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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Feminists gone wild. Celtic cross to "phallic".

Irish monument too ‘phallic’ to share park with Montreal Massacre memorial, opponents say

Monument too "phallic" Definition of phallic, if you don't know what it means look it up, you will giggle at the stupidity. It is taken from the word phallus, definition of phallus, now from what I read about phallus it also means the genitals of women. But wait, they are against an Irish cross because it is to phallic, but have seats commemoration the victims of Montreal with vulva on them????
I am confused....
Vulva this
Vulva that
Vulva everywhere
Get out the popcorn because this is gonna be something to watch. The feminists, who's head speakers are nothing other than old hags who have no one but their cats to go home to, have made all this into nothing other than a comical situation. And that is what is so sad about all this....

A Celtic cross, is to "phallic", to be beside monuments what looks like sarcophagus with a vulva in the middle?
To demean the victims of Montreal, by turning this tragedy into battle of genital parts is simply disgusting. To reduce the victims of Montreal to their sexual organs...well.
If we were to ask the victims, if they agree with this monument what would they say? This is not a monument respecting them as much as it is a monument promoting twisted feminist hatred towards men, and the same thing will happen here in Perth Ontario
They promoted a monument a few weeks ago with a person who threatened to drop her grandson over a bridge with a 25 to 30 foot drop because he was crying, according to this person, that is the way to teach a child a lesson about crying and been too agitated. (full story coming soon.)
But according to the local feministas, a woman monument takes precedence over the rights of children's safety, and their will use anything and anyone to achieve it.
So, the Washington monument, the Eiffel tower, the CN tower, and here in Perth Ontario, city hall has a clock tower, and those all have to go, because they are to "phallic"???
Like I said, get out the popcorn, this should be interesting....

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