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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Carleton Place's women's shelter staff manipulate to get more funding.

The first thing they do is put the request in to local municipalities, in this case the lanark county council, give them a few weeks and wait for their response.
When the decision is made by the council, that the funds are not there because the Ontario government is cutting across the board, considering that every government program, municipalities, provincial, is on the verge of bankruptcy, and necessary belt tightening in needed to save said programs, then the shelter staff simply goes out to the local media, and cries out;
Erin Lee-Todd, Executive Director of Lanark County Interval House, "the issue of women and children is no longer worthy of formal budget discussions."

"No communication to inform us, a very negative report submitted by and approved by county staff, and a result that indicates that the people with the power are not adequately concerned about marginalized members of our community."
Negative report? your welcome.......
(maybe she shouldn't put teen girls on welfare coaching then to say their fathers abused them to bypass the parents wishes?
(maybe one father was disgusted by this behaviour and contacted all politicians in the area and offered proof of what they did?)
(maybe she should not of "faked" a lock down of said shelter to demonize this father)
(maybe she should not of underestimated how far you can push a parent-father)
(maybe she should not continue to try to demonize fathers with the help of crazy ex-wives, "more to come on this one")  

Anyway, to continue, if a shelter does not get it's way, for it's demands for almost $70,000 from the county, simply make statements such as the one above, wait a while, as we know this kind of accusations, that politicians do not care, is dangerous for their careers, they get organized phone calls, emails, asking them why they do not care about victims of abuse. It is ingenious if you think about it. Eventually, said politicians get scared to be called abusers themselves, and break down. To shut them up, they offer half, $35,000, of what this shelter was asking and hope they go away.

Council approved a motion to provide $35,000 to Lanark County Interval House as emergency funding for 2013.
The motion comes after Interval House approached the county earlier in the fall seeking help to address a funding shortfall. (First link nov 8 2012, make the council look bad, then the second link dec 27 2012, you get $35000, considering they spend money like drunken sailors it will not last long)

As for negative reports, The initial funding request was made by Interval House executive director Erin Lee Todd at an Oct. 10 meeting of the county's social services committee. Todd told the committee the shelter is facing a deficit due to increasing costs and declining provincial funding. Todd quoted Lanark OPP statistics showing 501 domestic violence calls in 2011 compared to 426 calls in 2010 and 382 calls in 2009. The shelter served 481 women and 141 children in 2011-2012. (2011 is the years they coached my underage daughter (amongst others) to say she was abused, after I refused to sign for her to be on welfare, therefore their report of 501 was actually 500, because my kid was not ABUSED, how many other parents did they do this too. Therefore their statistics are...false.)  
The staff report, prepared by social services director Nancy Green, concluded: "While it is recognized that the request from Lanark County Interval House is a worthy one, it is not one that can be accommodated in the Social Services or Emergency Services budgets under any of their provincially funded programs for a sustainable period of time." Granting the request from Interval House, Green reported, would negatively impact the level of housing and homelessness support the county will be able to provide.
(Is it possible, after I handed my report to Mrs Green that she investigated and found that a local woman, let's say, Kathleen, was "collecting" rebellious teen girls who did not like home rules from this shelter bringing them to her rooming house in order to pay for her mortgage, as she admitted to me? Of course it is only a theory, but if Mrs Green decided funding this shelter under those circumstances was wrong, then I bow my hat to her))

I also noticed that when I put up a link from the emc, it has a tendency to...disappear...
So, someone is reading this blog, also I noticed my counter is going up very fast.
Glad they are enjoying my little blog....

And that is how to manipulate the system...If local politicians decide they can't afford the policies of this shelter, simply say they do not care about women and children, and you scare them into giving you some funds...
Damn smart if you ask me....Feminazi manipulation.

Let me say again, we all support shelter, but not under the policies they have now, to finance women who use it for custody purposes against fathers, falsely cry out abuse without an investigation, simply to get on top of the list for welfare and housing, using teenage girls who do not like house rules as statistics is a waste of funds that is supposed to help those who really need the help.
How much money do they waste every years pandering to women who are not in any danger, but use it for their own selfish needs, and why does the shelter industry waste these funds. Goes to wonder why they are there in the first place and it is no longer for the mandate first put forward by Erin Pizzey, to help those in need. Now it all about how much money, and political power, not to mention inflated salaries.
If we expose, we help those in need, if we simply accept, we deny those who seek help.

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