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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Open letter to sarah bingham, crisis counselor and project coordinator at lanark county interval house, and main propaganda reporter for this shelter.

I read you latest rant about...Public does nothing to help teenage sexual assault victim...
Don't you even dare.
You and others such as yourself (feminists and manginas) have demonized men in Lanark county and around the world at every turn, no man is safe from you and your cohorts.
You have created, by de-humanizing men, a world where some are afraid to get involved. By pushing this policy that all men are bad, we have our hands tied in any response we are expected to have. The laws now in place, assures us that if we "defend, beat the perp, defend the victim" we would get charged for assault.
I am sorry, but if it comes to a choice in this type of situations, some men, would prefer not to get involved than get charged. A charge of assault stays on one's record for life.
But realistically, if "I" and most men would see this, excluding the lowly mangina, we would jump in, personally the first thing that would pop in my mind would be, "I am going to get charged with assault", but I and other "men" would definitely get involved none the less, not because we are white knights, but because it is why we are here, which you and your kind have tried so hard to destroy.
The person committing the act you describe has more rights that those of us who would defend a victim.
So please little girl, get your story straight, you want us to be "men" or you want "manginas"?
You created so many manginas out there that this is the result.
What happened to this young lady and other you speak of is horrible to any father, men, and I am talking about "real men" not the mangina society you and your kind surround yourself with.

You say:
"The assumption that our daughters, our sisters, wives, girlfriends will be safe in public is based on two dangerous beliefs. The first is the overwhelming practice of thinking she somehow invited the sexual attention. It is extremely common to hear things like, "She led him on," "She shouldn't have gotten drunk," "Did you see what she was wearing?"
Now, I admit, and have read that this has happened on a few occasions, but it is not rampant, believe it of not, the majority of men would find this to be disgusting, yet I see nothing of you speaking of the honor most men do have in getting involve in such situations...when it comes to sexual assaults, most men would not give a shit what the girl was wearing, if she was drunk, or if she led him on...they would get involved even if they knew they would be charged with assaulting the perp...
You go on to say:
"The second dangerous belief that prevents girls and women from finding safety in public is the expectation that witnesses will intervene, do something, anything, to help keep someone else safe. This presumption does not take into account the vast majority of people who feel disconnected from strangers, who simply refuse to get involved, refuse to notice others and who work very hard to "mind their own business."
Again, if feminism is so popular, where were they???? Or is it that they too did not want to get involved?
As for "mind their own business", this is our business, to protect, and in my "opinion", there was no men on that buss that day, manginas yes, feminists maybe, but definitely no "men". If there were, this would of stopped quickly...

Here is what you should talk about; promote the idea that men are needed, rather than, "MALE POWER IS UPHELD BY RAPE AND SEXUAL HARASSMENT", that in order to prevent such disgusting acts, it is important to have laws that would, first, not charge a man with assault if he defends the weak, second, promote a self defense act in the criminal code. This way someone (a man) who defends a victim would be investigated for the self defense clause, instead of instantly been charged.
You are involved with the same shelter which put my underage daughter on welfare against my will, and when I asked for help, "politely and diplomatically" from your director erin lee todd, I got a visit and threatened by her girlfriends at the local opp. There was also a false lock down of your shelter to try to make me out to be violent, which I have "NEVER", LET ME REPEAT THIS ONE, "NEVER", even been close too. All this happened because I am...a man...???
I know you and your girlfriends read my blog, I noticed you are starting to imitate the way I write, I always refer to men as husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers and fathers, now you are all of a sudden saying, daughter sisters wives, girlfriends, I guess I should be honored that you are starting to imitate me, but the message is still the same isn't it, as long as you do not change the path all of you have taken, we, "men" that's politicians, workers, business, soldiers, fathers, sons, brothers, are going to be reluctant to get involved, and that is the world you created.
Fortunately not all men are like this, and not all women like the idea of a mangina around them, understanding full well the mangina will not defend them in a crisis situation, he will call 911 and watch, while you are been assaulted.
This is your world sarah, you created it, now repair the damages.

Sarah, let me see "ONE" report in the emc-courrier of you defending real men, the majority of men, and condemn those who wrote "male power is upheld through rape and sexual harassment", I will post it here and give you all the respect you deserve...
I will be waiting.

Child trafficking by Ontario's social programs?

I was thinking about what they did to me and so many other parents in Ontario, and when someone mentioned to me this was nothing more than "child trafficking", it dawn on me that this is exactly what they are doing...
A woman who had ties to the women's shelter in Carleton place Ontario once told me, "I have to get girls to stay at my rooming house to pay for my mortgage" , where did she get these girls, from the women's shelter, all of which were underage, like my daughter, she also mentioned that since they were underage, she controlled the welfare check. And when I refused to sign for my underage daughter to be put on welfare, she called me a white hating Indian.
The shelter which itself had 3 native women, so we are not even safe from our own people, coached my daughter to say she was abused, to by-pass my wishes, one of the staff kept her close by to prevent her from coming back home, they "faked" a lock down of this shelter saying I had violent intent, sent their girlfriends from the local opp to threatened me, even "inventing" a warrant to try to put me away when I fought back....and this is because I wanted my child to finish school...go figure.
As I kept on looking into this targeting of teenagers for financial gains, I found many other parents who went through the same nightmare, welfare, school drop outs, teen pregnancy, drugs, crime, are all attributed to the facts that parents are no longer seen as the last word in raising children, it has been taken away by those who have no conscience or no kids of their own, therefore treat them as a tool.
If we think things are bad now, created by those who believed in free love, free drugs mentality of the 60's and 70's, wait until the dependents of today and their children grow into these social programs and positions of power in the near future. There won't be enough taxpayers to pay for their demands.
It is a matter of "fact" that the feminists of yesterday, are now in total control of said social programs, with their manginas, they use families to promote their agenda, personal power, inflated salaries. I believe there are some inside this system who are realizing this is going to cause problems in the near future, but since they say nothing out of fear to loose their posh jobs, they are as responsible as those who are causing it.
Child trafficking has many meaning, and when one uses children to advance their position, then the expression fits in perfectly.
Putting teens who go through simple rebellion, on welfare, coaching them to say "abuse" against parents is in itself...in my opinion...child trafficking.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

You think the price of food went up last year, wait here come 2013.

We depend on the health of the lowly insect to survive as a race, yet the greedy want to produce more food, for profits, by using more and more pesticides...now for those of us who have a bit of intelligence  we know the two don't mix....Killing the insects in order to produce more food is moronic at best...Yet...there are those those who follow the ferengi rules of acquisition, #106 "there is no honor in poverty", profits comes first...Look up profit in the rules and compare them to today's world...(yes its sarcasm but funny sarcasm)

The first to suffer, are the poor, children and the elderly...I have said in my previous post, how I saw elderly women, sharing food, even from food bank, to make ends meet.....
Oh and let us not forget the environmentalist who insist;  fossil fuels always bad, even if today's technologies to produce them are cleaner...Hence the efforts to using corn and such, "food", to produce ethanol...raising the price of food every year...
But all this is for the benefit of mankind right! Starve a few million, reduce the population? What next, WAR?
Here is what today's profiteer looks like to me....
The Complete Ferengi Rules Of Acquisition

Men are genetically engineer to "protect" the weak, to make sure that they live in peace and safety, that families have a roof over their head and food in their stomach. If they decide the profiteer has gone too far, that the mangina, the feminist, and all those who think people are there to serve them, is destroying the right to a good life, MAN, will make things right, it has happened in the past and will happen again, it is...inevitable.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Canadian bank accounts...Cyprus style grabs proposed in the new budget?

