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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Local media, Perth Courier uses the word Indian to attack local MPP

MPP could choose his words more carefully

It is amazing the Perth courier (EMC) going through all this trouble to tell me how I want to be called, without them asking me. I am by blood, Cherokee, with some Mohawk and some French. I do not need the courier to explain what I want to be called, and find no insult in someone calling me Indian, never have, never will. Neither do most of us, as a matter of fact, we adopted the name Indian a long time ago. It is only offensive to those who want to make a political issue out of it. Am I first nation? I do know this; first nation is just a pretty word to bunch us up in a neat package (my opinion)

I am Cherokee, which is a nation of people, as is the Algonquians, the Sioux, the Cheyenne, and the Apaches, so on. Just like Europe, the French, the Italians, the Germans, the Russians, so on. 
The courier seems to think the word Indian is more important an issue than poverty and the wishes of so many of us to provide for our families, jobs, security and peace. Yes we are a proud people; we are also realistic about the problems festering inside our society. Alcohol, drugs, family breakups, suicide, unemployment, despair, is the real problem, not a word which we “do not” find offensive.

In my honest opinion, the Perth courier should do it’s homework before attacking someone on a simple word, we as a people do not concentrate our future on a word, we have a better understanding of what the future needs, and it is not the courier’s “idle” arguments, just to make brownie points.
What does offend me is them thinking this is more important than the real issue of poverty and depression, amongst so many of the people of Turtle island.

The Emc, perth courier have nothing to be proud about, they will post any story without investigating, as long as it demonizes anyone they do not agree with...(more on this to come)


Anonymous said...

Im Indian, doesnt offend me.

John said...

same here.

Anonymous said...

do people actually read that paper? lol. indian and proud.