or whatever, it is about the murder of children we are supposed to protect.

Antifeminist misandry

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Have faith in your power, even if things are looking bad.

Things sometimes can look bad, and other times  worse than they really are. The light at the end of the tunnel seems so far away. 
When this happens, look at yourself in the mirror and ask if you did the best you could. If you did, then it is all that is asked of you, go back to you family, smile and tell yourself, they are your strength and the reason you exist. Have faith in your power, never let the weak dictate to you, someone is watching your every move and will guide their lives according to your behaviour. 

Always remember who you are, let no one take this away.
Freedom depends on you been of strong will and body.
May the Great Spirit protect you and your loved ones.

Imagine for one minute if it was the other way around...the twisted world of the feminist.

Out of respect, would a man ever and I say "ever" wear a t-shirt that say "wife beater"...simple answer...NO.
That said, imagine for one minute what would happen if a man would wear such a shirt, hags, feminist, cat loving lonely old feminazis would be up in arms.
So, why is it funny when women such as this one does it????
And what if this was the other way around in a classroom, shit would hit the fan...
Especially in a classroom, this is meant for one reason only, to demonize the boys.
This is the feminist idea of equality?????

The rights of the unborn and men are intertwined.

We, and I mean all of us down here, fought against the elite, to take children out of mines (which were all young boys by the way)
and manufacturing plants (boys and girls) at the beginning of the last century. To be honest about child labour, I would have to say 80 to 90% of them were young boys, there were girls but as you can see here, they were few. It only became a feminists ideal to fight for women's rights during their free love and burn the bra era in the late 60's.
The fight for a better life for our families was a good one, it involved all of us, men and women, fathers and mothers, and the elite listened and obeyed our demands. That is how powerful we are when we speak with one voice.
But again, we are divided, the tool, use by the elite today is the lowly feminist and her ally, the mangina.

Now, we must take up the fight again against the elitist and their tools, we see how far they are willing to go, to demoralize the world we fought and died for. Teaching gay lifestyle and sex ed to kindergarten children, pushing young men out of colleges and university with their "stupid" women's studies, and beware if someone asks for men's studies, then we are all rapists.
But the worse we have "allowed" is open, on demand abortions. If we are to respect ourselves we cannot keep a blind eye on the responsibility we have as a race to to prevent the "killing" and "murder" the most vulnerable and call it a right for only one segment.
If, as men, we no longer take it upon ourselves to defending the weak, as we seem to have in the past 40 years, then we are heading in the wrong direction.
If they take away the right to life for "babies", how do you expect them to respect the place we have in the circle of life. And I am not talking about only men, once we are beaten down and they believe they have the upper hand, they will switch they gun sites on someone else. For now it is beneficial for them to "pander" to the lowly cat loving feminist, but once they achieve their goal, these low intellectual individuals will be in their way and then....

This is why I believe that men's right are tied in with the right of the unborn. They went after babies, succeeded, and now are in full war against us. Man is here to protect the weak, not to be a white knight, but to be who is was meant to be and when we look the other way, evil has always sneaked in and tried to destroy what we died for, freedom.
 I and so many others, men and women are now starting to realise, we might be dealing with the evil people do, the few who dictate to the majority. I refuse to believe the lame stream media, which say the majority agree with them, they manipulate and include the conformist, the worse of people. The conformist allows and nurtures evil, we saw this in mussolini's italy, hitler's germany, lenin and stalin's russia, mao's china, so on, all throughout history. That is how evil thrives and how we lose our rights.
 We are blasted everyday by the evils people "promote", the gosnell trial, where he "snipped" the necks of babies, in Canada, 26 week old baby aborted for no reason.
If life has become so trivial, then we do not deserve to survive as a society, and we will not. No society can survive without morality, that is the reason they want to downgrade men to a lowly subservient dog, to be called on, whenever they need protection in they manipulative wars, "we" are a danger to them.

The stupidity of this idealism is the lack of understanding of what man is capable of if he get angry. They will push us to a point where we will no longer be willing to play along, they are that stupid.

Hence, if man wants his place in the circle of life to be respected, then he must take up his responsibilities and defend those who cannot defend themselves against evil, "children". If we look the other way, what right have we to say...anything.
Man, is the ultimate defender of freedom, and that includes the hate messages of the lowly, sub-intellectual, self loathing, self hating radical feminist with a big inferior complex, who has nothing other than their cats to go home too. Ironically...

The continuing saga of feminist (sub-intellectually ridiculous) ideology, husky dog promotes rape.

College’s husky dog logo promotes rape

I am not surprised that they would attack a dog, since most radical feminists have no one to go home too but their cats.
This is so fuc#$ing stupid, no reasonable minded person can realistically debate this specific issue, other than, "shit, they are getting dumber by the minute".
Why would any woman call herself a feminists, when the whole ideology has become nothing more than a friggin joke.The stupidity of this "movement" is so out of touch with reality, eventually, so call politicians will realise that this has to go.
Locally, (lanark county ontario) with many men and women with husbands and sons, been is a position of power, pandering to statements such as these...
and what the director of the local women's shelter (erin lee todd) said, "during the super bowl and stanley cup  men buy beer and beat their wives", one kind of wonders at the quality of politician we elect. One day I am going to take them aside, ask, "is this who you are?". 
These kind of statements about men, sports, and dogs, lol, is simply stupid, and shows the lack of intelligence  in the idealism of feminism. To attack, simply to scare, no longer works for most of us, the rest who still pander to this type of low level intellect will have to wake up.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Better get that kid on Ritalin

Homeschooling sounds pretty good just about now doesn't it?

PIERS MORGAN; I may deport myself back to england...

