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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The epidemic of false accusations, for financial gain.

Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks

California innocence project...Brian Banks

"The nightmare began a decade ago for Banks when a female acquaintance falsely accused him of rape for reasons that are still unclear."
It is not unclear to those who have realize how dangerous it is for men these days, we are been targeted by those who see an "easy profit" in falsely accusing innocent men...IT IS PERFECTLY CLEAR...they do it for money....It's simple as that.
He had a "female" lawyer who hung him out to dry by telling him to plead no contest.
A district attorney who had the evidence of innocence, because when the DNA test came out, it showed he had nothing to do with it..
And a woman who saw a way to get money.....

Even after this false accuser admitted on tape she made up the whole thing, still gets to keep the money she got from suing the school?
The D.A. still has his job, and the lawyer who gave him bad advice?

The lesson here? If you go to a party, a bar, pick up what seems to be a "willing  female", always keep in mind, if it's just you and her, and she cries rape, "YOU ARE SCREWED".

So if you hear about some "real" victim of these types of crime saying they felt the questioning made them feel  more victimized, now you know why, it is because we let feminist and manginas dictate and use the system to their political and financial advantage. The "all men are bad" ideal is destroying good men, why should we believe anyone anymore, no one is safe from this, and if they offer easy money, someone is going to take it.
It has happened in many occasion,
After 911, some took advantage of this and falsely declared they had families who died...
Katrina...claiming they has suffered when they did not even live there...
So on, so on...
Why is this any different? It is an offer of easy money, at the expense of good people...

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