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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Epidemic of False Allegations (personal thoughts)

Many men find themselves falsely accused by crazy, abusive, or just plain vindictive girlfriends or wives. False allegations are at epidemic levels. Restraining Orders, or sometimes called Protection from Abuse Orders, are fairly easy to obtain for abusive women with false accusations. The consequences for the men can be devastating, and to the children involved.
A local father who saw his kids been raised in the middle of drug abuse and strange men coming into the house, would pick up his kids on the week ends and see drug paraphernalia all over the living room, and when he tried to get his kids back, he got "he is just an angry man because he does not have custody", from the system.
Horror stories such as this enforces the bad behavior of some women, it empowers them over the father, and the children are the ones that suffer, the inequality in custody orders puts kids very lives in danger.
Most social programs are under the control of a very small minority, the local feminazi, angry hags who had a bad experience with "one" individual and are bringing their anger with them, blaming a whole segment for the behavior of one bad apple.
When someone gets victimized, it is not the act of all men or women, it is the act of an individual, to blame a whole segment of our population is injustice, and politically motivated. No longer is a man who goes to court for false allegations treated as innocent until proven guilty, you have to prove your innocence  This puts him at a disadvantage instantly. Justice in such a case is not served, it is the politics of hate, revenge, alienation of children that is.
Time after time we see false allegations been brought before the justice system, those who make such allegation usually go free with a slap on the hand, if that. With this type of response to what amounts to a crime, I don't see this stopping anytime soon.
Fortunately, we now have the internet, freedom of expression, so on...Those who use the justice system for political purposes, or those who use it for personal use can be exposed and this way, some degree of justice can be given to the person, usually a man. If one looks at the web as a form of justice against false accusations, and be honest about what transpired, at least the other side of the story can be told.
Those who do make false accusations usually like to brag about it, this is where technology comes into play, small cameras, cell phones, audio recording devices, Telephone Recorder Interface, can be very useful to exposing corruption. (look for it on ebay). I know that here in Canada you can record anything as long as you are in the conversation with someone else. Always look up the legalities for you area, you can find all you need, online. Once you have a conversation, transfer it on paper, courts are more likely to accept a transcript of said conversation.
Tape all your phone conversation, you can always catch someone in a lie or a contradiction. One thing about someone lying, they always have to lie again to cover said lie....Always....
A person who is dishonest, lies, has that type of character, and will pass it down to their children, mistreat them, and continue their hatred on them. Usually, demonizing the father and that is psychological abuse. Fighting back, never giving up, will be noticed by them as they grow up, protecting them is what we, as fathers do best.
There are many ways to get justice, depending on the system is not always one of them, depending on yourself will get you further. Don't do it with revenge or anger in your heart, but with honesty and integrity.
This way at least, you will have some closure and you can go on with your life. You will find you are not the only one who is in this situation, and eventually, force the system to be more....balanced.

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