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Friday, February 8, 2013

More on the legacy of Canadian feminism...cry abuse and you get a pass.

In court, after this video was made, she cried out abuse, (coached??) yet…
She freely admitted there was not abuse by the husband…
She did not care if her daughter was in the house…
The courts had full access to this RCMP video but chose to ignore it…
The courts set her free saying she had been through enough already.
Welcome to the Canadian justice system.
And this thing was...a teacher?

Her husbands response.

It is becoming dangerous to be a husband in Canada....You have a video that shows she was not abused, she did not care if her daughter was in the house, smiling while discussing murder, and the courts choosing not to admit it in evidence...
When you promote all women are victims of men, some will use it to defend their actions.
Now, how does this help the real victim?
It does not...
From now on, every time some woman say's to men, "I have been abused", the first thing that will pop in our minds is...doubt.
and that is the true legacy of Canadian feminism. In this case as so many, the man and the daughter take a back step to the message that all women are victims, even if the accusations are false.


Anonymous said...

been a husband in canada is bad for your health.

Gilles said...

Scary shit.

Anonymous said...

So....can mr. Ryan now hire a hit-man?

The police and crown have failed to protect him from an attempted murder.

He has every reason to fear for his life.

Can he now use this as a legitimate excuse to hire someone and bump her off?

Or does the fearing for one's life only matter if the victim is female?

The true victim in this case is Mr. Ryan.

If you check out the judges on the SCC you will see at least two of them are radical feminist's and one of those is not even qualified to be sitting on the bench.