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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Lanark women's shelter..dissecting it's "holier than thou" policies. They do not speak for native people.

One thing these "people" have no right to promote, is it's native opinions. Looking it from my point of view, they are the problem not the solution. This particular shelter has 3 native women, including it's director one erin lee todd.
When "people" associate themselves with words such as those(picture), faith in anything they say is taken with a grain of salt. (Meaning to take something lightly, especially with advice. To be skeptical)
I fought to protect land rights and especially sacred lands in the 1990"s, I have thought local schools about native traditions, which differs from what this shelter keeps on throwing out there, that all of us are involved in alcohol,  drugs and violence. Family life, especially where I come from is stable and non violent, the respect between men and women goes back to the tree of light and the Great Laws when war and violence was renounced. Nowhere do these organisations ever promote the good side of our society along with the bad. True there is a long way to go for some of our people, but if the lifestyle we do have if not fully explained, then the picture is not complete and only pointing out the negatives, identifies all of us that way.

In this report, they promote a movie dedicated to the 3rd world conditions "imposed" on Canada;s native people. Third world conditions is not imposed on us, the federal government more than provide enough funds to prevent these conditions, personally I have problem with the way the funds are administered. But that's me. I admit it is sad that people commit suicide, and that kids lost their parents, it is a lost to all of us when this happens, especially for the children. But this does not happen because of governments, but because of people forgetting their identity. Blaming others for this is the easy way out, we have all suffered at the hands of the Europeans  and it must never be forgotten so that it will not happen again, but if it is our primary talking point every-time something goes wrong, we are not going anywhere anytime soon. In order to evolve we must look to the future, no matter how hard it is, and lift ourselves up from this policy of defeat and regain our strength on our own.

These people using what happened to these kids and their parents, is particularly disturbing.
I tried to give my children the best this country has to offer, I never preached defeatism the way they do, yet at every occasion, I found people using my kids for they own benefit. I have written about what this specific shelter did, with the co-operation of local social programs, the mistake I made is believing that since there was 3 native women in this shelter, they understood putting my daughter on welfare was the wrong thing to do. Yet when I did ask for help, especially from the director I got a visit from her girlfriends of the local police. That, I have to admit took me by surprise and when I looked further, I was not the only one they did it to.
So, in my opinion, when they put my daughter on welfare, when she was 6 months away from college, and I do not blame her, knowing full well she was native, shows that the problem is not with us, but the twisted belief that we are all in need of protection from ourselves and they know best, hence increasing despair and dependency, instead of working with parents. I do not drink, do drugs, I am not violent, I am polite, I do not continually blame others for my behavior, I am responsible for my own action and that is the strength our people have shown throughout the ages.
Where is the positive about our lifestyle ever promoted by these people who have join the side of victimization, you never see that side because it would make us out to be stronger than they put out there for personal benefit.

Where I come from, women own the house, the land and the kids, women have the strength of will and men the strength of power. Women run the home, men protect and provide for them, and together with mutual respect, it gives the children a stable family life. (and yes if women want to work, they can)

In the old days we had social help for those in need, in the middle of the village there was a hut which people would put extra food, clothing and everyday things for those who did not have a warrior in their homes. Everyone had the right to speak in the longhouse, (government), if these ideas were good for the people then they were adopted, a Chief could not promote himself above the people, if he did not provide for them he was released of his duties. (Short history lesson  but you get the general idea, we were not a people who thrived on been victims or making victims)
In closing, I am always offended when people such as those above, who themselves make victims of our people by always referring to us as living in a third world or that we are been picked on, they certainly do not hold the moral high grounds to bring up the subject when they put teenage native girls on welfare 6 months away from a good future and taking them away from a good home.They are the problem, not the solution. Not surprising a woman's shelter would try to find more people to had to their permanent victims list.

Alcohol, drugs, and anything that affect society as a whole is not allowed, good living, loving your woman  and vice versa and our children is strong, respect is strong, the people are strong, and if this is promoted instead of us poor people living in a third world, more would turn to their true identity, but if you keep on saying to someone, "your a victim" they will believe it and behave that way.
Governments must stop looking at these people as spokesman for our people and look somewhere else.
We are not victims, we are the People of turtle island, proud, and strong.
Any social programs that got involve in native life has cause irreparable damages and those who suffer with promises of the good life if they leave home, usually end up in a bad situation.

Blaming governments has become the easy way out, welfare, women's shelters, schools, media are to blame, they "use" the people to increase their political power, their statistics and their funding. And so is native governments, that is why all funding, salaries, finances should be revealed, and if those who refuse or fight against it, should explain why they take this path, after all if we look at traditional governments, we find that democracy was a cherish thing in the past, i.e. the Iroquois constitution which the american constitution is based on. (The Great law of Peace)
When I see this specific shelter in Carleton place taking the high ground saying they speak for native people (living in a third world) it offends all of us, they demonize men, they attack native fathers (personal experiences) and have no idea what I and so many others stand for, they thrive on lies and misinformation  so I strongly suggest they look up what men in the nations stand for and keep their cackling to themselves.
The Iroquois constitution differed from the later U.S. document in one important way -- it specifically mentioned women. Many Indian nations were matriarchal with women nominating legislators

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