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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yukon Education Minister forbids Catholic schools to teach Catholic doctrine on homosexuality

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First of all, this mixed up little man does not have the right to forbid anything in a free society as long as it does not discriminate. Catholic teachings specifically say too love the sinner, and it is ok not to agree with them. IT IS CALLED DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

It's not his place to forbid anything, the charter specifically says,"freedom of  religion", he represent a very small minority, since when does the minority dictate to the majority....him and his friends keep on pointing out groups, they are the ones causing resentment, its people like him that is causing the problem, we already have laws against discrimination, its call universal laws...after P.E. Trudeau said the government should not be in peoples bedrooms, people understood, some screamed about it, but because he did not continue on pointing them out, it died down, he, unlike people like them, did not push the issue. 
They are the ones causing the problems we have  today, but then that is what their aiming for isn't it, keeping people at each others throat.

Freedom of choice is, you have the right not to agree with someone, you don't have the right to discriminate. That means those who support gays, do not have the right to discriminate against those who do not believe in it...
respecting each others views no matter if we like them or not is the basis for democracy, Imposing ones views on another on the other hand is fascism and communism...

They say they are social media savvy  I say bullshit, they manipulate polls, and pretend they know what we want, again bullshit...if they did look on the internet, they would find that people are pissed at been told what to believe or not...and it's getting ugly out there..

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