Yes morgan please deport yourself....
This "idiot" brings englands policies to america, because of the gun control in england, those who have guns over there are criminals. In america it is a right, he refuses to accept that, and he does not let those he does not agree with, speak and even insults them on national tv. He is causing more damage than good.
If someone more sensible, would be open to both side of the argument, more would be achieved.
So, I do not agree much with this fool, but in this case I totally concur...leave. The second amendment has nothing to do with hunting morgan, it is to prevent a tyrannical government from taking root...

Morgan you ninny, before you trash a peoples beliefs, trying to replace them with yours, you should try to understand, your used to bowing to people who have to be related to each other in order to be married, you call them royals. Therefore you can't comprehend that some people do not bow...to anyone.
As for CNN

Rep. Hank Johnson, Guam will Tip over and capsize...lol...wow...

This is why there should be an intelligence quiz given to those who want to run for office, or at the least, an urine test.

How the hell the admiral kept a straight face, I'll never know, he has better control than I do, I would of wet me self laughing.
Later he said he was joking, or talking metaphorically, and he meant tipping point ecologically, but if you look at the video, he tips over the island with his hands.
I think it's funny as hell, I don't know what he was thinking, or what he was smoking, but he definetely was not himself that day...lol

Feminists national anthem, starring big red...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Internet Sales Tax Bill Will Pass in the Senate

April 26, 2013
It’s almost here: a new sales tax on Internet purchases. The Senate will vote in 11 days. The preliminary vote was 63 to 30.

Then it will go to the House. If the House passes it, Obama will sign it into law.

You and I will start paying sales taxes on orders from companies that are outside our state. Businesses will have to start collecting taxes.

This will add a paperwork burden on businesses. They will have to track all sales in every state. They will have to make payments — different percentages — to all states with sales taxes.

It’s a tax hike. Make no mistake about it.

If the public sits there and does nothing, it will start paying more for whatever it buys online.

If House members think that the sheep will sit there and be sheared, a majority will pass this bill.

If you want to contact your Congressman, and you don’t know his name, here’s how to locate him: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/

They just won't give anyone a break will they...

Wanted By The State: Your Children. Sweden.

Noticed something? all those case of thievery, is done against...yes...single mothers by feminazis...
Careful Canada, the u.n. charter on the right of the child might come here if a socialist government takes over...
Though I do not agree with everything this video talks about, one thing I found extremely disturbing as a parent, "if the child does not conform to societies norms, he or she will be taken away"...that is state brainwashing, to make people follow the dictate of the state....The nazis and communists did that..Now the feminist infested parts of the state is trying the same thing?.

Child Hunger Is Exploding In Greece – And 14 Signs That It Is Starting To Happen In the Americas.

If you think for one minute, Canada is immune  don't forget our economy is dependant on our southern neighbors. They fall, we fall....Imagine for a minute, in what use to be the land of plenty, seeing you kids go hungry  or your grandchildren, there will be plenty of blame to go around and those who caused it will have nowhere to hide. There is no food reserve in the americas. Plenty of oil though.

Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse
April 25, 2013
The world is heading into a horrific economic nightmare, and an inordinate amount of the suffering is going to fall on innocent children.  If you want to get an idea of what America is going to look like in the not too distant future, just check out what is happening in Greece.  At this point, Greece is experiencing a full-blown economic depression.  As I have written about previously, the unemployment rate in Greece has now risen to 27 percent, which is much higher than the peak unemployment rate that the U.S. economy experienced during the Great Depression of the 1930s.  And as you will read about below, child hunger is absolutely exploding in Greece right now.  Some families are literally trying to survive on pasta and ketchup.  But don’t think for a moment that it can’t happen here.  Sadly, the truth is that child hunger is already rising very rapidly in our poverty-stricken cities.  Never before have we had so many Americans unable to take care of themselves.  Food stamp enrollment and child homelessness have soared to brand new all-time records, and there are actually thousands of Americans that are so poor that they live in tunnels underneath our cities.  But for millions of other Americans, the suffering is not quite so dramatic.  Instead, they just watch their hopes and their dreams slowly slip away as they struggle to find a way to make it from month to month.  There are millions of parents that lead lives that are filled with constant stress and anxiety as they try to figure out how to provide the basics for their children.  How do you tell a child that you can’t give them any dinner even though you have been trying as hard as you can?  What many families go through on a regular basis is absolutely heartbreaking.  Unfortunately, more poor families slip through the cracks with each passing day, and these are supposedly times in which we are experiencing an “economic recovery”.  So what are things going to look like when the next major economic downturn strikes?
A recent New York Times article detailed the horrifying child hunger that we are witnessing in Greece right now.  At some schools there are reports of children actually begging for food from their classmates…

