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Saturday, March 9, 2013

It should be called international feminist day...and the failing usefulness of the U.N.

International woman's day should be called what it really is, international feminist day. You can't celebrate a day honoring women when you have so many abortions of girls in the world and say your pro woman. The two conflict with each other.
How can we have such a day when the feminist agenda is to demonize men, and abort babies, without these two you don't have women. If women want international women's day, they have to eliminate the feminist movement and promote all people, not a chosen few who follows a path of destruction.
It is now accepted fact that abortions not only murders children, and the irony is, majority of them girls, but also puts the health and life of the mother in jeopardy.
(Dr. Elard Koch of the Center of Embryonic Medicine and Maternal Health in Chile presented data showing an increase in maternal deaths after the legalization of abortion in countries around the world.)

Even here in Canada, where we should show the world our respect for life, there is conflicting policies in order to "please" feminism, which by the way, is a very small minority among women and diminishing every day. Yet still, politicians go towards the loud minority instead of the majority. Protecting life is not about women only, it is supposed to be for all. After all, won't the unborn girl eventually become a woman?

The U.N. and all its decrepit corruption is now controlled by countries who finance it the most, it certainly does not represent the view of world majority population. Were as, it was supposed to be an organisation where life and the right to live in peace was to be promoted and cherished, it has now become a radical left wing entity, controlled by the security council and it's 5 permanent members. It's promotion of abortion is killing girls worldwide and they are doing it for their secret policy of population control of the third world. Anyone who disputes this is living in la la land.
Here is what they should be there for;
First, stop preaching to others they can't have nuclear weapons when the council members spend billion on them. That is hypocritical...It's like telling some they can't take what is not theirs but others can do it. (Oh wait, they already do that)
Second; scrap these weapons and spend the money on agriculture. The world population is now fully informed about the capability of these weapons to destroy all life on Earth. We do not support or want them anymore. Conventional weapons are advanced enough to protect any country better than nukes can.
Third; stop using food for fuel, (ethanol), increasing it's price and starving people. Push for investments into wind, solar and natural gas, also the clean burning of coal and fossil fuel, there is enough left out there until we switch over to clean transportation heating and cooking. It will not do any more damages than it already has. If we push for investments and subsidize the transformation into alternative fuels, instead of spending billions if not trillions on killing more and more people, then it will be done faster. Why is it we can buy a gas burning car for 10,000 but a clean burning one costs 40 to 50,000. The  oil companies had their time just like the dinosaurs, and like the dinosaur, their time has come and gone.
Fourth; stop threatening countries, invite them to co-operate with the world, show them there is another way, recognize them as equals, which is what they want, and their people will change the system if they see life can be different. We saw this in the 90's with eastern Europe. Seems to me like someone is pushing for a war to kill off a few billion people lately.
Finally, respect life as a right for everyone, stop promoting abortion on demand because some old twisted hag hates herself and wants her misery to be impose on all of us.
International women's day is for all women, even the unborn, life begins at conception, and the gifts that person can give to the world might be a cure for some disease, or increase food production, or just the smile of a child that makes someone happy on a gloomy day. Until this is "respected" it will be international feminist day, a radical left wing ideology bent on the destruction of traditional family life.
Life always finds a way, if it is respected, for the moment the only reason we have the subject of overpopulation is because it is been used as a tool for nationalism or some other twisted ideal.
So, there is no such thing as international women's day, it is international feminist day, and should be identified for what it is.

Personal thought;
If I would of walked away 20 years ago, my daughter would not of been born if the feminists had their way, the safety and right of "children" is not the realm of women only, that is a myth propagated by old rusty hateful "whatever they are", it is the co-operation of both men and women that ensures the right to life and a safe future.

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