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Friday, February 1, 2013

Superbowl Sunday coming, don't forget buy beer and beat your wives

“You can tell it’s the Super Bowl because it’s busy at the liquor store,” Lee-Todd said. The LCBO knows this as well, which is why, like with the Christmas rush, they often have extra staff on game days like the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup finals.
While the rush of the big game can be intoxicating to sports fans, the rush of emotions, coupled with alcohol itself, can fuel domestic violence after the game as well. Lee-Todd noted that the levels of domestic abuse rise after big sporting events like the Super Bowl.
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This is why the support for shelters is going down. People like that making such ridiculous comments.
No were in the page does it say, it rarely happens, but according to this lee todd, this is what we do, we watch the Superbowl Sunday and most of us will beat our wives....and the lcbo is responsible....

I declare that I will watch the Superbowl this Sunday, and will not beat anyone if my team looses...lol

In another statement she says this“In all relationships there are issues of power and control. Often the alcohol and drugs becomes the control.”
Who do you think she is talking about???
She is right on one thing we should contact our MPP's, and ask if he believes that his power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment.
Or your woman MPP, and ask her if she believes her husband and sons hold power over her through rape and sexual harassment...
Sorry I can no longer put a link to this page, I guess my reference to their male bashing site was too much, so they reinvented themselves getting rid of the attacks on anything male.
Glad I could help them see the error of their ways, or they simply did not like the bad publicity...
Don't worry, I kept the old one....Love this new technology were no one can deny what they write or say.

Anyway Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone.


Gilles said...

I 2 promise not to beat my loved ones if my team sf49 loses, lol. Crazy feminists.

Anonymous said...

she is one sick puppy

Karen said...

lol, they got rid of their attacks on men on their website, guess you did have an impact, congrats.

Marie said...

Hey I noticed that too, they got rid of "men get their power through rape and sex", lol.

Alison said...

All the men in my family r big fans of the superbowl, beer drinkin, hard workin, lovin men, never saw any of them get mad and beat their women at superbowl time.feminists do not represent women, they represent themselves.all me are bad, and u cant dislodge them from that.so to those who said that here is my hand and only one finger in up, guess which one.

ScareCrow said...

My main concern about the SuperBowl - I have no wife to beat?!

Any advice on what I should do?

Should I go out and rape 27 women every 3 minutes while the Superbowl is playing?

or - should I start sex-trafficking women?

Decisions decisions...

Anonymous said...

If my little bitch pisses on the floor while im watching the superbowl im gonna roll up a newspaper and wack her on the butt...but ill do it quietly because knowing these idiots feminist they will probably find a way to say I was abusive to a female.

Anonymous said...

Well emergency rooms should all be full by now,SF is losing.

The women's shelters must be renting hotel rooms from the overload.

uh-oh--power outage,,,time for a beat your wife moment.

Hard to believe this feminist propaganda originated from a reporter with no facts or resources to back up the claim's.

The feminists didn't take long to make a bigger lie out of a little one.


Anonymous said...

Well,it's all said and done.

The fat cow feminist regime in Lanark county must be pretty upset that no one pimped them out.

Even they dream of getting laid,to bad it will never happen.


Anonymous said...

lol outdoors, good one.
A friend of mine's gf when to this shelter, they live in smiths falls, she accused him of everything under the sun, 2 weeks later, she was back home.She did tell him that it was the people at the shelter that told her to say these things to get custoday of their kids.He should of had those assholes charged.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the standard practice of these shelter's is to accuse men with everything and anything under their handbook of feminist victimology.

The same behaviour comes from the shelter in Dryden.

They put men at such a disadvantage by forcing him to defend himself,he iether cannot afford it or he just eventually walks away.

They are also very well known for housing violent females and turning blame on the male victim of their violence into some kind of patriarchal monster.

If that doesn't work,the shelter will recruit their member's in an effort to spread rumour's about the male victim as an abuser.In small town's this can be a very effective tactic at destroying the man even further.


Anonymous said...

I also had a friend's who's wife went to the local shelter.

Apparently he was a sexual monster according to the accusation's.

His wife claimed he was a sexual danger to her and his kid's.

She went home after a month and said she never ever said those thing's,even though she signed the accusation sheet.

Why,If he was such a danger to her and the kid's,would she endanger the well being of her children by going back?

You would think she should be charged with child endangerment.

The shelter worker's are nothing more than Feminazi Father Assassin's,who will lie,steal and cheat to villify every man in an effort for more free government funding for their over-inflated wages.



The Native Canadians said...

well said outdoors, well said...
I always knew, and warned by politicians that if I went up against this shelter, they would do anything to get...even. His exact words were, "its only the beginning". Boy was he right..
Vengeful violent ex's, like mine, know exactly how and were to go to get even,even after 25 years of divorce,shelters, the hub of hatred and women with inferiority complexes. Any false accusation against a man, is automatically taken as a chance to increase their statistics, no investigation into the persons background to see if they themselves are honest, or violent, or if they are telling the truth.

Anonymous said...

Police here will rarely charge a female with domestic violence.

She and the children will get a free ride to the women's shelter and the thug's will do anything and everything to villify the man.

Having a female feminazi cop or two that believe in feminist mythology,doesn't help things in the least.


The Native Canadians said...

So true...