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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

If I Were The Devil (Bone Chilling Revelation)

This is an amazing "premonition", if you will. It's amazing how someone way back in the 60's would see all this coming. It was broadcast live in 1965. It's amazing how accurate he is. Whether you believe in a devil, evil spirits, just "evil in mankind"; whatever the case, this is chilling.
How to control and destroy a society!
We can now safely say that the western world should be called the western Roman empire. We send our armies to any country that does not agree with us, turn on those we called allies the week before in order to install a friendly government, no matter if it is in league with al qaida, (i.e.Lybia).
Promote immorality in our schools, and downgrade the importance of parents in families and replace them with educators who declare they co-parent with us. This way we can sit at home, with our tv's and feel assured that our kids are thought what they want to teach without us getting involved.
Where parents use to teach boys to work hard, protect and provide, and girls to stay abstinent till they were married, schools now explain in detail with the help of governments infested with marxists feminism and manginism, how to have sex, do drugs, have fun, and especially that family, religion, morality is wrong.
Keep people at home, increase the price of everyday necessities like food, shelter, make them dependent on tv for any information and entertainment. Were it took one income to provide for a family make sure things are so expensive, both have to leave the home to pay for everything, that way you have access to their kids and mold the next generation according to twisted views.
Put in place self serving individuals with low intelligence who call themselves leaders, believe anything they say, disarm the population, just in case they later realize what you are doing, Make them dependent on anything and everything, make sure you make them scared of going outside, keep them in their homes, inform them how dangerous it is with reports of killings,wars and destruction. Treat minorities better with special laws instead of universal laws, to keep your population at each others throats.
And when the people starts to ask question, tell them they are sick, pour all kinds of medication to keep them subdued, help them to see the light with therapists, counselors and psychologists.
Most importantly, go after the children, make them rebellious against parents, ridicule morality, religion, hard work, make them dependent on television, xbox, social programs, the easy life. Promote single parenthood as a good thing, that way you can keep generation after generation poor and dependent on you.
All this is destructive in the long term, after all, this is what brought down the roman empire, but in the short term, you assure yourself with a good supply of voting sheeples.
Problem is, this is not sustainable, what will happen when all those people you made so dependant realize all they had was fake and gone.
You do not have to believe in the devil to realize our world is in one hell of a mess.

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fukin scary hey!