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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gender identity’ bill passes House of Commons.

House of Commons voted 149 to 137 on Wednesday evening to pass an NDP-backed bill that would add “gender identity” to the Canadian Human Rights Act
This is why I will never support the ndp, and as for the liberals, what ever happened to universality, were everyone is supposed to be treated equally under Canadian laws, there is not supposed to be specially treated groups.
As for the conservatives that vote for this, can you safely promise us that some pervert won't dress like a woman, enter a girls bathroom, locker room and abuse some woman or some little girl child? can you promise this will never happen, because if it does, you will be responsible...
Sounds to me that pedophiles would be protected when they lurk in public bathrooms. If this happens even once, then the price was to high... Here is a little bitty, I went to get gas once, there was a trans in the store, the men simply refused to look at it, the women on the other hand, to put it simply, "if looks could kill"... Women do not like the idea that men dresses like them. I understand that the number of trans is very low in this country and that it might not be a big thing, or that it is politically advantageous to be seen as caring, to be frank, trans make me feel uncomfortable, I will always have the belief, let women be women, let men be men, it works better this way and if we have these type of situation then simply ignore it.  But now, I feel that the population is been imposed on, by those who want to change nature. This bill was unnecessary, we have plenty of laws that prevent discrimination, but by pointing out a group, by putting special laws, you nurture resentment. Resentment has always been an emotion that brings terrible upheavals, after 1918 there was 2 upheavals that brought terrible policies, one was the Versailles treaty, imposed on Germany by France and England,  the other was the great depression. This in turn gave rise to the Nazi party and... Adolf Hitler and his friends.  They thrived on the resentment people had to what had transpired and "imposed" their will on a population that was ready for the picking....Their policies became a wave across the world, especially in eastern Europe. It also carried well into other countries that would like to forget it ever happened in their own back yard ,


Would it ever happen again, no, not in the fashion of the 30's and 40's, but... it could happen in a different way, a new message, a new path, delivered differently but underneath it all, the same results.  We see a lot of "disguised" neo fascists in the world, Russia has it, Germany  France  England. It is fueled by resentment, of immigration, especially in France and England.  The only thing that has to fall is the economy to give these groups a chance to flourish, we are on the verge of an economic collapse, spain, portugal, greece, cyprus, ireland, iceland, just to name a few, are now basically bankrupt and supported by the european union, the imf, the world bank, if they fall, and the possibilities are now increasing everyday, they will take us all with them, and this time, unlike the 1930's, we have social media, internet, cell phone, communication to organize better than we did back then. 1930's will seem like a party compare to today. Resentment was the main tool of the fascists, they picked on a group and kept the population busy, this way they could sneak in their policies without much notice.  That is what is wrong with grouping people, it might keep us busy for the moment, but if things go bad, resentment becomes hatred.  There has been many victims of this type of policy, aka; victims of holocausts....Native people, it is estimated that between 45 to 90 million people lived in the americas before europeans came here, (according to the book, stolen continent), then we have Jews, Poles, Armenians, Ukrainians under stalin,,  Gypsies, Slavs, Homosexuals and transsexuals, mentally handicapped, all suffered at the hands of resentment which under the right conditions became hatred.  This is just a personal opinion, based on passed historical realities, but pointing out a group has always been a bad idea amongst a multitude of bad ideas, and in my honest opinion, these groups should stay away from such policies, promote the idea of universal laws which is one law for everyone, otherwise if things go bad.....

They can pass these kind of laws, but will not "allow" a vote to condemn sex selection abortions....
I guess trans are more important that the life of a baby girl...not.
I always thought conservatism meant the respect for life, but I guess I was wrong.

How individual Canadian MPs voted on the ‘gender identity’ bill

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