As an elementary school principal, Leonidas Nikas is used to seeing children play, laugh and dream about the future. But recently he has seen something altogether different, something he thought was impossible in Greece: children picking through school trash cans for food; needy youngsters asking playmates for leftovers; and an 11-year-old boy, Pantelis Petrakis, bent over with hunger pains.
“He had eaten almost nothing at home,” Mr. Nikas said, sitting in his cramped school office near the port of Piraeus, a working-class suburb of Athens, as the sound of a jump rope skittered across the playground. He confronted Pantelis’s parents, who were ashamed and embarrassed but admitted that they had not been able to find work for months. Their savings were gone, and they were living on rations of pasta and ketchup.
Could you imagine that happening to your children or your grandchildren?
Don’t think that it can’t happen.  Just a few years ago the Greek middle class was vibrant and thriving.
And we are starting to see hunger explode in other European countries as well.  For example, in the UK the number of people receiving emergency food rations has increased by 170 percentover the past year.
This is one of the reasons why I get upset when people say that “things are getting better”.  Yes, the stock market has been setting record highs lately, but things are most definitely not getting better.
Even during this false bubble of debt-fueled economic stability that we are enjoying right now, we continue to see hunger and poverty rise dramatically in America.
Since Barack Obama has been president, the number of Americans on food stamps has grown from 32 million to more than 47 million.
Will we all be on food stamps eventually?
Will we all become dependent on the government for our survival at some point?
According to the Boston Herald, even Tamerlan Tsarnaev was receiving government welfare benefits…
Marathon bombings mastermind Tamerlan Tsarnaev was living on taxpayer-funded state welfare benefits even as he was delving deep into the world of radical anti-American Islamism, the Herald has learned.
State officials confirmed last night that Tsarnaev, slain in a raging gun battle with police last Friday, was receiving benefits along with his wife, Katherine Russell Tsarnaev, and their 3-year-old daughter. The state’s Executive Office of Health and Human Services said those benefits ended in 2012 when the couple stopped meeting income eligibility limits.
Isn’t that crazy?
And yes, there are some people out there that are abusing the system.  In fact, the cost of food stamp fraud has risen sharply toapproximately $750 million in recent years.
But most of the people on these programs really need the help.  Thanks to our incredibly foolish economic policies, there are not enough good jobs for everyone and there never will be again.  The percentage of Americans that are unable to take care of themselves is going to continue to rise, and the suffering that we are witnessing right now is going to get much, much worse.
Not that things aren’t really, really bad already.  Here are some signs that child hunger in America has already started to explode…
#1 Today, approximately 17 million children in the United States are facing food insecurity.  In other words, that means that “one in four children in the country is living without consistent access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life.”
#2 We are told that we live in the “wealthiest nation” on the planet, and yet more than one out of every four children in the United States is enrolled in the food stamp program.
#3 The average food stamp benefit breaks down to approximately$4 per person per day.
#4 It is being projected that approximately 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps before they reach the age of 18.
#5 It may be hard to believe, but approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are currently living in homes that are either considered to be either “low income” or impoverished.
#6 The number of children living on $2.00 a day or less in the United States has grown to 2.8 million.  That number has increased by 130 percent since 1996.
#7 According to Feeding America, “households with children reported food insecurity at a significantly higher rate than those without children, 20.6 percent compared to 12.2 percent”.
#8 According to a Feeding America hunger study, more than 37 million Americans are now being served by food pantries and soup kitchens.
#9 For the first time ever, more than a million public school students in the United States are homeless.  That number has risen by 57 percent since the 2006-2007 school year.
#10 Approximately 20 million U.S. children rely on school meal programs to keep from going hungry.
#11 One university study estimates that child poverty costs the U.S. economy 500 billion dollars each year.
#12 In Miami, 45 percent of all children are living in poverty.
#13 In Cleveland, more than 50 percent of all children are living in poverty.
#14 According to a recently released report, 60 percent of all children in the city of Detroit are living in poverty.
For many more facts about the dramatic explosion of poverty in this country, please see my previous article entitled “21 Statistics About The Explosive Growth Of Poverty In America That Everyone Should Know“.
Unfortunately, most of the time statistics don’t really tell the whole story.  Numbers alone cannot really communicate the soul-crushing despair that millions of American families are enduring on a daily basis at this point.
How can numbers communicate the pain that a child feels when her grandmother does not eat because there is not enough food for everyone in the family?  But this is what some families in Americaactually go through because there is not enough money…
Vanyshia tells about the sacrifices her Grandmother makes so that she and her siblings can eat. “Sometimes my Grandma can’t even eat because she has to feed me and my brother and sister. Sometimes I don’t eat as much as I want to because I leave some for my Grandma because I don’t want her to sit there and starve. Sometimes she doesn’t have enough money to buy food, so she has to go to the bank and borrow money. It makes me feel sad. I don’t want her to be hungry. I just feel sad sometimes,” says Vanyshia.
Things can be particularly tough when you are a single parent.  The BBC recently profiled a single mother that is struggling to raise two young children in Iowa…
“We don’t get three meals a day like breakfast, lunch and then dinner,” says Kaylie. “When I feel hungry I feel sad and droopy.”
Kaylie and Tyler live with their mother Barbara, who used to work in a factory. After losing her job, she was entitled to unemployment benefit and food stamps – this comes to $1,480 (£974) a month.
But they were no longer able to afford to live in their house, which along with bills cost $1,326 (£873) a month, leaving little for food or petrol.
Kaylie supplemented their income by collecting cans along the railway track near their old home – earning between two and five cents per can.
For more examples like this one, I encourage everyone to go watch a recent BBC documentary entitled “America’s Poor Kids” that you can see right here.
I wonder why we don’t see more stuff like this on the mainstream news in this country?
Could it be that the mainstream media does not want to admit how bad things have really gotten?
All of this is also a reminder that we need to be generous to those in need.  Times are going to get much, much harder than this, and we are all going to need one another.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What do men think of manginas?

A mangina is good for nothing, he cannot provide, protect or defend a nation and it's people's freedom from openly expressing themselves, ironically, he can't even defend a feminist hag's right to her hate speech.
The more of them, the weaker a nation.

Women's opinion of the aging hippie liberal douche...lol.

The Liberal Male
April 25, 2013 at 5:00 am / by Sam Janney

Hidden in the dark crevices of organic food markets and coffee shops lurks the saber-toothed, liberal male. He is a creature who rides his bike, hates SUVs, and thrives on a diet of rhetoric, open-toed shoes and of course, a progressive agenda.
You may find him declaring women should have the “right to choose”, or shaking his little blue fist at “The Man” for keeping minorities down. If you're lucky, you'll witness his self-declared brilliance as he talks about taxing the rich and redistributing their income to the Little People. Yes, the liberal male is a fascinating specimen who is either prettier than any woman you'll ever see or who hasn't bathed since the Reagan administration…
aging_hippie_liberal_doucheOkay, so that’s a humorous take on men of the liberal persuasion, and while there is a great deal of truth in humor, it’s not entirely accurate. Although, I'm pretty sure most liberal men dig on open-toed shoes and I know for a fact they're more than happy to remind me that I have a right to choose what to do with my body. Oh, and they do prefer organic tomatoes.

