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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Testimony of a woman's shelter worker

People might not be as outraged at the idea of closing a shelter for abused women if they knew the truth about how inappropriately the money is used in some of them.

I speak from experience as someone who has worked in the womens shelters run by the Society of St. Vincent DePaul. They have several womens shelters throughout the GTA and sadly the women in many of their shelters are nothing more than sheep who are used by the society to collect money handed to the from the government. I've heard they get $80 per night for each woman.

Some of their shelters house 40 or more women, and the women are not that well provided for. Yes they have a bed, and meals, but there is no true counselling or rehabilitation done to help them prepare for when they leave.

Many of the girls are prostitutes or in abusive relationships, and the shelter i worked at often had girls sitting right outside of it using drugs, urinating or defecating on the outside of the building, bringing their pimps/abusive boyfriends around the building, selling drugs and their sexual services right near the shelter, often right in the alleyway behind it. I know there were many complaints from home owners in the area of the shelter that i worked at as the girls brought a very seedy element to the area which reduces property values.

Some shelters certainly can help some women, but from my own experience (more than 8 years there) i just saw the shelters as more interested in keeping the rooms full and getting that government paycheck for the head count.


This is what I have been saying all along....it is not about the victims anymore, it is about the money.
And who suffers, the real victim....the tax payer....fathers...husbands....and the list goes on....

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