I have talked about the Cyprus bank dilemma, to be honest...it never crossed my mind that this could happen here in Canada, when I saw this report on info wars  I was skeptical  but it looks like it is true. If an economic collapse happens here, the banks will be able to protect themselves by raiding our bank accounts...and if this happens, the faith in the banking system will go out the door and make things even worse....
In Cyprus, the second biggest bank is set to close, this means the odds of anyone with an account in that bank of retrieving their money is basically nil. This will set people to think about depositing or leaving their money in another bank, and the possible domino effect could be disastrous.
20 years ago, they never would of dared to do this, not because they were afraid of the ramification from the people, but because it was wrong to do this to people who worked hard for their money.
In 1993, after the mulroney years and the financial mess we were in, the Chretien government went to the imf and ask for a loan, the imf told the government they would have to cut social programs like heath care, Chretien said the hell with this, we will do it on our own. Never did they even think about grabbing the peoples savings in bank accounts, as far as I know, how things have changed were the people are now only a tool, to keep the elite in power and keeping their money safe at all cost.
I am not an economist by any means, but if they are willing to go this far, things must be worse than they are telling us......
Anyway, here is the link and report....
Cyprus-Style “Bail-Ins” Are Proposed In The New 2013 Canadian Government Budget!

The politicians of the western world are coming after your bank accounts.  In fact, Cyprus-style “bail-ins” are actually proposed in the new Canadian government budget.  When I first heard about this I was quite skeptical, so I went and looked it up for myself.  And guess what?  It is right there in black and white on pages 144 and 145 of “Economic Action Plan 2013″ which the Harper government has already submitted to the House of Commons.  This new budget actually proposes “to implement a ‘bail-in’ regime for systemically important banks” in Canada.  “Economic Action Plan 2013″ was submitted on March 21st, which means that this “bail-in regime” was likely being planned long before the crisis in Cyprus ever erupted.  So exactly what in the world is going on here?  In addition, as you will see below, it is being reported that the European Parliament will soon be voting on a law which would require that large banks be “bailed in” when they fail.  In other words, that new law would make Cyprus-style bank account confiscation the law of the land for the entire EU.  I can’t even begin to describe how serious all of this is.  From now on, when major banks fail they are going to bail them out by grabbing the money that is in your bank accounts.  This is going to absolutely shatter faith in the banking system and it is actually going to make it far more likely that we will see major bank failures all over the western world.
What you are about to see absolutely amazed me when I first saw it.  The Canadian government is actually proposing that what just happened in Cyprus should be used as a blueprint for future bank failures up in Canada.
The following comes from pages 144 and 145 of “Economic Action Plan 2013″ which you can find right here.  Apparently the goal is to find a way to rescue “systemically important banks” without the use of taxpayer funds…
Canada’s large banks are a source of strength for the Canadian economy.  Our large banks have become increasingly successful in international markets, creating jobs at home.
The Government also recognizes the need to manage the risks associated with systemically important banks — those banks whose distress or failure could cause a disruption to the financial system and, in turn, negative impacts on the economy.  This requires strong prudential oversight and a robust set of options for resolving these institutions without the use of taxpayer funds, in the unlikely event that one becomes non-viable.
So if taxpayer funds will not be used to bail out the banks, how will it be done?  Well, the Canadian government is actually proposing that a “bail-in” regime be implemented…
The Government proposes to implement a “bail-in” regime for systemically important banks.This regime will be designed to ensure that, in the unlikely event that a systemically important bank depletes its capital, the bank can be recapitalized and returned to viability through the very rapid conversion of certain bank liabilities into regulatory capital.  This will reduce risks for taxpayers.  The Government will consult stakeholders on how best to implement a bail-in regime in Canada.  Implementation timelines will allow for a smooth transition for affected institutions, investors and other market participants.
So if the banks take extreme risks with their money and lose, “certain bank liabilities” (i.e. deposits) will rapidly be converted into “regulatory capital” and the banks will be saved.
In other words, the banks will just be allowed to grab money directly out of your bank accounts to recapitalize themselves.
That may sound completely and utterly insane to us, but this is how things will now be done all over the western world.
Sometimes a “bail-in” can be done by just converting unsecured debt into equity, but as we just saw in Cyprus, often when there is a major bank failure a lot more money is required to “fix the banks” than can possibly be raised by converting unsecured debt into equity.  That is when it becomes very tempting to dip into uninsured back accounts.
In fact, some European politicians are openly admitting as much.  According to RT, the European Parliament will soon be voting on a new law which will make Cyprus-style bank account confiscation a permanent part of the solution when major banks fail throughout the EU…
A senior lawmaker told Reuters the Cyprus model may not be an isolated case, and is perhaps a future template in dealing with troubled European banks.
The new template is now likely to turn into a full-scale EU law, letting taxpayers off the hook in case a bail-out is needed, but imposing major losses on bigger savers on a permanent basis.
“You need to be able to do the bail-in as well with deposits,” said Gunnar Hokmark, member of European Parliament, who is leading negotiations with EU countries to finalize a law for winding up problem banks, Reuters reported.
“Deposits below 100,000 euros are protected … deposits above 100,000 euros are not protected and shall be treated as part of the capital that can be bailed in,” Hokmark told Reuters, adding that he was confident a majority of his peers in the parliament backed the idea.
The European Commission has written the draft of the law, which now awaits approval from eurozone member states and the parliament on whether and when it can be implemented. It’s been reported, the law is planned to take effect in the beginning of 2015.
Are you starting to understand?
The other day when I said that “The Global Elite Are Very Clearly Telling Us That They Plan To Raid Our Bank Accounts“, I was not exaggerating.
And for those in Cyprus with deposits of over 100,000 euros, the news just keeps getting worse and worse.
When the crisis first erupted, they were told that 10 percent of all deposits over 100,000 euros would be confiscated.
Then a few days later they were told that it would be 40 percent.
Now, according to the Washington Post, those with deposits over 100,000 euros at the second largest bank in Cyprus may lose as much as 80 percent of those deposits…
A deal was finally reached in Brussels with other euro countries and the International Monetary Fund early Monday. The country’s second-largest bank, Laiki, is to be split up, with its healthy assets being absorbed into the Bank of Cyprus. Savers with more 100,000 euros ($129,000) in either Bank of Cyprus and Laiki will face big losses. At Laiki, those could reach as much as 80 percent of amounts above the 100,000 insured limit; those at Bank of Cyprus are expected to be much lower.
Sadly, the truth is that those people will be lucky to ever see any of that money ever again.
How would you feel if someone came along and wiped out your life savings so that banks that took incredibly reckless risks could be bailed out?
Needless to say, a lot of people in Cyprus are very, very angry right now.  The following reactions from outraged depositors in Cyprus are from Sky News
“They have stolen our money,” Milton Loucas told Sky News.
“I have been working for 60 years. I am 80 years old. I cannot work again for my living – they have cut the lot.
“Our money, our social insurance – they have cut them. How are we going to live?”
Another Cypriot, Stelios, came out of the bank empty handed.
“I tried to get my February wages and they gave me a piece of paper only,” he said.
“I have two children in the army and they asked for money – I don’t have money to give them.
“The Government didn’t pay anybody. My old parents didn’t get their pension.”
A lot of people have just had their entire lives turned upside down.
But there were some people that were told ahead of the crisis and were able to get their money out in time.
According to the BBC, foreigners pulled a whopping 18 percent of their money out of Cyprus banks during the month of February alone…
Information from the Central Bank of Cyprus released on Thursday showed that foreign depositors had already withdrawn 18% of their cash from the nation’s banks during February, before the current crisis hit home.
So how did they know to pull their money out and who told them?
In addition, branches of the two largest banks in Cyprus were kept open in Moscow and London even after all of the banks in Cyprus itself were shut down.  So wealthy Russians and wealthy Brits have been able to take all of their money out of those banks while the people of Cyprus have been unable to.  It is hard to even find the words to describe how unfair that is.  The following is from a recent article by Mark J. Grant
So let us then turn back to Cyprus and see why the Russians are not quite so upset as they were at the beginning of the crisis. The answer to this question is Uniastrum bank which is headquartered in Moscow. Eighty percent (80%) is owned by the Bank of Cyprus. After the crisis began and right up until the capital controls were implemented the bank was open for business with no restrictions upon withdrawals. So the crisis began, was all over the Press and the Russian depositors walked into the local bank and withdrew their money from Uniastrum, the Bank of Cyprus, or had it wired in from the other local Cyprus banks and it was then withdrawn. Problem solved!
At the same time Laiki bank and the Bank of Cyprus had operating branches in London. There were no restrictions there either so people could walk into those banks and withdraw their money as well. No restrictions at all right up until the time of the Capital Controls. In the meantime, in Cyprus, people and institutions could not get at their money so the Russians and many British took out their money, closed their accounts while the people in Cyprus were left high and dry.
The wealthy always seem to come out ahead somehow, don’t they?
Meanwhile, those in Cyprus with deposits under 100,000 euros are now dealing with some very stringent capital controls.  In other words, there are some very tight restrictions on what they can do with their money.  For example, the maximum daily cash withdrawal has been set at 300 euros.  The following are some of the other restrictions that are in force right now
As well as the daily withdrawal limit, Cypriots may not cash cheques.
Payments and/or transfers outside Cyprus via debit and or credit cards are allowed up to 5,000 euros per person per month.
Transactions of 5,000-200,000 euros will be reviewed by a specially established committee, with applications for those over 200,000 euros needing individual approval.
Travellers leaving the country will only be allowed to take 1,000 euros with them.
When the next great wave of the economic collapse strikes, capital controls and bank account confiscation will suddenly become “normal” all over the world.
So get prepared while you still can.
One thing that you can do is make sure that you don’t have all of your eggs in one basket.  The following is what Jim Rogers recently told CNBC
“I, for one, am making sure I don’t have too much money in any one specific bank account anywhere in the world, because now there is a precedent,” he said. “The IMF has said ‘sure, loot the bank accounts’ the EU has said ‘loot the bank accounts’ so you can be sure that other countries when problems come, are going to say, ‘well, it’s condoned by the EU, it’s condoned by the IMF, so let’s do it too.’”
The more places that you have your money, the more difficult it will be for “the powers that be” to loot it.
The global elite are fundamentally changing the game.  From now on, no bank account on earth will ever be able to be considered “100% safe” again.  This is going to create an atmosphere of fear and panic, and no financial system can operate normally when you destroy the confidence that people have in it.
Confidence is a funny thing – it can take decades to build, but it can be destroyed in a single moment.
None of us will ever be able to have confidence in our bank accounts again, and I fear that the next wave of the economic collapse may be closer than I had first anticipated.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Social Farting...ontario' ministry of health answer to anti smoking