I am writing about liberal men because of several interactions I've had with said men in the social media realm, particularly Twitter. (Side note, if you're just getting started in social media, Facebook is like boot camp and Twitter is war.) During one interaction that I admittedly butted into, a liberal gent was telling a woman the GOP hated her and was trying to “control her by holding her reproductive system hostage” and paying her less because of her sex. Of course I am paraphrasing, his tweet was something more like, “The GOP don’t get you, they just use you and want to control your ****.”

Me being me, I had to hop in and politely remind him that few things are as annoying as a man crying about women’s issues and I politely suggested he stick to things he knew about, like crocheting. Granted, I was a tad snarky (it is a part of my personality these days), but I did not expect the tirade that came across from this man in tweets, who had just proclaimed to care about me, as a woman, and my rights. He first insulted me as being a dumb blonde, then insinuated that I have a “big daddy” who takes care of me so I don’t have to worry and finally told me I am an insult to my sex because I am a conservative woman.

Remind me again–who’s waging this war on women?

To be honest, I have had plenty of disagreements with conservative men as well (I know I know, I don't get along with anybody) yet not one of them has treated me like that. They've questioned sources or facts, and may have gotten a tad bit heated, but I have yet to be personally attacked in the way I was on Twitter.  For being the supposed party of “tolerance and acceptance”, they sure don’t tolerate or accept conservative women. I guess they only care about liberal women’s rights…

It’s not just in my own personal interactions with liberal men where I’m seeing this level of hate, but you see it with conservative women in general, especially conservative women who dare speak out against liberals using us in their agenda. How many times has Sarah Palin been attacked and ridiculed? Michelle Bachmann?  And just recently, a Democrat in Congress dishonored the late, great Margaret Thatcher.

Perhaps liberal men have issues with conservative women because we confuse them. Liberal women tend to fall in line with liberal men’s preferred talking points…

1.Men are evil, especially white, straight, Christian, conservative men;
2.Women deserve special treatment simply because they are women;
3.Your body, your choice;
4.Ummm… peace and love?
You know what I think? I think liberal men are afraid of conservative women because they can’t control our dialogue and, in turn, control us.  It’s easy for them to pander to liberal women, to coddle them and assure them they're important and the world owes them. If they were to spew that nonsense to a conservative woman she'd raise her eyebrow and tell them to get a job (and shower, please). Liberalism in general is about the collective, and conservative women just don't accept that; we celebrate the individual and believe in accountability. We do not accept the progressive agenda that says we deserve to be special because of an extra X chromosome, and that terrifies liberals, especially the men.

Or maybe liberal men are just insecure babies who can’t stand it when a woman stands on principle and value and does not fall in line with his supposed idea of what a woman should be.

Abortions...has become an evil that must be eradicated.

Kermit Gosnell's defense attorney argued today that it was “ludicrous” for an abortion clinic worker to believe a baby was alive simply because she saw it moving.
Attorney Jack McMahon told the court Gosnell's former employee saw only a baby's final, involuntary movements, not any signs of life.

McMahon has maintained that his client snipped baby's necks outside the womb only to assure “fetal demise.”
Establishing that the babies were alive before Gosnell “snipped” their necks with scissors is pivotal for the prosecution's case.

Baldwin testified she saw “hundreds” of living babies “snipped.”

Snipped necks of babies? this is an evil...plain and simple. How can any adult human being do this to a baby...?

Cafe, Canadian Association for Equality, has it wrong about men.

Huffington Post Canada: Men’s Rights Movement Sees Resurgence Among Millennial Males

Dwyer said that feminism has done a good job of redefining what it means to be a woman, expanding opportunities and choices beyond the home. He says, however, that it’s time to do that for men, to take them beyond the role of aggressor and breadwinner

“to take them beyond the role of aggressor and breadwinner???.”
First, most women expect men to be breadwinners, that’s a fact, but the statement I am most “offended” by is “aggressors”. Men are not aggressors, that is a radical feminist message, we have daughters, wives, mothers, and we certainly are not aggressive towards them. We are protective of their right to be who they wish to be, cafe does not speak for me, nor do I want them to, under these circumstances.
Aggressor is a word that can have many meaning but the main one would be violent, and that is not who we are.
Cafe, if I read their message right, is making the same mistake feminists do, using words to twist what a man is. If we are aggressive it is against those who jeopardizes the freedom and safety of our families.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The REAL War on Women..Permanent victimization.Lanark county.

