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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Child trafficking by Ontario's social programs?

I was thinking about what they did to me and so many other parents in Ontario, and when someone mentioned to me this was nothing more than "child trafficking", it dawn on me that this is exactly what they are doing...
A woman who had ties to the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario once told me, "I have to get girls to stay at my rooming house to pay for my mortgage" , where did she get these girls, from the women's shelter, all of which were underage, like my daughter, she also mentioned that since they were underage, she controlled the welfare check. And when I refused to sign for my underage daughter to be put on welfare, she called me a white hating Indian.
The shelter which itself had 3 native women, so we are not even safe from our own people, coached my daughter to say she was abused, to by-pass my wishes, one of the staff kept her close by to prevent her from coming back home, they "faked" a lock down of this shelter saying I had violent intent, sent their girlfriends from the local opp to threatened me, even "inventing" a warrant to try to put me away when I fought back....and this is because I wanted my child to finish school...go figure.
As I kept on looking into this targeting of teenagers for financial gains, I found many other parents who went through the same nightmare, welfare, school drop outs, teen pregnancy, drugs, crime, are all attributed to the facts that parents are no longer seen as the last word in raising children, it has been taken away by those who have no conscience or no kids of their own, therefore treat them as a tool.
If we think things are bad now, created by those who believed in free love, free drugs mentality of the 60's and 70's, wait until the dependents of today and their children grow into these social programs and positions of power in the near future. There won't be enough taxpayers to pay for their demands.
It is a matter of "fact" that the feminists of yesterday, are now in total control of said social programs, with their manginas, they use families to promote their agenda, personal power, inflated salaries. I believe there are some inside this system who are realizing this is going to cause problems in the near future, but since they say nothing out of fear to loose their posh jobs, they are as responsible as those who are causing it.
Child trafficking has many meaning, and when one uses children to advance their position, then the expression fits in perfectly.
Putting teens who go through simple rebellion, on welfare, coaching them to say "abuse" against parents is in itself...in my opinion...child trafficking.

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