I see elderly people who have to share food from food banks in order to make ends meet every month here in Perth ontario, discouraged and stressed, forgotten and pushed aside...
And the liberal government of Ontario spends 2.7 million promoting this add, not to mention what it cost to produce....
How many meals could 2.7 million plus, buy...
They have been in power for too long, they have to go, their priorities are too screwed up....

Work for the government of Ontario, make big bucks, be a poor elderly go hungry.

The Sunshine List keeps growing. 88,412 government workers are making $100k or more. That's over 400% more than it was in 2003, and 8,800 more than last year.   SHARE THIS photo to tell your friends and family that we need to balance the budget and reduce the cost of government if we want to get Ontario back on track.
88,412 Ontario government workers are making $100k or more. That's over 400% more than it was in 2003, and 8,800 more than last year. 
Why am I posting this?.....Out of respect for those I noticed in my area, people, some elderly, (not talking about welfare neither) have to share food with each other, some from food banks in order to make ends meet..
I have told them that I would try to "invite" our local mpp to talk to them, and make them feel that they are important to our society, we will see if he accepts the invitation and offers some encouraging policies to help them out, because the current government is certainly not.
These are poor people, elderly, disabled, and very proud, they would appreciate a discussion about the status of respect for life in this province.
I will go further into "exposing" the waste, especially here in Lanark county, but what I have been seeing lately, is just heartbreaking.
Now compare the salaries of these "government workers" to let's say someone on disability, and I am talking about someone who is really hurting, the last time they got a raise was 1%, that is a grand total of, $6 a month.....
Oh and let's not forget the latest commercial by this Ontario government comparing farthing to smoking...at 2.7 million to promote it.

And they wonder why they are loosing support....

The epidemic of false accusations, for financial gain.

Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks

California innocence project...Brian Banks

"The nightmare began a decade ago for Banks when a female acquaintance falsely accused him of rape for reasons that are still unclear."
It is not unclear to those who have realize how dangerous it is for men these days, we are been targeted by those who see an "easy profit" in falsely accusing innocent men...IT IS PERFECTLY CLEAR...they do it for money....It's simple as that.
He had a "female" lawyer who hung him out to dry by telling him to plead no contest.
A district attorney who had the evidence of innocence, because when the DNA test came out, it showed he had nothing to do with it..
And a woman who saw a way to get money.....

Even after this false accuser admitted on tape she made up the whole thing, still gets to keep the money she got from suing the school?
The D.A. still has his job, and the lawyer who gave him bad advice?

The lesson here? If you go to a party, a bar, pick up what seems to be a "willing  female", always keep in mind, if it's just you and her, and she cries rape, "YOU ARE SCREWED".

So if you hear about some "real" victim of these types of crime saying they felt the questioning made them feel  more victimized, now you know why, it is because we let feminist and manginas dictate and use the system to their political and financial advantage. The "all men are bad" ideal is destroying good men, why should we believe anyone anymore, no one is safe from this, and if they offer easy money, someone is going to take it.
It has happened in many occasion,
After 911, some took advantage of this and falsely declared they had families who died...
Katrina...claiming they has suffered when they did not even live there...
So on, so on...
Why is this any different? It is an offer of easy money, at the expense of good people...

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ryerson university's student union....Men and boy's issue and suicide rate not worth studying?

RSU rejects men’s group on campus
I guess studying the reasons why the male population in Canada is committing suicide at an elevated rate is not important in the grand scheme of things  after all, according to the radical feminist there is too many men in the world?
Well let me "educate" them why there should be a men's group in university, and why it is inevitable that this will come about.
First if these "people" want to study women's issue then they must study men's issue at the same time, one does not exist without the other.
Second, the idea that women should be put ahead of men in businesses or social programs is by all means sexist, not only to men, but also too women. When one promotes women for simply been women, they say that women cannot achieve advancement by skill and experience alone. 
Here is a perfect example, women make better decision than men..... Now on the other hand, what if there was a report that stated, MEN MAKE BETTER DECISIONS THAN WOMEN??? You would have feministas and manginas screeching and fainting all over the place.
I do not agree that women should be the chairman of the board, or running a business simply because of her sex but should be there because of her abilities. Open competition is always better for a society than sex selection. And if one is discriminated against or sexually harassed, we now have strong laws against it in place, so please.
Third, the suicide rate amongst teens is to high, there must be studies as to why this is happening. All real unbiased studies shows that boys and men commit suicide at a more elevated rate than girls and women. Not than I am undermining the importance of either.
But since their hatred of men and their constant misunderstood definition of the word patriarchy pushes them to commit discrimination against the male sex, I would like to "educate" them into the realities of what is going on. As a place of "education" one would think that they would be "open" to reality, but hatred never has an open mind. 
I always wanted to ask a feminist and a mangina a simple question, "what if there were no men, or what if men decided not to fight and die for their rights to express such twisted views. What? you think lenin, stalin, hitler, mao tse tung, kim il sung, the ayatollahs will give you that right given a chance????"
Ask any woman, "do you want advancement because your a woman or because of your abilities?"

