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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Open letter to sarah bingham, crisis counselor and project coordinator at lanark county interval house, and main propaganda reporter for this shelter.

I read you latest rant about...Public does nothing to help teenage sexual assault victim...
Don't you even dare.
You and others such as yourself (feminists and manginas) have demonized men in Lanark county and around the world at every turn, no man is safe from you and your cohorts.
You have created, by de-humanizing men, a world where some are afraid to get involved. By pushing this policy that all men are bad, we have our hands tied in any response we are expected to have. The laws now in place, assures us that if we "defend, beat the perp, defend the victim" we would get charged for assault.
I am sorry, but if it comes to a choice in this type of situations, some men, would prefer not to get involved than get charged. A charge of assault stays on one's record for life.
But realistically, if "I" and most men would see this, excluding the lowly mangina, we would jump in, personally the first thing that would pop in my mind would be, "I am going to get charged with assault", but I and other "men" would definitely get involved none the less, not because we are white knights, but because it is why we are here, which you and your kind have tried so hard to destroy.
The person committing the act you describe has more rights that those of us who would defend a victim.
So please little girl, get your story straight, you want us to be "men" or you want "manginas"?
You created so many manginas out there that this is the result.
What happened to this young lady and other you speak of is horrible to any father, men, and I am talking about "real men" not the mangina society you and your kind surround yourself with.

You say:
"The assumption that our daughters, our sisters, wives, girlfriends will be safe in public is based on two dangerous beliefs. The first is the overwhelming practice of thinking she somehow invited the sexual attention. It is extremely common to hear things like, "She led him on," "She shouldn't have gotten drunk," "Did you see what she was wearing?"
Now, I admit, and have read that this has happened on a few occasions, but it is not rampant, believe it of not, the majority of men would find this to be disgusting, yet I see nothing of you speaking of the honor most men do have in getting involve in such situations...when it comes to sexual assaults, most men would not give a shit what the girl was wearing, if she was drunk, or if she led him on...they would get involved even if they knew they would be charged with assaulting the perp...
You go on to say:
"The second dangerous belief that prevents girls and women from finding safety in public is the expectation that witnesses will intervene, do something, anything, to help keep someone else safe. This presumption does not take into account the vast majority of people who feel disconnected from strangers, who simply refuse to get involved, refuse to notice others and who work very hard to "mind their own business."
Again, if feminism is so popular, where were they???? Or is it that they too did not want to get involved?
As for "mind their own business", this is our business, to protect, and in my "opinion", there was no men on that buss that day, manginas yes, feminists maybe, but definitely no "men". If there were, this would of stopped quickly...

Here is what you should talk about; promote the idea that men are needed, rather than, "MALE POWER IS UPHELD BY RAPE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT", that in order to prevent such disgusting acts, it is important to have laws that would, first, not charge a man with assault if he defends the weak, second, promote a self defense act in the criminal code. This way someone (a man) who defends a victim would be investigated for the self defense clause, instead of instantly been charged.
You are involved with the same shelter which put my underage daughter on welfare against my will, and when I asked for help, "politely and diplomatically" from your director erin lee todd, I got a visit and threatened by her girlfriends at the local opp. There was also a false lock down of your shelter to try to make me out to be violent, which I have "NEVER", LET ME REPEAT THIS ONE, "NEVER", even been close too. All this happened because I am...a man...???
I know you and your girlfriends read my blog, I noticed you are starting to imitate the way I write, I always refer to men as husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers and fathers, now you are all of a sudden saying, daughter sisters wives, girlfriends, I guess I should be honored that you are starting to imitate me, but the message is still the same isn't it, as long as you do not change the path all of you have taken, we, "men" that's politicians, workers, business, soldiers, fathers, sons, brothers, are going to be reluctant to get involved, and that is the world you created.
Fortunately not all men are like this, and not all women like the idea of a mangina around them, understanding full well the mangina will not defend them in a crisis situation, he will call 911 and watch, while you are been assaulted.
This is your world sarah, you created it, now repair the damages.

Sarah, let me see "ONE" report in the emc-courrier of you defending real men, the majority of men, and condemn those who wrote "male power is upheld through rape and sexual harassment", I will post it here and give you all the respect you deserve...
I will be waiting.

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