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Sunday, February 10, 2013

University of Toronto Student Union seeks to censor A Voice for Men

As promised, last night the University of Toronto Student Union passed a motion to condemn A Voice for Men and to demand that the University of Toronto prevent students from accessing this website on their servers. The motion also contained language proposing that our web hosting company be pushed into taking our site down.

It seems the Future Fascists of Canada are on a roll.

And now is the time that we will see where the university administration stands. Will they heed the call of junior jackboots and support the repression of free speech and the open dissemination of ideas? Or will they prove that the UTSU is alone as a band of Stalinist reprobates and reject their Orwellian ideals?

Time will tell, but I wanted to reassure the readers of A Voice for Men on a couple of irreversible facts. One, AVFM is not going anywhere. It is highly doubtful, but in a world of rampant misandry and unlimited possible scenarios it is feasible that we may have to change hosting companies. It would amount to no more than a hiccup in our operations, as we have remained prepared for many possibilities.

The other fact is that if the University of Toronto should decide to put blinders on their students, it will only result in a damning indictment of their school, and more U of T students coming to this website.

Indeed, if they are inclined to ban us, I will be more than happy to exploit such a ridiculous move for everything it is worth. And it is worth a lot
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Whether one agrees with avfn or disagree, one thing we all agree on  is any kind of censor of the freedom of expression is marxist and or fascist in nature. It is not our way to do this in Canada.
If feminist web sites attacking men do not wish their sites to be censored, then they should not preach or impose censorship themselves.
I have seen site such as this....
promoted by the local women's shelter in carleton place ontario, falsely targeting a segment of our society, I think it is disgusting and not only degrades men, but also the mothers who raised them, the wives and daughters who love them. Yet I and others have never called for censorship of this site.
In no way am I comparing avfm to this site, avfm has more class, but the point is, feminist can demonize a segment of society, but freak out if someone does not follow the path they force on people.
Especially coming for a university, censorship is trying to impose one way of thinking on the population, and that  is borderline communism, or fascism, it is definitively not democratic.
Freedom of expression ensures democracy, plain and simple, don't agree, don't read?


Anonymous said...

To bad for avfm,I don't feel sorry for them one bit.

After Elam attacked mro which resulted in that site being shut down,avfm has no right to bring up "free speach".



The Native Canadians said...

well I do not know anything about mro..(whats that)
Anykind of censor is wrong, and if they did it, then they were wrong.