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Saturday, February 9, 2013

The reasons why I am against abortions...

Born with a smile

Don't trust anyone but yourself and your loved ones, pregnancy is not a disease, it is a gift.
If I would have walked away years ago, my youngest daughter would not be here today. I was vilified, demonized, pushed aside as not important, (because I was the father) but I did not give up, I fought, scratched and insisted that a life was a life.
Abortion is the radical feminists tool for power, most of whom do not have kids, so what do they know.
The hags continue to make me out to be a bad person simply because I was the father, for decades I have always been on the defensive because they made me feel like I was a violent creature.
When I came to realize the abusive creature was the ones attacking me, I went on the offensive. I have been exposing who and what they really are, hateful, low self esteem people with an extreme inferiority complex.
I  got custody, and raised my daughter on my own, against all odds, we thrived as a family, and I would not change a thing. (except maybe the teen years lol)
The point is, life became more interesting with my child than without it, it pushes one to achieve a better life, not less.
The hags, even to this day, will always try to make us, fathers to be unimportant, and will even go after stay at home moms. Their lives are empty, and they try to push their emptiness on others, and now they do it with our children.
Those of us, moms and dads who never gave up on our responsibility and our place in the circle of life, tell you with assurance that children make your life a joy, and you achieve more with them career wise than without.
Any child has the potential to change the world, they might be the one who find a cure, or find a way to make the world better than we had, and we have no right to take that away from them or others that come after.
So, the next time you see a hag, aka a feminist, have pity, their lives are not much to talk about, they feel empty, and have a low self esteem, and an inferiority complex, pat them on the head and say, "there there, I understand, you poor poor feminist hag".

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Anonymous said...

pat them on the head and say, "there there, I understand, you poor poor feminist hag".
lol, I love the way you put things...