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Monday, March 25, 2013

We were children, the residential schools story.

I watched a film on aptn, we were children, it brought back for me, many memories. I thank the Creator for the gift of strength I have had all these years. I will never forget, nor forgive what happened, it is not in me.
Truth and reconciliation is a hard thing to understand when one goes through what we went through. Truth, honesty, strength, and the belief in ones self should be promoted to our children so they can have a future, unlike the one(future) that was taken from us.
I went through three residential schools, I was one of those that did not co-operate, so I was bounced from one to the other. But it is what came with my un-cooperative nature that I never talked about, it was vicious, to say the least.
Even to this day, I see the behavior of some, has not changed, even amongst some of our own people who still see us as a tool, which is even sadder than the residential school themselves. I do not have the right to speak for anyone but myself, and I will never try to, because every individual who went through this nightmare, has his own story to tell.

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