A good point....
Do women consider themselves permanent victims, to go through life always in fear?
Where I live, this message is always promoted in the media, we have one local newspaper,  the emc-courier, and practically every week, there is a report on how women, girls, are always victims in one way or another, never do I see a story promoting the strength of women, only how they are victimized...
The main proponent of this victimisation message is sarah bingham in the emc-courier who is also a staff of the local women's shelter, notoriously known to be anti men. I challenged her in a previous post to write something positive about men, admit that men in lanark county do not 'achieve power through rape and sexual harassment', like their website says. No surprise there was no response, not unexpected, they depend on demonizing all men especially fathers, in order to get more funds.
Lanark county is a perfect example of how they can spew out their hate messages and get away with it, or so they think. In this area, there was no opposition till now, they could write anything they want and if anyone dared to contradict them, you could expect a personal attack.
They were so use to victimizing everyone around them, men to keep them inline, and women to keep their false statistics up for funding, that they actually believed they could put any teenage girl on their list, coach them to use the word abuse, and get away with it.
When I decided to offer an opposing view locally, I looked to see if this was local or national, to my surprise I found this to be an open policy on their part. Been Native, family is my life, to defend it at all cost, and that is the mistake they made. This was surprising since 3 women at this shelter are native, they should've known I would not of sat back and cower to their will. They are so use to their own bullshit message, that all men are bad, they felt superior and invincible, and when I fought back they had no idea how to handle it, because I never threatened anyone, I always done it diplomatically, Confused, they went as far as sending their girlfriends to my door....Didn't work.
Now, practically every week I see their reports in the local paper always trying to defend their actions, but doing it the same old way...all men are bad.
I know they read this blog every week, their girlfriends at the opp showed me printouts when they tried to close me down, problem is, I never threatened anyone, I investigate what I write and can prove anything I expose.
The women shelter industry in Canada and the western world has become extremely corrupt, their primary policy is to make men feel like we are all violent animals and we should be ashamed of who we are, this keeps most scared to say anything against what they spew out. So when some of us decide to fight back, usually because they took from us, everything, they are at a lost on how to respond. That is how to fight back, simply point out what they did, honestly and politely.

The most disgusting mangina story I have ever read, Zach Rosenberg tells his 4 y old son he is a rapist.

I had to read the original story after I found it online, to be honest I just could not read it all, to me it was extreme child abuse of the worse kind...
Read this jackasses story here, look at the comments, no one agrees, rightfully.
Personally I can't find a polite way to describe this, my mama always told me, "if you can't say nice things, don't say anything"....In this case I am going to take her advice....
But avfm perfectly explains what we all think, so I'll let them explain it.

Pander to extreme feminism and this is what is waiting for ya...they are already pushing these messages in schools against boys....what if it was a girl kissing a boy?

This is getting dangerously ridiculous...Radical feminism is bad enough for the young, but manginas are even worse as this case shows. This is mental abuse and if anything this mangina should not be allowed to raise his son until he is re-educated on how to be a real father.

The face of mangina.

Promoting personhood to apes and elephant but not to the unborn...sick yet?

Move over Personhood USA, there’s another personhood movement in town: except this one isn't seeking to grant personhood rights to unborn human beings, but to apes and elephants.

Yale University is organizing a conference on “Personhood Beyond the Human” for December 6-8, 2013. It will feature, among other proponents of personhood rights for animals, notorious infanticide and bestiality-promoting ethicist Peter Singer.

He is infamous for saying that no newborn should be considered a person until 30 days after birth and that the attending physician should kill disabled babies on the spot.

Read the rest here...

and let's not forget....
Meet the academics who are trying to redefine pedophilia as ‘intergenerational intimacy’
Chicago Passes Sex-Ed for Kindergartners

Home schooling sounds pretty good just about now doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to know which teen help organisation is good or bad.

You know when an organisation is a good one and need help now is one of them. When they promote the value of mom and dad's wisdom, then they understand the value of child and parent relationship.. All children should know who to go too before anyone else, who too trust, and who too depend on...An organisation that goes on the belief that most parents are good, instead of bad, helps to show the real direction a teen should take, family.

There are many bad organisations out there who try their hardest to bypass mom and dad, believing in "their" self importance above family.
One of these organisations which is nothing other than an extension of child protection and according to parents I have talked too, combined with my own experience is open doors in lanark county smiths falls ontario, terribly anti-parent. Get ready as a parent to receive the blame for all problems with your teen if you go there, while the teen is in the room the finger will be pointed in your direction and watch the expression of your child, "I told you it was your fault". Once that's done, you have just unknowingly made things worse by going there.
The staff is terribly inexperienced in family affairs and gets their training from outside the family home. They have no idea what is going on in the home, it's rules or it's character, and if one listens to them, the family will be for the worse.
Their site is self explanatory, the first problem is the parents and if "they" judge, according to "their" criteria, something is wrong, you could end up in a nightmare scenario.
See here.
Interesting isn't it, "they" think they have the power to bypass your wishes by saying a 12 year old has the right to private counseling. What that means is if your teen is mad at you, for one reason or another, teen rebellion for instance, he or she could say something they do not mean, and you end up with a terrible problem. This is going on the assumption that all parents are potentially bad, instead of potentially good and that is why, one should never go to this organisation. Parents must always be in the forefront of raising children, not some staff member who has never taken a step into your home and knows nothing of it's workings.

Simple statistics on the death of Canadian men.

If, as the hag (cat loving feminists) say,
there is a war on women, what the hell do we call this??????

Teenage boys and young men are over 3 times more likely to die of preventable deaths than women, and Canadian men on average die 6 years earlier than women. Males account for 97% of workplace deaths, over 70% of all homicides, and take their lives at a rate that is four times higher than that of women.

The lost of life is a sad thing for everyone, but if policies would be based on the truth, instead of pandering to specific groups, we might have less "preventable" deaths.

Peterborough woman charged with injuring infant

PETERBOROUGH, Ont. -- A baby girl sustained traumatic and life-altering injuries at the hands of her mother, police say.