Not studying men's issues is discriminatory and against the charter of rights, and if the charter is not respected for all then why should we die to defend it????

Here is the problem affecting us today in our country, supposedly according to feminazis and manginas is not "IMPORTANT", make up your own opinions, I know I have mine. I have kids and grand-kids and if you do too, this affect all of us. 
You can see all studies show that male suicide is worse than any other group, this has to be equally studied in order to understand, unless one think that this is not ...important. 

Our children are the future, not girls, not boys, but both are important in a just society, and to deny this is to condemn them to the idea that they are not "equally" important. And this is exactly what this university, Ryerson in toronto "a place of learning" is teaching. 

More on teen suicides.......
Children from single-mothers households (compared to children of two parent households) are five times more likely to commit suicide.

Teen Suicide Awareness: Statistics
How real is the problem of youth suicide? Here are the numbers: 
•EVERY YEAR there are approximately 10 youth suicides for every 100,000 youth.
•EVERY DAY there are approximately 11 youth suicides.
•EVERY 2 HOURS AND 11 MINUTES a person under the age of 25 completes suicide

How pervasive is the problem of youth suicide? Here's a brief review of what national data tell us: 
•Suicide is the third leading cause of death for teens.
•Suicide is second leading cause of death in colleges.
•For every suicide completion, there are between 50 and 200 attempts.
•CDC Youth Risk Survey: 8.5% of students in grades 9-12 reported a suicide attempt in the past year.
•25% of high-school students report suicide ideation.
•The suicide attempt rate is increasing for youths ages 10-14.
•Suicide had the same risk and protective factors as other problem behaviors, such as drugs, violence, and risky sexual activities.
•While a single suicide is a tragedy, it is estimated that for every adolescent who completes suicide, there are between 50 and 200 suicide attempts.
•A recent survey of high-school students found that almost 1 in 5 had seriously considered suicide; more than 1 in 6 had made plans to attempt suicide; and more than 1 in 12 had made a suicide attempt in the past year.

According to Child Trends Databank, among males, suicide rates in 2003 were highest among the following: 
Native American (24.7 per 100,000)  
Non-Hispanic whites (13.3 per 100,000)  
Hispanics at 9.2 per 100,000  
Asians at 6.7 per 100,000  
Blacks at 6.6 per 100,000. 

Among females: 
Native Americans had the highest rate of suicide at 9.0 per 100,000  
Non-Hispanic whites at 3.0 per 100,000  
Asians at 2.5 per 100,000  
blacks at 0.9 per 100,000 

Myth: Young people rarely think about suicide. 
Reality: Teens and suicide are more closely linked than adults might expect. In a survey of 15,000 grade 7 to 12 students in British Columbia, 34% knew of someone who had attempted or died by suicide; 16% had seriously considered suicide; 14% had made a suicide plan; 7% had made an attempt and 2% had required medical attention due to an attempt.

Myth: Talking about suicide will give a young person the idea, or permission, to consider suicide as a solution to their problems.
Reality: Talking calmly about suicide, without showing fear or making judgments, can bring relief to someone who is feeling terribly isolated. A willingness to listen shows sincere concern; encouraging someone to speak about their suicidal feelings can reduce the risk of an attempt.

Myth: Suicide is sudden and unpredictable.
Reality: Suicide is most often a process, not an event. Eight out of ten people who die by suicide gave some, or even many, indications of their intentions.

Myth: Suicidal youth are only seeking attention or trying to manipulate others.
Reality: Efforts to manipulate or grab attention are always a cause for concern. It is difficult to determine if a youth is at risk of suicide All suicide threats must be taken seriously.

Myth: Suicidal people are determined to die. 
Reality: Suicidal youth are in pain. They don't necessarily want to die; they want their pain to end. If their ability to cope is stretched to the limit, or if problems occur together with a mental illness, it can seem that death is the only way to make the pain stop.

Myth: A suicidal person will always be at risk.

Reality: Most people feel suicidal at some time in their lives. The overwhelming desire to escape from pain can be relieved when the problem or pressure is relieved. Learning effective coping techniques to deal with stressful situations can help.

Suicidal youth rarely make a direct plea for help. But most will exhibit warning signs. Here are some of these signs:
•Sudden change in behaviour (positive or negative) 
•Apathy, withdrawal, change in eating patterns 
•Unusual preoccupation with death or dying
•Giving away valued personal possessions
•Signs of depression; moodiness, hopelessness 
•One or more previous suicide attempts
•Recent attempt or death by suicide by a friend or a family member

Burden of Suffering
Suicide has accounted for about 2% of annual deaths in Canada since the late 1970s. 
Eighty percent of all suicides reported in 1991 involved men. The male:female ratio for suicide risk was 3.8:1. In both males and females, 
the greatest increase between 1960 and 1991 occurred in the 15-to-19-year age group, with a four-and-a-half-fold increase for males, 
and a three-fold increase for females. 
The potential years of life lost (PYLL) to age 75 in 1986 due to suicide were 122,908 per 100,000 population, 
97,613 among males and 25,295 among females in Canada.

Testimony of a woman's shelter worker

People might not be as outraged at the idea of closing a shelter for abused women if they knew the truth about how inappropriately the money is used in some of them.

I speak from experience as someone who has worked in the womens shelters run by the Society of St. Vincent DePaul. They have several womens shelters throughout the GTA and sadly the women in many of their shelters are nothing more than sheep who are used by the society to collect money handed to the from the government. I've heard they get $80 per night for each woman.

Some of their shelters house 40 or more women, and the women are not that well provided for. Yes they have a bed, and meals, but there is no true counselling or rehabilitation done to help them prepare for when they leave.

Many of the girls are prostitutes or in abusive relationships, and the shelter i worked at often had girls sitting right outside of it using drugs, urinating or defecating on the outside of the building, bringing their pimps/abusive boyfriends around the building, selling drugs and their sexual services right near the shelter, often right in the alleyway behind it. I know there were many complaints from home owners in the area of the shelter that i worked at as the girls brought a very seedy element to the area which reduces property values.

Some shelters certainly can help some women, but from my own experience (more than 8 years there) i just saw the shelters as more interested in keeping the rooms full and getting that government paycheck for the head count.


This is what I have been saying all along....it is not about the victims anymore, it is about the money.
And who suffers, the real victim....the tax payer....fathers...husbands....and the list goes on....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parallels between residential schools and welfare system.

Is there a difference between native residential schools and welfare lifestyle, foster home, c.a.s., radical feminists and women’s shelters promoting fatherless families, some seem to have adopted, my answer, no there is not.

In residential schools which I have experienced, you where taken from your family, made dependent on the system, and thrown out into the world on your own once they were done with you. Anger, resentment, even rage, sets in and you have to live your life this way. I could control it, but others could not. All that you where was taken away from you and you are changed for life. Ambition is destroyed and the will to achieve is basically non-existent. The morals you could of experienced from mom and “dad”, granddad and grandma, never came to pass. Then eventually you pass on your experiences to the next generation. Angry at the world, jobless, dependent, alcoholism, drugs, violence all make their way into the family home.

