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Friday, February 8, 2013

Marxist Indoctrination And Gender Engineering In Canadian Schools.

If you have kids this is important,  the "we co-parent" policies of the Marxists (or whatever they are) now infesting our schools is destroying society. Don't be fooled by their policies, they are there to reorganize through our kids, And if your a parent that does not agree you will be demonized.

Now as a parent, did you ever give any school or school board the right to "co-parent" your kids???
Remember this, the coward will always go after the weak, in this case, children.
As for the gender barrier they speak about, they don't want to make children equal, they want our boys to behave like girls.
I am a big believer in the notion that men cannot be women and women cannot be men, it is not the same as race equality, gender is totally different. The individual gifts of men and women is important to raise children, it offers a balance that reflect in raising boys to be boys and girls to be girls. It is no secret that since they have tried to throw away million of years of evolution out the door, that suicides are on the increase amongst teenagers, especially with the male population. These poor kids have been told something inside the family, and something totally inappropriate in schools.
Sex ed, homosexual lifestyle, even some educators are now saying perverse behavior such as pedophilia is inter generational intimacy. If you teach these things in schools to early, and promote them as normal, they invite confusion in minds that are in the process of learning what is right and wrong.
If we have to throw these subjects to students it should be done after secondary school, not in primary, were parents are raising their children one way, and marxists are trying to guide society in another, through minds of children.
Freedom to be who you are does not automatically mean it is right for everyone.
You cannot teach a boy to be a girl or vise versa as you cannot teach a dog to be a cat.
These peoples (if that's what they are)  in some way are not only trying to change our society, but evolution itself, they reject creation, embrace evolution, but they do not follow the rules they themselves claim to follow. So, they don't even know who they are and they claim to "co-parent"?

As for sun news, they are having financial problems because the main stream media in Canada, especially the government funded cbc, and the radical infestation polluting the system, have done everything in their power to prevent sun news from been widely available to Canadians  Did you know the oprah network, american and foreign news channels are more available in this country than sun news. Doesn't matter if you like them or not, it is important, especially for freedom of information that all views be accessible, if they are trying their best to destroy sun news, one has to ask why, and what are they afraid of?
Sun news must be made available to all Canadians, and if they fail after  that, then at least it will be because of our choices, not a chosen few in the media trying to control our thoughts.

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Brian the man said...

wow, I thank God my kids don't live in canada.