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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lanark county report..Shelters(Lanark county interval house), feminism and permanent victimization.

Violent women exist but feminists refuse to acknowledge it

The rational of the feminist. An excellent read.

Here is the main reason why I do not bother conversing or discussing anything with any feminist, as it is and always will end up in emotive fake and fraudulent assumptions and doses of mind masturbating, victimhood, mentality. Facts be damned, only what they believe is true, the only truth. Feminists demands that you erase any and all information, facts and personal witnessing experiences, from your mind, re install their narrow minded and completely biased and fact free interpretations, that they hold dear to their little lying hearts and promote with wanton abandon.

This mentality is particularly applied when it comes to women/female induced violence. That has been completely erased from their cerebral cortex and replaced with “Women are perfect, incapable of any wrong and suffer the victimhood by just being alive”. That is the level they come from.

Yep, I know, la la land, self delusion appears to be the mainstay of the average, normal (if that’s possible), assumed university educated, feminist. One has to wonder why that level of stupidity and ignorance is only reflected by the majority of feminists educated at university, who and how many of those nasty male hating feminists are already ensconced as tenured academics?

There must be quite a few as the end results produces this level of cognitive dissonance, they appear incapable of seeing or even noting the bleeding obvious, even when they fall across it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The reason I put the link above is because the hags wherever they are in the western world, basically have the same behavior, their ideal is not to help victims but to advance an ideology, the hatred of men, their self hatred, their inferiority complex, but most importantly their twisted views that they want be...men. We cannot rationalize with them, they are baked in hatred.
 Men are men, women are women, both have their own strength, the difference between each other is what makes this world a better place, combine each others quality and you have a better chance at living in peace and accomplishing a hell of a lot more.

The misinformation they throw out there, with the help of media, is becoming nothing more than a joke, the very reason their support with the population and inside politics is diminishing. When you have these "people" saying thing like, "Men hold their power through rape and sexual harassment" and "all men are rapists"...

you not only demonize half the population but also the majority of women, after all, men are mostly raised by their mothers, while dad is at work. Therefore with words such as those, these hags also demonize ..mothers. Will they realize this, not in a million years, their hatred is too entrenched, we just have to expose them, outlive them, and hope the damages they did to our families can be reversed.
Treating men like shit is their thing, and their weakness, it is not our fault they have an inferiority complex....

Misinformation cannot be passed on without the help of the media, here in lanark county it is the local feminist newspaper the emc, the Courrier, I noticed ever since I started exposing local corruption in the social programs, falsified statistics, dehumanization of fathers and husbands, victimizing women, this "newspaper" has increased its reporting of the good work of the local shelter.

Lately it is;
Lanark county interval house says thank you to community. (not going to put a link because I do not want them to have publicity on my blog)
What this paper's report failed to write about is, after this "shelter" did not get its way, more funding (coming in the next post), over the million they get a year, they attacked the local politicians and eventually got half of what they asked for. Last month they were bad, this month they say thank you????
This "paper" failed to exposed the real reason they are in financial trouble;
women who use this shelter for quick custody of the children.
women who falsely claim abuse in order to get on the top of the emergency list.
the inflated salaries of the staff.
targeting teen girls to increase their statistics.
especially brainwashing women who have been victimized in order to make sure they come back and stay year after year on their statistics, therefore ask for increase funding, falsely claiming a rise in family violence....

The shelter industry is controlled by women who have a hate for manhood, therefore when they open their mouth, they impose their belief that all men are rapist and abusers, and make someone who needs to be reassured that the world can be a good place, what happened was the action of one person, into a person who will always live in fear. How does that help???

Shelters should not be the domain of hags who have inferiority complexes, there should be men counsellors in order to show the victim that life goes on, and that men are as much part of the solution if not more. This person would regain her self confidence and make her stronger in the beliefs that the action of one, does not reflect on the rest. If these hags continue on making someone believe they are victims for the rest of their lives, they will look over their shoulder in fear, never gain their strength back, and forget their experiences, hence going through their lives in fear. But then that is what the local hags want, keeps them around for next years funding. And that is what is so sad. What a waste.


Anonymous said...

I believe I read a study sometime way back.

When men were available at these shelter's,the women would go to them as they seen the men as some form of protection.

I would be in fear at these shelter's also if I only had someone to talk to that looked like Jabba The Hut,who wouldn't be?


The Native Canadians said...

might be some men at some shelter at some time, but from what I have seen so far, especially around here, shelters are there to be used for political and financial reason, so putting male counselors to show not all men are the same, would make victims realize the world isn't as bad as they say, men would probably expose the false claims. Hence these victims might not come back,reducing the statistics for next years funding...and yes, jabba would be scary...lol.