So what is the difference between this and the welfare state that takes away the importance of family values pass down from generation to generation.

On welfare you become dependent on the system, your poor and this is passed down to the next generation, teens that are not ready are thrown into the world, after all, they did learn that if they want their own place, they don’t have to work hard at it, just ask for a welfare check, it is that easy. 
The system as it is set up now has many advantages if you need help, but…it also has its disadvantages, it is controlled by those who see families, parents, children, as a tool to improve their salaries, political power, their idealism, even hatred.  When a family is stuck on welfare, and made dependent on the state through its many organisations, it destroys ambition, the will to work hard, it invites depression, stress, lack of ambitions, and this is passed on to the next generation. Hence the result is generational welfare, dependency and long term financial cost to the taxpayer and a nations stability, don’t believe me, go take a look at what happened to us.
But the most destructive policy which has been promoted by hateful old hags, aka the radical feminist, is that fathers are not really needed in the family home. I have never, “let me repeat” NEVER, seen a woman’s shelter, old style feminist, woman’s studies at universities, social programs, so on, so on, defend the idea that not all men are the same, they never promote that most men are good fathers, good husbands, good sons, good protectors and providers. NEVER. And this is why our society is falling apart.

There is a reversal of thought on the issue, that fathers are not necessary. (Long way to go but it is there). 
A realization that families which includes “Dad”, do better than the single parent home, children are more productive, less dependent and more ambitious. Many are now realizing our society is heading down the crapper in the long run. 
Not all families are been destroyed by hateful old hags, more and more women are running away from the radical feminist ideals, when they say “all men get there power through rape and sexual harassment”, they talk about the mother who has raised her sons while dad was at work, they say this about the politician who wants to serve the people, the soldier who defends their rights to speak their mind, the cop who wants only to make sure you live in peace, the father who works hard to provide, knowing full well he will die at an early age, the mother who hugs and kisses her children and tries to teach them values. 
When they say these things, they talk about all of us.

We all have daughters, wives, sisters, and mothers; tell me one man who wants his daughter to be barefoot and pregnant, in the kitchen, washing dishes. True there are nasties out there, men and women, but they do not represent all of us, and our society should not be characterized by the action of the few, but by the deeds of the majority.
Hags, aka feminists is not the sole proprietors of equal rights for women, we all have a stake in it, as I said, women are after all our daughters, our wives, sisters, mothers. The big mistake here is demonizing the very segment of our society that protects these rights with their very lives, MEN. And take away that segment and you take away half the population. Doesn't make sense does it, because when they do this, they slow down progress, make it longer to achieve, but that is what they want, this way they can keep their twisted hateful industry and their salaries.
Get rid of the hateful radical feminist industry and you will achieve more, quicker, TOGETHER. 
Their time has come and gone. 
This issue concerns us all as adults, for all adults are role models to all children.
I remember seeing a saying about natives and dependency on the state...

Ontario's social programs falling apart at the seams.

Children’s Aid Monster Convicted of Abusing Girl Seeks Delays in Sentencing

Children's Aid Society workers should be reined in, critics say

How to deal with c.a.s.

Though this disgusting story is about the c.a.s. I can safely say all of Ontario's social programs are failing the population. One of the reason is lack of over-site, give them funds and tell them to run it the way they see fit is just not doing it anymore.
One way or another the whole system will have to be re-organized, the cost to the taxpayer, the cost to families, the cost in lives by suicide of our children and the cost to our society is by far starting to affect the future and its security. The long term effect of these organisation is starting to show up everywhere,  increase teen pregnancy, crime, street gangs, drug use, suicides, parental alienation and let's not forget the schools openly claiming they "co-parent" with us.
It's not hard to see where this began and who controls the social system, radical feminists.
We now have little girls who went to university where they were indoctrinated into the radical feminazis women's studies, becoming social workers with the thoughts that all men are bad, families are controlled by men who keep their wives and children under a dictatorship, all of which is nothing other than B.S.
These little girls who have never stepped a foot in homes, have no idea how the specific family they investigate or claim to help is run, impose their views, which they learned in colleges, (women's studies) how a home should be, and if we don't do it their way, the family is in trouble.
Then we have other programs, welfare, women's shelter, housing, teen help lines and organisations, all of which are under the direct control of feministas and their manginas.
I have and coming soon, written confessions of those who were "coached" to say they were abused if the parent refused to sign for them to be on welfare, women's shelters coaching teen girls to do the same, mostly against fathers, women who, in order to get custody make false allegations against dads. I have written confessions by children of mothers demonizing the father in order to scare them. The list goes on and on.
Let's not forget that making false allegations against people is a ...Crime in itself, and you can have someone arrested for it.
When I started to look into this issue after they attacked me, I expected this to be....local, a few, but I found that the policies went even deeper, it was not just the workers,  it was directors, administrators, even regional directors where involved. When I researched if politicians knew about it, I found some did not, some did, but did nothing.
I also found that many worker inside the system where not happy with the corrupt direction these organisations are taking, EXAMPLE, welfare, housing, c.a.s., women's shelter, they are there but afraid to say anything. To me they are as responsible for what is happening as those who commits the crime of corruption, because if they say nothing, then people, especially children continue to be abused, and this is unacceptable.
There are tears out there by parents who love their children, who are been abused by the system we now have in place, there are thousands of parents who are heartbroken because of their kids been used by corrupt officials to pad their statistics in order to make themselves more important than they really are, to get increase funding and inflated salaries.
It is not hard to confirm what some of us dare to expose, facebook, social medias, web sites, comments are full of them.
They (honest politicians who serve the people) only have to look...

Monday, March 25, 2013

We were children, the residential schools story.

I watched a film on aptn, we were children, it brought back for me, many memories. I thank the Creator for the gift of strength I have had all these years. I will never forget, nor forgive what happened, it is not in me.
Truth and reconciliation is a hard thing to understand when one goes through what we went through. Truth, honesty, strength, and the belief in ones self should be promoted to our children so they can have a future, unlike the one(future) that was taken from us.
I went through three residential schools, I was one of those that did not co-operate, so I was bounced from one to the other. But it is what came with my un-cooperative nature that I never talked about, it was vicious, to say the least.
Even to this day, I see the behavior of some, has not changed, even amongst some of our own people who still see us as a tool, which is even sadder than the residential school themselves. I do not have the right to speak for anyone but myself, and I will never try to, because every individual who went through this nightmare, has his own story to tell.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Adria Richards has men fired over the words fork and dongles

lol..I love this guy....
 Karma is a bitch isn't it Adria?
Feminist, Adria Richards fired from her Job, Poetic Justice.
The lesson here, feminists are loosing the power they once had, no one believes them and if they do make a statement, it is no longer taken as a sure thing and are now been taken to task on their statements.
They exaggerate statistics, they attack men without conscience, they victimize women, and they forget men are raised by their mother, put it all in context and you have ...Karma....

Yukon Education Minister forbids Catholic schools to teach Catholic doctrine on homosexuality

Full story
First of all, this mixed up little man does not have the right to forbid anything in a free society as long as it does not discriminate. Catholic teachings specifically say too love the sinner, and it is ok not to agree with them. IT IS CALLED DEMOCRACY, FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

It's not his place to forbid anything, the charter specifically says,"freedom of  religion", he represent a very small minority, since when does the minority dictate to the majority....him and his friends keep on pointing out groups, they are the ones causing resentment, its people like him that is causing the problem, we already have laws against discrimination, its call universal laws...after P.E. Trudeau said the government should not be in peoples bedrooms, people understood, some screamed about it, but because he did not continue on pointing them out, it died down, he, unlike people like them, did not push the issue. 
They are the ones causing the problems we have  today, but then that is what their aiming for isn't it, keeping people at each others throat.

