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Monday, March 18, 2013

Our society will rise and thrive with "strong men and women" or fall with the feminist and her mangina following behind her.

If we look at the shape of the world at the moment, we can see the parallels with the falls of rome. The disease that was the roman empire was that it brought the dark ages when it fell. This is what happens after the fall of all empires. They constrict the growth of different ideas, the advancement and gifts of what a free people can give to the world, for their own which does not always apply to an occupied population.
The same is now happening with the western world, it goes out into the world and tells people, nations of other races that they should behave and adopt our way of life. Did not work with the romans, it's not working now.
Our society is been destroyed from the inside out, just like rome, we as they were, are militarily unequal in the world, yet some guy on a camel with an ak47 and a cell phone is bringing us to our knees financially. And the arrogance of those inside, the corrupt, the greedy, the maddof of this world, the twisted self righteous individual, and the immoral, the "minority" is dictating to us how to act, who to love, and how to do it. They use children, indoctrinate them against the evolution of man, and try to change thousands of years of civilization.

Feminism is not the threat, it is the tool, by those who want more, they are a joke of history, and the sheer example of what a person with an inferiority complex can do if given a chance. To concentrate only on them is a bad mistake, we have to look at who is behind them, who controls them, and who drives them to divide what is necessary to make our lives, our families safe and prosperous.
If we take a look at feminism, their allies, and the mangina, they are a very minuscule minority. Most women don't call themselves feminists and stay away from them, gays in the last American census was 3.4%, and the mangina, who is a lowly creature who has no idea who he is and gave up his identity. The strong woman does not like the mangina, does not want to be with him, and does not see him as a provider nor a protector. Women are attracted to the man, the one that stands tall with confidence, strength, with emotional stability.
We see the results of those who used the mangina and the feminist on our world, our economies are on the verge of collapse, our children are committing suicide at an alarming rate when they should be playing in a secure home with mom and dad. Keep in mind that the majority of teen suicides are ..boys. This is what happens when boys can no longer be boys in the school system, they are responsible for the rise in male suicides and they behave as if it is not important since their are just boys.

Our education system would rather teach gay lifestyle, sex ed, "men are all bad", instead of technology, architecture and the arts. What good is women's studies, when fathers do not "allow" their daughters to be abused. We can take care of this issue on our own if we are left alone, we do not want our women in the kitchen, because they are our daughters after all. So where is this "men are all bad", patriarchy this and that coming from. It comes from those who thrive on division, and the thing is, they are so stupid, that they do not realize they are destroying what they are trying to protect, for no society in history ever survived without the strong honorable warrior standing tall "over" them protecting their security and freedom.

In europe they are now passing laws that allows the government to "take" peoples savings in bank account, and that includes retirement savings, it gets worse,

Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings

Do you really think they will not do it here, do you think your safe from confiscation if things go bad???
Also here is the ridiculous...a 30,000 euro fine (about $37,000) if you look at a woman up and down, excuse me but isn't this what women really like if it is done with class? Who is jealous of men "not" looking at them up and down, the lowly feminist that's who and to be honest, who would want to?
It is just a few examples, but it is the start of laws after laws been impose because they have realized that nothing they are doing is working, a state of chaos.
Have you noticed they are passing laws after laws trying their hardest to control the population, taking away freedoms we use to take for granted, but the more they do it, the more laws they need. It is like someone who lies, and has to lie again to cover past lies.
Rome fell because or corruption and greed, they fell to a primitive tribe who was inside the empire, and to those who they tried to "control". And when the fall came, there was no established civilization other than their own, and that is what brought the dark age. If western Europe falls, economically, who is there to take up the slack, the Chinese? they will have their own problems, the Russians? not likely.

I am not saying the feminist, the mangina should be ignored, they are extremely dangerous to the safety of our families, I am saying...the world, our children, our women, our elders, depend on us standing up and been who we were created to be...MAN.
To recognize that the few are using the simple minded to keep what they have amass, and we, for the sake of our families, have to do something once and for all, before it all goes to hell. The writing is on the wall, your either the ostrich with its head in the sand or your a Warrior.
We are everywhere, they can't get rid of us, and they know it, we are the cop who wants to help not control, we are the soldier who will give his life for the freedom of others, we are the worker who will die at an early age for the good of family, we are the politician who knows something is wrong, we are the spiritual who sees life been abused.
It is time to stand up, we don't have to be violent, we just have to say...enough.
If we don't do it who will, the mangina? The feminist? the greedy?

We, MAN, will always be here, we might be quiet for the moment, but if things go bad, (hopefully not), we will defend, protect, and provide, just like we've always done, after all that's what we are here for, that is the reason for our existence.
Those who caused it on the other hand will be in the least, looking in from outside.
When they say men are bad, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU...and if your a woman, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR SONS.

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