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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kevin Jackson on John Gibson, a good analysis of the obama presidency.

What creeps me out is what chis rock said, he doesn't understand democracy, the bosses are not those in power, it is those who votes, or the people. To say obama is the daddy of the country is just weird, but then coming from chris rock i am not surprised, it is people like him that is destroying democracy, if more people like him behave this way, freedom is in danger.
Not to mention what jaimie fox said, "lord and savior". Unfortunately there are many sheeples who listen to Hollywood. Lord and savior is what the roman use to believe their emperors represented, and that is the belief that brought the empire down. Rome thrived under the republic, but went down under imperial rule.
When those in power can do anything without been answerable, it always end up in corruption and brings on the distrust of the people, culminating in the population been dependent on the state and production of said country or empire at a stand still.
We have seen what the welfare state has done to most western countries, it produced a "gimme" generation instead of a productive society.

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