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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ottawa ontario, men are guilty even when innocent, according to the local media.

Men cleared of charges are still portrayed by media as rapists. No evidence of crime is now police's fault. The Ottawa police is now accused of abuse for asking the female accusers questions !

If anything, especially in Canada, police are extremely advance in investigating sexual assault, they can determine if those involved are telling the truth. The one thing they do not want, is to be accused of harassing the victims, because if they do, the Canadian media, now totally controlled by feminism and manginas, cbc, ctv, so on, will, as they did here attack their methods.
In this video, according to ctv reporter, the victim should be believed, even if her story has...faults. The investigating women of the Ottawa police are absolutely informed about what could happen if they are seen to be abusive to the alleged victim, so they do not take the accusations lightly.
If they came to the conclusion that the alleged accusers where not telling the truth, you can believe it was because there was an extensive investigation.
What we see in this video is, the alleged victims must be believed and anything they say must be the truth. Even if the investigation proved otherwise.
The so called experts in sexual assault do not want to know the truth, because if they would expose the abuse of the justice system by some women, they would have to cut their statistics in half, and then would get funding according to those statistics. It is all about the money, not the real victim.
In other words, it is extremely dangerous for a man to go to a bar, pick up a woman, and if she is drunk, has sex, then get a conscience attack the next morning, the man is up shit creek  without a paddle, guilty until proven innocent, and if the police investigation find that there was no crime, they will be also attacked by the experts and media.
This is very dangerous because it puts pressure on the investigators to find that person guilty if they themselves do not want to be on the long end of an attack by the ..."EXPERTS"
Noticed also, the investigators in this case were all...women.

Personally, I do not go to bars anymore, too fuc#$% dangerous...And I would not recommend that any man pick up a woman in a bar...she might have a conscience attack the next day, married and she did not tell you, and then you are royally screwed, because even if your found innocent, the accusation will always be on your record, it does not go away.

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Gilles said...

coming soon; it is illegal to be a man.