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Saturday, February 16, 2013

RCMP under attack by feminist agenda.

The reason I have  problem believing the rcmp is a bastion of male supremacy and women degradation is it is been attacked by all sides by feminists.
Whether an editorial in the star, by yes, a feminist, Mounties close ranks against the first woman to speak out about sexual harassment, were the commisioner is grilled by a female dominated committee. Not for one minute will these "feminists" think that maybe the rcmp are telling the truth.

And if the chairman of the commission for public complaints against the rcmp does not say word for word what the feminist wants, then he is wrong too and the rcmp are all males bent on abusing fellow female officers.
Former Mountie Janet Merlo, lead plaintiff in the proposed class-action, said Thursday she believes the level of sexual harassment in the force is much greater than what’s reflected in the files reviewed by the watchdog.(yes all men are bad)
Many women have not filed complaints, she said, because they lack faith in the process for investigating complaints. (maybe janet, there is no complaint to be made?)
“You need someone who is unknown to both parties and who can see (the complaint) in an unbiased way,” she said. (what she means is an all feminist man hating group)
Merlo said she believes the force is paying only “lip service” to the problem. (with all the laws and precaution in place in Canada, there is no such thing as lip service)
“They can print policy until they’re blue in the face, but if the organization doesn't follow it and abide by it, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on,” she said. 
And there you have it, if it does not go a feminist way, then it must be that men are evil and want all women to be pregnant, in the kitchen doing the dishes…
I have a lot of respect for the rcmp, compared to most police force in the world, not perfect but better than what is out there. 
True there are bad ones, those whose power goes to their head, as in all police forces, but when I had problems with the locals, it is the rcmp who advised me on my rights as a citizen, male and female officers.
Where as the locals wanted to put me away, in retaliation for my blog, with a non existent warrant, it was the rcmp who said..wait a minute.

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