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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Real Baby being swung around by her mom! Warning this is going to make you sick.

Link to facebook.

This is the sickest thing I have ever seen online, you can actually hear the baby boy crying.
As a parent this is a fu#$in nightmare...I could not watch it all..


Anonymous said...

Are you f.....n crazy!!!???! You should go to jail!! Be put on death row!!! This is so illegal in America!!! Thank God you don't live here. Hope you can never have kids again!!! May God strike you down!!!

Anonymous said...

I was crying my eyes out watching this. That poor baby was so scared. This can do substantial injury to the ligament structure in his arms and knees. Not to mention traumatize the baby and affect the delicate chemical balance in his brain. This can cause significant psychological damage to the child, but I am sure the woman who created this baby yoga is well aware of that, as the real goal in this practice is teaching the child subservience. It is a behavioral modification technique that will keep these babies in such states of fear that they will learn early to pick up on and obey...mindless automatic responses because their fear center causes a part of their mind to shut down snd close off in order to protect themselves. It's sickening. This is the saddest and scariest thing I've seen and i pray no one sees this and tries this. The people doing this are lucky they have not killed these babies as it can cause hemorrhaging from the rotational rebound effect of the brain. Could cause blindness as well. Please parents do not see this as the new craze to do. You will go to jail when your baby is harmed.