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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Main stream media vs the personal blogs

I came to realize a few years ago that political ideals and power where more important than the safety of people and the unity of families. To me, I tried to keep my children safe, yet the idealism and self promotion of some was more important and overshadowed my rights as a parent and as a citizen.
I was amazed the personal power of the few was more important than what was the right thing to do for the population as a whole, or even the safety of kids.
As I started to look into how deep this ideal was I found that the main stream media, whether the cbc's hatred of the conservatives, or wolf blitzer's cnn been up obama's butt so deep that they no longer have the capability to report instead of imposing their views.
It does not matter what the population want anymore, it is more important to the main stream media to tell us how we should think, and this philosophy is well entrenched.
If one wants to have a small idea of what reality is, you would have to watch right wing TV and left wing TV side by side in order to get any idea of what is the truth. But we can't do this, so we usually get one story and are brainwashed to believe it. Or so they think.

That is why I now believe that searching personal blogs, the opinion of people out there, gives you a better perspective on what is real and what is propaganda.
For instance, social programs, child protection, c.a.s., women's shelter, welfare, so on, are used as a tool for those running it, inflated salaries, increase political and lobbying power through their unions, false statistics, so on...yet if we search online we find out the truth about these programs from people who actually experienced the pain they went through trying to protect their kids. These programs hurt families, children, parents, and turn people into dependents, permanent victims, demonize segments of our society, destroy the strength of nations and nothing of this is ever reported on the main stream media, mainly because it is part of what they believe in, therefore refuse to criticize them.
We can find online, parents, children, crying for each other when they are separated without due process, court decisions dividing fathers from kids, single mothers targeted by child protection and women been brainwashed into believing they will be victims for the rest of their lives.
Personal blogs will give you a better perspective on what is really going on, vs the news stations which now preach their ideals and tell you how to think. There was a time when reporters dared, no matter what, to report the truth, no longer, because if they do, their job security will be threatened, and they might not get that Pulitzer prize.
And that is propaganda.

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