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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Name & Shame Social Workers site, what a great idea.

What is amazing about this site is, from what I can see it was posted last Thursday, and since then there is already 5000 comments...
If that does not open your eyes on how bad social programs are in the western world, using family and kids for financial purposes then I don't know what will.
I strongly believe in naming names, if the truth is told then there is nothing they can do and as the page explains there is plenty of ways, if your not sure, to do it anonymously.
Personally I have no reservation in naming names, everything I write is the truth and not exaggerated. I found people I did not know, who did not know me, and even some who did know me personally caused trouble like an old hag in the window spying on neighbors who has nothing to do but cause pain. In my experiences they seem to thrive on this, and what I found most disturbing, they seem to think they can do it without repercussions.
With the internet, they can no longer hide....
The page above is full of people, families how have suffered at the hands of social programs.
Though it mostly concentrate on child services, all social programs are inter-twined, tied to each other and responsible for the downfall of the traditional family.
No one is beyond their reach, for financial or political gains, no child is...safe.

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