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Friday, March 1, 2013

Abusive parents....dress 6 year old boy in girls clothes

School bans transgender 1st-grader from using girls restroom; 6-year-old Coy was born a boy

I , do not believe for one moment that this 6-year old is a “transgender” or that anything is wrong with him, other than having parents who dress him in girl’s clothing and call him “transgender, just to impose their views on a child. A girl can grow up playing with boys and toy cars, she can grow up to be a mechanic, doesn't mean she should be dressed in boys clothes and called transgender. What these parents did to this child amounts to abuse of the worse kind. Dressing him  up in girls clothes simply because he might like to play with dolls takes away his identity and replaces it with their twisted views, and that is what is so disgusting about this issue, the imposition of adults will on a 6 years old, possibly ruining his life. Where is child protection????
According to the twisted mother, this "boy" was showing signs he was a girls at,....yes...18 months old...I would say to these abusive parents, at 18 months old, children have no idea what sex they are and this is their doing.

This is not against anyone, this is child abuse, plain and simple.
Arrest the parents for child abuse; take the kids and put them in foster care.

On the comments one person say they know the mother in all this...here is their comment. 

I have known this boy's mother for years. They left out so much of the real story so they could play victim here.She wants special privileges for all her children. Her daughter who is autistic is,according to her, never to get in trouble at school because of her autism. She has a child in a wheelchair and she pushed the school into allowing her to be that child's aide at school full time. From there,she proceeded to try to change the schedule of the entire special Ed class, distrust class and harass the staff there. She can not really be surprised that the school is no longer bending over backwards to please her every whim. The school has already done more than they should have to accommodate her family needs. She has harassed and assaulted the school employees for months.Coy has not been discriminated against or bullied in any way. If anything, the mother drawing attention to this is what will lead to this child feeling bullied and outcast. This is a case if bad parenting, a mother who will do anything for attention. She already held a fundraiser so people would donate money for a wheelchair accessible van, now she is after more attention and money.shame on her. She is trying to spin this as if the school is at fault here. She is making her own children suffer and disregarding the needs of all the children at that school.

Most of the comment on any site, understand full well that it is the mother that is behind this, at 6 years old, the reason this boy dresses like a girl is because someone is dressing him that way.
There was so many comment (14,000) against dressing a 6 year old boy into girls clothes that CNN had to close their comments.

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