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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

SSEC... Social Service Economic Crimes (research)

"A culture of secrecy and corruption inherited within many bureaucracies (social services being just one of them) can never be left alone to regulate itself. Accountability, has to be demanded and those responsible for any crimes against the family unit must be brought to justice. If citizens are stripped of their right to practice questioning their government, it becomes a question of time before they are demanded to submit to servitude and conformity to the state."
~ Nicolas Stathopoulos, Rachel Fairhurst / social service crimes research

There are many sites on the web of people, families, parents, who have been unjustifiably wronged, organizing against social programs, sick of unknowns who stick their know it all noses into families affair in the Canadian homes.
We are now a viable political force, and if those in power do not notice, then we will park our votes with those who do.
The radical left wing feminazi movement against families, husbands, fathers,mothers, wives, children, is on the decline, their power will be eradicated. They made to many enemies, demonized to many mother's sons, daughter's father's, wives husbands, thinking they would change society for their own financial gains.
They made a big mistake demonizing all men, they say 25% of men are real Warriors, those who fight back when families are in danger in any nation, and when you shake their cages, when they notice the wrong been done, that is when things change.
Guess what you hateful  hags....WE NOTICED.

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