Investigators have charged a 26-year-old woman with causing severe brain damage to her then two-month old baby.
Police aren’t elaborating on the nature of the injuries. City police Insp. Ted Boynton said that information is part of the investigation.
The infant received multiple injuries, he said.
The investigation began in August after emergency workers were called to a Chemong Rd. home.
When EMS and police first found her she had no vital signs,” he said.
The baby was taken to the Hospital for Sick Children. Police began investigating the assault as an attempted murder.
Boynton said they worked with medical officials for eight months to build their case beyond a reasonable doubt.
Once the baby was released from the hospital she was turned over to the Children’s Aid Society and placed in foster care.
Boynton said she remains in foster care. Her quality of life has been seriously affected, he said.
These are life-long injuries,” Boynton said.
The baby’s mother was charged with aggravated assault, failing to provide the necessities of life for a child under 16, obstructing police and failing to abide by a court order prohibiting her from contacting the child’s father.
Amanda Lynn Farnsworth appeared in court Friday and was remanded to custody. She is to appear in court again April 22.
Why is it, more and more kids, babies, seems to be suffering as time goes by, aren't we supposed to evolve as human beings?

Update on this story
Mother of injured baby cleared of failing to provide neccessities of life charge

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lanark county sees increase in male domestic assault calls...plus inflated dv reports from the local women's shelter

This report shows that the message the local radical feminists have been saying is false and misleading. Not too long ago I read a report by the local shelter's that there was an increase in domestic violence. Problem is they did not explain where the increase was, that some men in Lanark county, abused by their women, are now reporting it. Their report was misleading people saying at was all women.

The numbers of male abuse in the report below (take into account the number of men who do not report it, and the numbers would jump higher) is low, but at the same time men are starting to realize that abuse by women must be reported otherwise they end up been charged and usually for no reason other than revenge. One can see that it is only an act of revenge when the woman in question goes back to the man after a few days or weeks.
 I know someone whose wife would leave twice a year, sometimes three, run to women's shelters, make false reports, she did this for 10 years, then he divorced her, the point is...she came back 20 times. That is 20 times the money they wasted on her, could have been spent on "real" victims.
Charging those who make or promote false accusations, not only protects the wrongfully accused(99.999% of the time, men), but also the real victims of our society, if those who abuse the system know that they risk being charged also.

The other point is, this report says ONLY 59 calls in one year were answered by the officers of the Lanark county opp, to be fair let us put the local city police reports also, for the sake of argument a couple of dozen more...
That is a big difference from what the local feminists at the women's shelter in Carleton place have been reporting...It is amazing that this "newspaper" even published this report, considering in the few years I have been reporting on this, I have "never", let me repeat...NEVER, seen a contradiction to what this shelter ever reported.

In the local shelter's extremely inflated numbers they claim, 2259 calls in one year at their shelter.

Of these take away the false accusations for custody purposes against fathers, the ones that use the system to be put on top of the emergency list, those who had a simple argument and want revenge, so on, so on, and we have the exaggeration I have been talking about. There is a big discrepancy in 59 calls a year compared to 2259, put forward by this shelter.

I have always promoted that the truth is better than any kind of exaggeration  when the truth is told, belief is followed, help is easier to get, and funds are allocated according to reality. It is now an accepted "fact" that shelters overstate their statistics, we know that some use the system for all the wrong reasons.

And shelters wonder why their funding is going down???

Maybe, those "men" and the women who hold power, do not subscribe to the idea that "men hold power through rape and sexual harassment" and find this statement extremely...insulting.
Let's face reality here for just one moment, MEN, want our women to be safe, to be secure and happy, productive and self sufficient if they wish it, after all they are our daughters, without us, there is no freedom, we are the ones who have died in wars to assure "we" live in a free world. And ironically, feminists depend on us for the right to speak their mind...
They are not the sole proprietor of women's rights....

 So, my hat is off to Insp, Gerry Salisbury commander of the lanark county opp detachment for this report, as I have said before, the truth is always better, and I am happy to see the OPP reporting what is real. It's a start and hope it continues.

Proof Feminism Is A Hate Movement

It says it all doesn't it?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Mainstream media starting to address men's issue...City TV news.

In my opinion this report was balanced, it does show the fight for equality for everyone is starting to become an issue to be taken seriously and the demonizing of men, simply for being men, as they did to me, is no longer acceptable...
Sure there is a long way to go still, but the reversal of hatred from radical feminism has begun. I have posted a picture from the local radicals on this site many a times, pointing out "recognize that men achieve power through rape and sexual harassment" is nothing more than a hate message against men, promoted by ontario's own radical feminists. Such a message does not in any way advance the rights of my daughters and granddaughter, on the contrary, it promotes the idea that all women are victims of men, which is the most offensive message one could ever come up with.
I have posted my personal story on many occasion, raised my daughter on my own, saved money for her college fund, had a hope chest for her first home, did everything I was supposed to as a parent.
The first chance the local anti father radical feminists did is to put her on welfare. Even "coaching" her to claim abuse after I refused for her to be put on welfare because she was underage. This illegal behaviour on their part was technically not against me, her father, which is why they did it in the first place, but against my daughter. They destroyed a young girl's future, how the hell is this not destructive towards women?
This has always been my point about what feminism has become, they do not respect women, they do not fight, under these circumstances for the rights of women, and my reasoning is, if they did it to me, they do it to others. The more I looked into this the more I found I was not the only one. So how many other women did they destroy for statistical purposes?
All this has absolutely nothing to do with women's rights, mra, mrm, are now a necessary tool to fight and expose the destructive behaviour of the radical feminists, and also inform women of what these "cat lovers" really represent.
One of the most ridiculous messages they cackle about is patriarchy, how men kept women down, where the hell is this philosophy come from?
Do they really believe fathers did not want their daughter to get the vote?
Do they really think fathers want their daughter in the kitchen washing dishes, barefoot and pregnant?
Are they that stupid?
The fight for equal right was a good thing, yes, but it was also for other things, like taking out of mines and industries young boys and putting them in schools, (there were no young girls and women working in coal mines by the way), giving the working man of the times decent wages. They seem to have forgotten about that part of the fight so many years ago.
All this, was about all of us against the elite of the times, who took advantage of the people. But now, the radical feminist is returning us to that era, uneducated youths, teen pregnancy, low wages.

