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Friday, March 22, 2013

The beginning of the end of radical feminism

Poll: Young Canadians want to restrict abortion to 12 weeks
The survey found that almost 80 percent of 18-29 year-olds polled opposed legal third trimester abortions and 55 percent opposed second trimester abortions.
The abortion industry is the primary talking points of the radical feminist, the idea that killing innocent children whenever one wants as an acceptable policy. The mistake they made is not noticing that the younger generation and their idea of a better world centers on the respect for life, the environment and each other. And the respect for life is also the unborn, that is the identity of the next generation, some might call them tree huggers or whatever, but their idea of a better world is respect for all living things, and as a native myself, I was always thought to be respectful of everything and everyone's place in the circle of life; mother earth, animals, and especially people.
So, the question the young are now debating is...how can one love the environment and be respectful of it and be pro-abortion all at the same time? Isn't people part of the environment? And that is where the radials, the elite, the feminist and her mangina made their mistake...they never realize the young would include human life with the love for the environment....

I have said it on many occasion, to destroy radical feminism, or as some call them, the hags, or those who have no one but their cats to go home too, or feministas, or feminazis, is the younger generation. Too many of these "feminists" took them for granted, that they would follow the line blindly, they underestimated the power of information that can be put on the internet, web sites, blogs, so on. It is not hard to destroy their message that all women are victims of men, and that all men are bad.
Pointing out that when someone says something like this,

or this

and so many other famous quotes by the "established leaders" of the radical feminist movement, shows that they talk about all men, "you" and me, politicians, cops, soldiers, business men, fathers, husbands, sons, and this type of description of men insults women, since they do not believe their husbands and the sons they raise are like this or have raised them to be like this.
They have tried hard to continue their twisted messages in schools and university course like women's study, but seem that their pushy nature has backfired, by teaching all men are bad, they only exposed their hatred of males, in which in today's world, does not apply.
None the less, in my area, the local hags had a choice when they changed their web site, they could of gotten rid of this...
and I would of gave them credit for it, since it was a disgusting way to describe men, but they did not, they continued their hatred...and their false statements on their new web site...
I find it incredible, that they would think, in today's day and age, that the younger generation of ladies would actually accept such stupid statements about their fathers, husbands and sons. One thing I have to give them is, they are persistent, and that is their weakness. As they say, once the spots are there, they cannot be changed.

As the polls above shows, it gives me hope that this part of our history, the division of men and women is on the fire burning away to oblivion, we still have a ways to go, but if we continue on exposing this disturbing message that all men are bad, and all women are victims, the younger generation seems to be on the path to repairing the damages these cat loving left overs have done.
We only have to explain who we are really, what we really want for our daughters, continue on promoting that, together, men and women, we can achieve a better world for ourselves and divided we only feed the narcissistic nature of those who thrive on victimization, to feed their inferiority complexes because they dislike who they really are.

So, my hat is off to the younger generation, may your world be better than ours, as we tried to do....

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