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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parallels between residential schools and welfare system.

Is there a difference between native residential schools and welfare lifestyle, foster home, c.a.s., radical feminists and women’s shelters promoting fatherless families, some seem to have adopted, my answer, no there is not.

In residential schools which I have experienced, you where taken from your family, made dependent on the system, and thrown out into the world on your own once they were done with you. Anger, resentment, even rage, sets in and you have to live your life this way. I could control it, but others could not. All that you where was taken away from you and you are changed for life. Ambition is destroyed and the will to achieve is basically non-existent. The morals you could of experienced from mom and “dad”, granddad and grandma, never came to pass. Then eventually you pass on your experiences to the next generation. Angry at the world, jobless, dependent, alcoholism, drugs, violence all make their way into the family home.

So what is the difference between this and the welfare state that takes away the importance of family values pass down from generation to generation.

On welfare you become dependent on the system, your poor and this is passed down to the next generation, teens that are not ready are thrown into the world, after all, they did learn that if they want their own place, they don’t have to work hard at it, just ask for a welfare check, it is that easy. 
The system as it is set up now has many advantages if you need help, but…it also has its disadvantages, it is controlled by those who see families, parents, children, as a tool to improve their salaries, political power, their idealism, even hatred.  When a family is stuck on welfare, and made dependent on the state through its many organisations, it destroys ambition, the will to work hard, it invites depression, stress, lack of ambitions, and this is passed on to the next generation. Hence the result is generational welfare, dependency and long term financial cost to the taxpayer and a nations stability, don’t believe me, go take a look at what happened to us.
But the most destructive policy which has been promoted by hateful old hags, aka the radical feminist, is that fathers are not really needed in the family home. I have never, “let me repeat” NEVER, seen a woman’s shelter, old style feminist, woman’s studies at universities, social programs, so on, so on, defend the idea that not all men are the same, they never promote that most men are good fathers, good husbands, good sons, good protectors and providers. NEVER. And this is why our society is falling apart.

There is a reversal of thought on the issue, that fathers are not necessary. (Long way to go but it is there). 
A realization that families which includes “Dad”, do better than the single parent home, children are more productive, less dependent and more ambitious. Many are now realizing our society is heading down the crapper in the long run. 
Not all families are been destroyed by hateful old hags, more and more women are running away from the radical feminist ideals, when they say “all men get there power through rape and sexual harassment”, they talk about the mother who has raised her sons while dad was at work, they say this about the politician who wants to serve the people, the soldier who defends their rights to speak their mind, the cop who wants only to make sure you live in peace, the father who works hard to provide, knowing full well he will die at an early age, the mother who hugs and kisses her children and tries to teach them values. 
When they say these things, they talk about all of us.

We all have daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers; tell me one man who wants his daughter to be barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, washing dishes. True there are nasties out there, men and women, but they do not represent all of us, and our society should not be characterized by the action of the few, but by the deeds of the majority.
Hags, aka feminists is not the sole proprietors of equal rights for women, we all have a stake in it, as I said, women are after all our daughters, our wives, sisters, mothers. The big mistake here is demonizing the very segment of our society that protects these rights with their very lives, MEN. And take away that segment and you take away half the population. Doesn't make sense does it, because when they do this, they slow down progress, make it longer to achieve, but that is what they want, this way they can keep their twisted hateful industry and their salaries.
Get rid of the hateful radical feminist industry and you will achieve more, quicker, TOGETHER. 
Their time has come and gone. 
This issue concerns us all as adults, for all adults are role models to all children.
I remember seeing a saying about natives and dependency on the state...

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