We are not blind to the needs of our daughters, we want them to be the best they can be, to respect and be respected.
If we really think about it, the feminist is the perfect example of how not to live in the past, there are no fathers who want their daughters married at a young age, subservient to their husbands, we do not allow them to be abused, we are proud as hell when they become independent and achieve through hard work.
It is the feminist who is the problem, by promoting the idea that women are victims all their lives, this idealism is from the past. They have become the group our great grandparents fought against at the turn of the last century, they want more equality for themselves than others, the same thing the rich of so long ago believed, they were more equal than the people.

I prefer to be me, with all my imperfection,
than part of a group with the fake perfections.

Women who falsely accuses husbands of domestic violence and abuse are committing a crime...

She admits on national TV she made a false report, why wasn't she charged then and there?

Welcome to my world, my ex did the same thing to me in order to get custody of our kids and continues to this day, 25 years after the divorce, I tried and still try to stay away from her like the plague, but the mistake I made so many years ago in marrying her, is still haunting me to this day. This is so rampant in the western world, and especially here in ontario that it puts real victims in danger, because it's becoming harder to believe them.
So, this is what feminazis call male privilege?
I thought we had the right to live in peace?
They wanted to put laws to protect specific groups, what they forgot is these types of laws are usually used for greed and revenge. And these days there is nothing more dangerous to a man than a woman bent on revenge...
And no I do not believe all women are the same as women should never believe or "promote" that all men are bad. I have an ex girlfriend whom I get along just fine, it's just my ex wife who is nuttier than a fruitcake.
I am definitely thinking about changing my last name to squirrel, since I seem to attract nuts.
Take it from me, some women can be obsessive stalkers just like anyone else, they are just better and more vicious at it.
This woman in the video and all others who make false accusations should be charged to the full extent of the laws, and so should those, like women's shelters who promote these false accusations.
Because so many of us went through this shit, and those who read and realize what is going on, the first thing that pops in our minds when someone claims abuse is..."ya right!" We just can't afford to take someone at their word anymore, they might be lying.
Remember, when cat loving feminazis with low self esteem, a giant chip on their shoulders and an inferiority complex to match say all men are rapists and abusers, they are talking about you....and if you're a woman, they are talking about your sons...Think you're safe because of you position in life? think again.
This guy was a lawyer and a prosecutor...

Now, as for this guy been a lawyer and a former prosecutor, he should know the dangers of letting his wife and other women such as her go free, he knows how dangerous this crime can be, and what a corruption of justice it represents. He foolishly decided to take a pass on doing something about it, and that is disgusting to say the least.
His inaction will put other men in danger of false allegations and promote doubt on a real victim.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Proof some people are sheeps. Man claims to be God, followers tattoo 666.

I have a philosophy about Spirituality, always take the time to talk the the Creator, and recognize that evil does exist.
I am not in a position to preach theology, but....
It will be a cold day in hell I tattoo the number 666 anywhere on my body...
There are things in life that should not be dared and this is one of them....

Revelation 13;18
Both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom: let the one who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man, and his number is 666.

This reminds me of a very funny personal story, my ex wife, bless her twisted vengeful little mind, use to tell our kids after we were divorced, that if you count the three names of your father it comes to 666 and if you go for your visits he will eat your soul.....(she misspelled my middle name, Georges, is spelled with an "s")
When they got older and told me this, I did not know whether to laugh or sue her for defamation of character, eventually this was too funny and I laughed. (true story)
That is what happens when a woman is obsessed and stalking her ex husband...which she is still doing to this day, 25 years after the divorce...
And you think your ex is bad...lol

The Truth Diaries

The Hypocrite Diaries.

When a feminist say "men are..." that man is...YOU

How quickly would misandry and its chief architect Feminism be annihilated if men truly understood that the hatred is not directed at 'other' men, it's directed at every man? It's directed at you.

And to the ladies, when a feminist say men are all..... that man they are talking about is...YOUR SONS.

And what about this site..."Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment"..
They are talking about ...you...

Feminism "facing" the turning tide

Why are they hiding their faces, not proud feminist anymore???

FTSU...Acronym for "Fuck Their Shit Up", meaning, "Let's expose their lies". Now primarily used by the MRM (Men's Rights Movement) to bring about the reality of feminism to the world.
This is in response to the feminists' mantra "Shut The Fuck Up" (STFU, which is also a mainstream general purpose acronym), which they chant as soon as someone speaks up for the men's rights.

Everyone is getting in on it.. everyone has noticed and everyone is now getting involved...
Remember, you wanted to take us on, you got it...
Never try to DEMONIZE a "FATHER". If he decides to fight back, you already lost.

The slow but changing times of the feminist agenda

Judge Crafts Unique Remedy in Paternity Fraud Case
March 8th, 2013 by Robert Franklin

A state judge in Virginia recently came up with a novel approach to the problem of paternity fraud and child support.  In fact, it’s one I’d encourage other judges to consider when ruling in similar situations.  Read about it here (NBC12.com, 2/28/13).

It seems that Dwayne Parsons and Janitha Saunders had a child 13 years ago.  As happens so often, Saunders either told Parsons he was the dad or allowed him to believe it.  Whatever the case, what she didn’t do is tell him the truth – that either he or another man could be the father.  So Parsons signed the birth certificate as the father.

Just how much time Parsons and Saunders spent together, if any, isn’t clear, but at some point a child support order was issued against Parsons.  He paid some support, but not all of it and so a debt accrued – about $23,000 in all.