Freedom of choice is, you have the right not to agree with someone, you don't have the right to discriminate. That means those who support gays, do not have the right to discriminate against those who do not believe in it...
respecting each others views no matter if we like them or not is the basis for democracy, Imposing ones views on another on the other hand is fascism and communism...

They say they are social media savvy  I say bullshit, they manipulate polls, and pretend they know what we want, again bullshit...if they did look on the internet, they would find that people are pissed at been told what to believe or not...and it's getting ugly out there..

Gender identity’ bill passes House of Commons.

House of Commons voted 149 to 137 on Wednesday evening to pass an NDP-backed bill that would add “gender identity” to the Canadian Human Rights Act
This is why I will never support the ndp, and as for the liberals, what ever happened to universality, were everyone is supposed to be treated equally under Canadian laws, there is not supposed to be specially treated groups.
As for the conservatives that vote for this, can you safely promise us that some pervert won't dress like a woman, enter a girls bathroom, locker room and abuse some woman or some little girl child? can you promise this will never happen, because if it does, you will be responsible...
Sounds to me that pedophiles would be protected when they lurk in public bathrooms. If this happens even once, then the price was to high... Here is a little bitty, I went to get gas once, there was a trans in the store, the men simply refused to look at it, the women on the other hand, to put it simply, "if looks could kill"... Women do not like the idea that men dresses like them. I understand that the number of trans is very low in this country and that it might not be a big thing, or that it is politically advantageous to be seen as caring, to be frank, trans make me feel uncomfortable, I will always have the belief, let women be women, let men be men, it works better this way and if we have these type of situation then simply ignore it.  But now, I feel that the population is been imposed on, by those who want to change nature. This bill was unnecessary, we have plenty of laws that prevent discrimination, but by pointing out a group, by putting special laws, you nurture resentment. Resentment has always been an emotion that brings terrible upheavals, after 1918 there was 2 upheavals that brought terrible policies, one was the Versailles treaty, imposed on Germany by France and England,  the other was the great depression. This in turn gave rise to the Nazi party and... Adolf Hitler and his friends.  They thrived on the resentment people had to what had transpired and "imposed" their will on a population that was ready for the picking....Their policies became a wave across the world, especially in eastern Europe. It also carried well into other countries that would like to forget it ever happened in their own back yard ,


Would it ever happen again, no, not in the fashion of the 30's and 40's, but... it could happen in a different way, a new message, a new path, delivered differently but underneath it all, the same results.  We see a lot of "disguised" neo fascists in the world, Russia has it, Germany  France  England. It is fueled by resentment, of immigration, especially in France and England.  The only thing that has to fall is the economy to give these groups a chance to flourish, we are on the verge of an economic collapse, spain, portugal, greece, cyprus, ireland, iceland, just to name a few, are now basically bankrupt and supported by the european union, the imf, the world bank, if they fall, and the possibilities are now increasing everyday, they will take us all with them, and this time, unlike the 1930's, we have social media, internet, cell phone, communication to organize better than we did back then. 1930's will seem like a party compare to today. Resentment was the main tool of the fascists, they picked on a group and kept the population busy, this way they could sneak in their policies without much notice.  That is what is wrong with grouping people, it might keep us busy for the moment, but if things go bad, resentment becomes hatred.  There has been many victims of this type of policy, aka; victims of holocausts....Native people, it is estimated that between 45 to 90 million people lived in the americas before europeans came here, (according to the book, stolen continent), then we have Jews, Poles, Armenians, Ukrainians under stalin,,  Gypsies, Slavs, Homosexuals and transsexuals, mentally handicapped, all suffered at the hands of resentment which under the right conditions became hatred.  This is just a personal opinion, based on passed historical realities, but pointing out a group has always been a bad idea amongst a multitude of bad ideas, and in my honest opinion, these groups should stay away from such policies, promote the idea of universal laws which is one law for everyone, otherwise if things go bad.....

They can pass these kind of laws, but will not "allow" a vote to condemn sex selection abortions....
I guess trans are more important that the life of a baby girl...not.
I always thought conservatism meant the respect for life, but I guess I was wrong.

How individual Canadian MPs voted on the ‘gender identity’ bill

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The green grass of home.

What was, will be again.

Main stream media vs the personal blogs

I came to realize a few years ago that political ideals and power where more important than the safety of people and the unity of families. To me, I tried to keep my children safe, yet the idealism and self promotion of some was more important and overshadowed my rights as a parent and as a citizen.
I was amazed the personal power of the few was more important than what was the right thing to do for the population as a whole, or even the safety of kids.
As I started to look into how deep this ideal was I found that the main stream media, whether the cbc's hatred of the conservatives, or wolf blitzer's cnn been up obama's butt so deep that they no longer have the capability to report instead of imposing their views.
It does not matter what the population want anymore, it is more important to the main stream media to tell us how we should think, and this philosophy is well entrenched.
If one wants to have a small idea of what reality is, you would have to watch right wing TV and left wing TV side by side in order to get any idea of what is the truth. But we can't do this, so we usually get one story and are brainwashed to believe it. Or so they think.

That is why I now believe that searching personal blogs, the opinion of people out there, gives you a better perspective on what is real and what is propaganda.
For instance, social programs, child protection, c.a.s., women's shelter, welfare, so on, are used as a tool for those running it, inflated salaries, increase political and lobbying power through their unions, false statistics, so on...yet if we search online we find out the truth about these programs from people who actually experienced the pain they went through trying to protect their kids. These programs hurt families, children, parents, and turn people into dependents, permanent victims, demonize segments of our society, destroy the strength of nations and nothing of this is ever reported on the main stream media, mainly because it is part of what they believe in, therefore refuse to criticize them.
We can find online, parents, children, crying for each other when they are separated without due process, court decisions dividing fathers from kids, single mothers targeted by child protection and women been brainwashed into believing they will be victims for the rest of their lives.
Personal blogs will give you a better perspective on what is really going on, vs the news stations which now preach their ideals and tell you how to think. There was a time when reporters dared, no matter what, to report the truth, no longer, because if they do, their job security will be threatened, and they might not get that Pulitzer prize.
And that is propaganda.

Friday, March 22, 2013

The beginning of the end of radical feminism

Poll: Young Canadians want to restrict abortion to 12 weeks
The survey found that almost 80 percent of 18-29 year-olds polled opposed legal third trimester abortions and 55 percent opposed second trimester abortions.
The abortion industry is the primary talking points of the radical feminist, the idea that killing innocent children whenever one wants as an acceptable policy. The mistake they made is not noticing that the younger generation and their idea of a better world centers on the respect for life, the environment and each other. And the respect for life is also the unborn, that is the identity of the next generation, some might call them tree huggers or whatever, but their idea of a better world is respect for all living things, and as a native myself, I was always thought to be respectful of everything and everyone's place in the circle of life; mother earth, animals, and especially people.
So, the question the young are now debating is...how can one love the environment and be respectful of it and be pro-abortion all at the same time? Isn't people part of the environment? And that is where the radials, the elite, the feminist and her mangina made their mistake...they never realize the young would include human life with the love for the environment....

