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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ontario's social programs falling apart at the seams.

Children’s Aid Monster Convicted of Abusing Girl Seeks Delays in Sentencing

Children's Aid Society workers should be reined in, critics say

How to deal with c.a.s.

Though this disgusting story is about the c.a.s. I can safely say all of Ontario's social programs are failing the population. One of the reason is lack of over-site, give them funds and tell them to run it the way they see fit is just not doing it anymore.
One way or another the whole system will have to be re-organized, the cost to the taxpayer, the cost to families, the cost in lives by suicide of our children and the cost to our society is by far starting to affect the future and its security. The long term effect of these organisation is starting to show up everywhere,  increase teen pregnancy, crime, street gangs, drug use, suicides, parental alienation and let's not forget the schools openly claiming they "co-parent" with us.
It's not hard to see where this began and who controls the social system, radical feminists.
We now have little girls who went to university where they were indoctrinated into the radical feminazis women's studies, becoming social workers with the thoughts that all men are bad, families are controlled by men who keep their wives and children under a dictatorship, all of which is nothing other than B.S.
These little girls who have never stepped a foot in homes, have no idea how the specific family they investigate or claim to help is run, impose their views, which they learned in colleges, (women's studies) how a home should be, and if we don't do it their way, the family is in trouble.
Then we have other programs, welfare, women's shelter, housing, teen help lines and organisations, all of which are under the direct control of feministas and their manginas.
I have and coming soon, written confessions of those who were "coached" to say they were abused if the parent refused to sign for them to be on welfare, women's shelters coaching teen girls to do the same, mostly against fathers, women who, in order to get custody make false allegations against dads. I have written confessions by children of mothers demonizing the father in order to scare them. The list goes on and on.
Let's not forget that making false allegations against people is a ...Crime in itself, and you can have someone arrested for it.
When I started to look into this issue after they attacked me, I expected this to be....local, a few, but I found that the policies went even deeper, it was not just the workers,  it was directors, administrators, even regional directors where involved. When I researched if politicians knew about it, I found some did not, some did, but did nothing.
I also found that many worker inside the system where not happy with the corrupt direction these organisations are taking, EXAMPLE, welfare, housing, c.a.s., women's shelter, they are there but afraid to say anything. To me they are as responsible for what is happening as those who commits the crime of corruption, because if they say nothing, then people, especially children continue to be abused, and this is unacceptable.
There are tears out there by parents who love their children, who are been abused by the system we now have in place, there are thousands of parents who are heartbroken because of their kids been used by corrupt officials to pad their statistics in order to make themselves more important than they really are, to get increase funding and inflated salaries.
It is not hard to confirm what some of us dare to expose, facebook, social medias, web sites, comments are full of them.
They (honest politicians who serve the people) only have to look...

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