But then a funny thing happened to Janitha Saunders on the way to the bank.  Parsons found out he’s not the child’s father.  DNA tests revealed he has no biological relationship to the girl.  So Parsons went to court asking to be relieved of any further child support obligations and his debt to Saunders.

That’s when the judge did a creative thing.  First, he ruled that Parsons is no longer required to make child support payments for a child who’s not his, which is not unusual depending on the state in which the case is heard.  But when it came to the past indebtedness, the judge was hamstrung by the Bradley Amendment.  That’s the federal law that prohibits state judges from retroactively modifying child support orders.  Once in place, those orders can only be altered prospectively.  So Parsons still owes the $23,000 and the judge had no choice but to order him to keep paying.  And so that’s what Parsons will do – for 1,917 years.

That’s right, the judge ordered Parsons to repay what he owes at the rate of $1 per month, with no interest added on.

And that’s what I like about the judge’s solution to the problem of how to fashion an order that complies with the law, but that also feels fair, i.e. doesn’t reward the mother for lying to the man (and the child and whoever the father is) for so long.

Obviously the judge sympathized with Parsons’ predicament.

In court, the judge explained that there are “certain aspects of the law that seems grossly unfair.”

That’s putting it mildly.  But leave it to Parsons’ current fiancee to spell it out for Saunders who still doesn’t seem to have a clue about her multiple wrongdoing.

“If you made a mistake, you made a mistake, but don’t carry that lie throughout all these years, because you’re not only messing up other people’s lives, but what about that child, has anybody thought about how she feels about it,” said Green.

Good question, but the obvious answer is ‘no.’  Saunders never thought about the child’s take on growing up believing one man is her father and then finding out that was all a lie perpetrated by her mother.  What the girl’s response to that has been remains a mystery, but it can’t be good.

For her part, Janitha Saunders claims she can’t see anything wrong with what she did.

“I’m good, I’m good, I take care of mine, I’m good, I just took care of her for 13 years I don’t need anyone to take care of her, I’m good,” said Saunders.

Hmm. Strictly speaking, that’s not true.  If she didn’t need any help, why’d she accept child support from a man she knew might not be the father?  But more importantly, Saunders defines “taking care of her” to include lying to her daughter about her paternity, a fact that’s led to this situation.  Who is the girl’s father?  Has Janitha Saunders coughed up that information yet?

Parsons says he’s learned his lesson and it’s one he wants other men to learn as well.

“Unfortunately the law is the law, my message to everybody is if you’re unsure, about you being the father of the child, do not sign that birth certificate – that’s a well lesson learned,” said Parsons.

I’m sure Parsons means well, but I remain unconvinced.  In the first place, it can’t be easy for a man who’s at the hospital with his wife/girlfriend for the birth of “his” baby, to say “Nope, I’m not signing anything until I’ve had genetic testing done to make sure I’m the dad.”  The word “creep” comes to mind.  It’s just not realistic to ask a man to do that.

Second, doing so places the burden of paternity acknowledgement precisely where it shouldn’t be.  As in all cases of paternity fraud, Parsons knew he’d had sex with Saunders, but he didn’t know she’d had sex with someone else.  Likely that someone else didn’t know she’d had sex with Parsons.  The only person who knew all the facts relating to the paternity of her child was Saunders, and that’s exactly where the law should place the responsibility for paternity establishment.  If there’s a possibility that one of two or more men could be the father, the woman should have a legal obligation to say so.  That way, DNA testing can be done either at birth or before and the correct father can take up his rights and responsibilities from the start.

But to my knowledge, no state does that.  They allow women to lie about paternity and then, when the lie is discovered, attempt to correct years of misinformation, wrong relationships and misplaced rights and obligations after the fact.  If nothing else, it’s an astonishingly inefficient and ineffective approach to a fairly common problem.  Just look at Dwayne Parsons’ situation.  Can anyone tell me this couldn’t have been handled better?  If Saunders had come clean 13 years ago, none of this would be happening today.

As I see it, states can take one of two approaches.  The first is to conduct genetic testing on every newborn.  Any of those results that show the dad is someone other than the guy who thinks he’s the dad will result in finding true father.  If he can’t be found (for example, if the mother doesn’t know who he is), then the child grows up without a father.  If the results show the man who thinks he’s the father is the father, well and good.

There are those who say that’s too expensive, but DNA tests ordered by Connecticut courts cost fathers $30.  DNA testing should be part of every birth and charged to the parents or their insurance companies that should be required by law to cover them in their policies.

The great virtue of universal testing of all children is certainty.  No more surprises for children, no more exchanging one “father” for another, no more establishing a loving bond between a man and a child only to have it destroyed sometime later in the child’s life.  And no more child support orders for men who aren’t fathers.  Into the bargain, maybe just maybe, if women knew their children would be tested at birth, they’d start telling the truth about paternity.

Another approach would be to establish in law the principle that no man should have parental rights established or duties imposed without an opportunity to ascertain, via DNA testing, whether he’s the father or not.  So, if a mother decides to keep a child secret from the father, he shouldn’t be accruing a support obligation all that time.

The problem with that second alternative is that it really doesn’t do much to prevent paternity fraud.  It helps to protect men’s right to know about their paternity, but that’s about it.  It’s not as good as universal genetic testing, but it’s better than the status quo.

For the time though, we’re stuck with what we have, which is a hodgepodge of state laws that, for the most part, require nothing of the mother and, often as not reward lying.  Tell the truth or don’t, it’s all the same to those states.  Predictably, they end up with unfair, hurtful and confusing situations like Dwayne Parsons’ and Janith Saunders’.  A few permit lawsuits for paternity fraud, and apparently Virginia is one of them.

Parsons says he still hopes to get back the thousands of dollars he paid in child support. He said he plans on taking the child’s mother to court.