I have said it on many occasion, to destroy radical feminism, or as some call them, the hags, or those who have no one but their cats to go home too, or feministas, or feminazis, is the younger generation. Too many of these "feminists" took them for granted, that they would follow the line blindly, they underestimated the power of information that can be put on the internet, web sites, blogs, so on. It is not hard to destroy their message that all women are victims of men, and that all men are bad.
Pointing out that when someone says something like this,

or this

and so many other famous quotes by the "established leaders" of the radical feminist movement, shows that they talk about all men, "you" and me, politicians, cops, soldiers, business men, fathers, husbands, sons, and this type of description of men insults women, since they do not believe their husbands and the sons they raise are like this or have raised them to be like this.
They have tried hard to continue their twisted messages in schools and university course like women's study, but seem that their pushy nature has backfired, by teaching all men are bad, they only exposed their hatred of males, in which in today's world, does not apply.
None the less, in my area, the local hags had a choice when they changed their web site, they could of gotten rid of this...
and I would of gave them credit for it, since it was a disgusting way to describe men, but they did not, they continued their hatred...and their false statements on their new web site...
I find it incredible, that they would think, in today's day and age, that the younger generation of ladies would actually accept such stupid statements about their fathers, husbands and sons. One thing I have to give them is, they are persistent, and that is their weakness. As they say, once the spots are there, they cannot be changed.

As the polls above shows, it gives me hope that this part of our history, the division of men and women is on the fire burning away to oblivion, we still have a ways to go, but if we continue on exposing this disturbing message that all men are bad, and all women are victims, the younger generation seems to be on the path to repairing the damages these cat loving left overs have done.
We only have to explain who we are really, what we really want for our daughters, continue on promoting that, together, men and women, we can achieve a better world for ourselves and divided we only feed the narcissistic nature of those who thrive on victimization, to feed their inferiority complexes because they dislike who they really are.

So, my hat is off to the younger generation, may your world be better than ours, as we tried to do....

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Children and the web

Children should access the web for information, like an encyclopedia use to do, for homework, or other learning tools. They should never have unfeathered access to it. Keep them away from social sites,  messengers and games.
Let them play outside, show them the sound of a running river; and instead of letting them fish on xbox, take them to a river.
There is no more outside activities these days, it is more beneficial to some parents to keep them quiet in front of a tv playing xbox, and what that does in the long run is burn away curiosity. And without curiosity, there is no advancement.
There is nothing more educational than when parents, grandparents bring children to a river bed, a forest, and tell them about the wisdom of nature.

Take away the TV, the console and the DVD
And give a child a stick to play in the mud,
To strike the waters edge
And you have given then joy.
Show them the prints of animals,
Make them listen to the sounds of the forest
And you have given them curiosity.
Help them to climb the first branch of a tree
And you have given them vision for the future.
Show them things other than commercialism,
Sign them songs, tell them stories,
Teach gentleness with small animals and other children
And you have given life filled with love and kindness.
The best part of sharing time with a child
Is they give back so much,
Bright eyes and question with no end,
Laughter at nothing and everything,
It will be time well spent and remembered.

And confidently in later years,
They will recall whom it was spent with.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Calgary Men’s Safe House forced to close

Men’s Alternative Safe House only shelter for male victims of domestic violence

After years of sounding the alarm bell to deaf ears, men’s rights advocate Earl Silverman has been forced to close the only men’s shelter for victims of domestic abuse in Alberta.
The Men’s Alternative Safe House will be shuttered this spring, leaving male victims of domestic violence with no male-only refuge in the province.
Silverman says he’s disappointed to have to close the privately-run shelter, but added that without federal or provincial recognition and funding he can no longer afford to run it.
“I personally can’t afford to operate the safe house anymore,” Silverman said. “Family violence has gone from a social issue to only a woman’s issue. So any support for men is interpreted as being against women.”
The shelter, known as MASH, operated for three years, housing 15 men and two children who fled domestic abuse situations over that time, Silverman says.
Compare this to the local shelter, in carleton place ontario, this is particularly disturbing, when this local shelter, who accepts any claim of abuse "without" investigating if it is true or not, hence abusing the funds they get from taxpayer, went into deficit, because of their policies, (all men bad), they went to the municipalities, counties, and asked for more money, when the county said they were also short on cash because of the economy, this shelter with the co-operation of the local media, namely the emc, went on the attack, saying local politicians did not care about women and children. A few choice phrases and they got $35,000.
I would put a link but every time I do, it disappears...lol.

To continue...Let's dissect their latest statement...
Dear Editor:
Lanark County Interval House wants to assure the public that we do not share personal or contact information of any of Lanark County Interval House supporters.
We are all working to help women and children escape violent situations.

First, I see names of donors personal and local businesses "printed" in the emc practically every week.
Second, If they would investigate false claim, they would not be in financial trouble, the "real" victims would get the needed help, instead of been put into a small room with their children. How can they help, when they target teen girls against parents, coach them to use the word "abuse" like it is a piece of candy, in order to increase their false statistics, and co-operate with a local woman who collects teen girls from said shelter in order to pay for her mortgage. So their claim they are helping women and children is technically...partially false.

With the closing of the men's shelter in calgary, because of lack of funds, this basically closes another dark stain on their claim that abuse is mostly committed against women and male abuse is not really an issue.
On this feminist site, we have this false statement....
Fathers made up a large majority (80%) of parents accused of assaulting their children.
Yet...Bullshit exposed...
Canadian Children's Rights Council - Conseil canadien des droits des enfants

A YOUNG mum accused of chopping off her son's leg with an axe faced court yesterday charged with attempted murder
A mother who murdered her baby committed a lesser crime than if she had killed an adult .... It doesn't make sense.
Mother guilty of feeding cocaine to toddler
Mom Smoked Meth While Breast-Feeding Son
Ontario woman convicted of son's starvation death granted full parole
Mom Allegedly Beats Sons Over Marijuana
Mother Killed Baby: Charged After Baby's Arms Severed
Woman held in beating deaths of sons

Female Sex Offenders - Female Sexual Predator
75% of sexual predators are male and 25% are female. Yet...
86% of the victims of female sexual predators aren't believed, so the crimes go unreported and don't get prosecuted.
Considering these facts,  arrest statistics for child sexual offenders by gender are meaningless.

Let's continue
This site
Children in mother-only households are almost 4 times more likely to be fatally abused than children in father-only households.
Even if the picture is from 1993, it is worse today...

So, in closing, like I said, closing the Calgary center is beneficial to these "feminists" because it showed that their statistics are terribly false, and exaggerated and the closure benefits their messages that only men commit these horrors.
If one researches deeply and you have to dig deep, statistics shows that women can be as violent towards men and children, as anyone else, it even shows that kids are more likely to be abused by mothers especially in single parent homes than with fathers. 
So, everything shelters, feminist web sites, say is basically putting these children in danger by not admitting the truth and by doing this one has to ask why? 
In my opinion these organisations have become a hub for personal power, inflated salaries, financial benefits, man haters, people with inferiority complexes, all at the expense of...the victims.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Our society will rise and thrive with "strong men and women" or fall with the feminist and her mangina following behind her.

If we look at the shape of the world at the moment, we can see the parallels with the falls of rome. The disease that was the roman empire was that it brought the dark ages when it fell. This is what happens after the fall of all empires. They constrict the growth of different ideas, the advancement and gifts of what a free people can give to the world, for their own which does not always apply to an occupied population.
The same is now happening with the western world, it goes out into the world and tells people, nations of other races that they should behave and adopt our way of life. Did not work with the romans, it's not working now.
Our society is been destroyed from the inside out, just like rome, we as they were, are militarily unequal in the world, yet some guy on a camel with an ak47 and a cell phone is bringing us to our knees financially. And the arrogance of those inside, the corrupt, the greedy, the maddof of this world, the twisted self righteous individual, and the immoral, the "minority" is dictating to us how to act, who to love, and how to do it. They use children, indoctrinate them against the evolution of man, and try to change thousands of years of civilization.

Feminism is not the threat, it is the tool, by those who want more, they are a joke of history, and the sheer example of what a person with an inferiority complex can do if given a chance. To concentrate only on them is a bad mistake, we have to look at who is behind them, who controls them, and who drives them to divide what is necessary to make our lives, our families safe and prosperous.
If we take a look at feminism, their allies, and the mangina, they are a very minuscule minority. Most women don't call themselves feminists and stay away from them, gays in the last American census was 3.4%, and the mangina, who is a lowly creature who has no idea who he is and gave up his identity. The strong woman does not like the mangina, does not want to be with him, and does not see him as a provider nor a protector. Women are attracted to the man, the one that stands tall with confidence, strength, with emotional stability.
We see the results of those who used the mangina and the feminist on our world, our economies are on the verge of collapse, our children are committing suicide at an alarming rate when they should be playing in a secure home with mom and dad. Keep in mind that the majority of teen suicides are ..boys. This is what happens when boys can no longer be boys in the school system, they are responsible for the rise in male suicides and they behave as if it is not important since their are just boys.

Our education system would rather teach gay lifestyle, sex ed, "men are all bad", instead of technology, architecture and the arts. What good is women's studies, when fathers do not "allow" their daughters to be abused. We can take care of this issue on our own if we are left alone, we do not want our women in the kitchen, because they are our daughters after all. So where is this "men are all bad", patriarchy this and that coming from. It comes from those who thrive on division, and the thing is, they are so stupid, that they do not realize they are destroying what they are trying to protect, for no society in history ever survived without the strong honorable warrior standing tall "over" them protecting their security and freedom.

In europe they are now passing laws that allows the government to "take" peoples savings in bank account, and that includes retirement savings, it gets worse,

Banking Chief Calls For 15% Looting of Italians’ Savings

Do you really think they will not do it here, do you think your safe from confiscation if things go bad???
Also here is the ridiculous...a 30,000 euro fine (about $37,000) if you look at a woman up and down, excuse me but isn't this what women really like if it is done with class? Who is jealous of men "not" looking at them up and down, the lowly feminist that's who and to be honest, who would want to?
It is just a few examples, but it is the start of laws after laws been impose because they have realized that nothing they are doing is working, a state of chaos.
Have you noticed they are passing laws after laws trying their hardest to control the population, taking away freedoms we use to take for granted, but the more they do it, the more laws they need. It is like someone who lies, and has to lie again to cover past lies.
Rome fell because or corruption and greed, they fell to a primitive tribe who was inside the empire, and to those who they tried to "control". And when the fall came, there was no established civilization other than their own, and that is what brought the dark age. If western Europe falls, economically, who is there to take up the slack, the Chinese? they will have their own problems, the Russians? not likely.

I am not saying the feminist, the mangina should be ignored, they are extremely dangerous to the safety of our families, I am saying...the world, our children, our women, our elders, depend on us standing up and been who we were created to be...MAN.
To recognize that the few are using the simple minded to keep what they have amass, and we, for the sake of our families, have to do something once and for all, before it all goes to hell. The writing is on the wall, your either the ostrich with its head in the sand or your a Warrior.
We are everywhere, they can't get rid of us, and they know it, we are the cop who wants to help not control, we are the soldier who will give his life for the freedom of others, we are the worker who will die at an early age for the good of family, we are the politician who knows something is wrong, we are the spiritual who sees life been abused.
It is time to stand up, we don't have to be violent, we just have to say...enough.
If we don't do it who will, the mangina? The feminist? the greedy?

We, MAN, will always be here, we might be quiet for the moment, but if things go bad, (hopefully not), we will defend, protect, and provide, just like we've always done, after all that's what we are here for, that is the reason for our existence.
Those who caused it on the other hand will be in the least, looking in from outside.
When they say men are bad, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU...and if your a woman, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT YOUR SONS.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

It should be called international feminist day...and the failing usefulness of the U.N.

International woman's day should be called what it really is, international feminist day. You can't celebrate a day honoring women when you have so many abortions of girls in the world and say your pro woman. The two conflict with each other.
How can we have such a day when the feminist agenda is to demonize men, and abort babies, without these two you don't have women. If women want international women's day, they have to eliminate the feminist movement and promote all people, not a chosen few who follows a path of destruction.
It is now accepted fact that abortions not only murders children, and the irony is, majority of them girls, but also puts the health and life of the mother in jeopardy.
(Dr. Elard Koch of the Center of Embryonic Medicine and Maternal Health in Chile presented data showing an increase in maternal deaths after the legalization of abortion in countries around the world.)

Even here in Canada, where we should show the world our respect for life, there is conflicting policies in order to "please" feminism, which by the way, is a very small minority among women and diminishing every day. Yet still, politicians go towards the loud minority instead of the majority. Protecting life is not about women only, it is supposed to be for all. After all, won't the unborn girl eventually become a woman?

The U.N. and all its decrepit corruption is now controlled by countries who finance it the most, it certainly does not represent the view of world majority population. Were as, it was supposed to be an organisation where life and the right to live in peace was to be promoted and cherished, it has now become a radical left wing entity, controlled by the security council and it's 5 permanent members. It's promotion of abortion is killing girls worldwide and they are doing it for their secret policy of population control of the third world. Anyone who disputes this is living in la la land.
Here is what they should be there for;
First, stop preaching to others they can't have nuclear weapons when the council members spend billion on them. That is hypocritical...It's like telling some they can't take what is not theirs but others can do it. (Oh wait, they already do that)
Second; scrap these weapons and spend the money on agriculture. The world population is now fully informed about the capability of these weapons to destroy all life on Earth. We do not support or want them anymore. Conventional weapons are advanced enough to protect any country better than nukes can.
Third; stop using food for fuel, (ethanol), increasing it's price and starving people. Push for investments into wind, solar and natural gas, also the clean burning of coal and fossil fuel, there is enough left out there until we switch over to clean transportation heating and cooking. It will not do any more damages than it already has. If we push for investments and subsidize the transformation into alternative fuels, instead of spending billions if not trillions on killing more and more people, then it will be done faster. Why is it we can buy a gas burning car for 10,000 but a clean burning one costs 40 to 50,000. The  oil companies had their time just like the dinosaurs, and like the dinosaur, their time has come and gone.
Fourth; stop threatening countries, invite them to co-operate with the world, show them there is another way, recognize them as equals, which is what they want, and their people will change the system if they see life can be different. We saw this in the 90's with eastern Europe. Seems to me like someone is pushing for a war to kill off a few billion people lately.
Finally, respect life as a right for everyone, stop promoting abortion on demand because some old twisted hag hates herself and wants her misery to be impose on all of us.
International women's day is for all women, even the unborn, life begins at conception, and the gifts that person can give to the world might be a cure for some disease, or increase food production, or just the smile of a child that makes someone happy on a gloomy day. Until this is "respected" it will be international feminist day, a radical left wing ideology bent on the destruction of traditional family life.
Life always finds a way, if it is respected, for the moment the only reason we have the subject of overpopulation is because it is been used as a tool for nationalism or some other twisted ideal.
So, there is no such thing as international women's day, it is international feminist day, and should be identified for what it is.

Personal thought;
If I would of walked away 20 years ago, my daughter would not of been born if the feminists had their way, the safety and right of "children" is not the realm of women only, that is a myth propagated by old rusty hateful "whatever they are", it is the co-operation of both men and women that ensures the right to life and a safe future.