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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feminazis legacy, violent teens.

We have to realize that our society has taken a turn for the worse, we now know, major policies will have to be re-arranged if we are to survive, one of those is government funding. The idea to give out money to organisations such as women's shelters, c.a.s., welfare, housing, or open doors, a teen help organisation here in smiths fall which demeans parents in front of rebellious teens, must be looked at, because giving out funds on how many people go through their doors has invited corruption. Turn teens against parents and you have a client you can had to your statistics, therefore showing governments you need more money, a simple policy, but very cruel, it adds to the breakdown of families and increases welfare roles.
With these types of policies, taxes have to be increased, people have less to spend, production and jobs suffer.
Now this is directly attributed to the feminazi of our time, they no longer are satisfied with women, but now have their eye on our teens, specifically teen girls for their own benefit.
If you look at shelters, and their message on teen dating, it is always boys who are at fault, boys are bad, men are bad, dad is bad, brothers are bad, so on so on..
Here you can see my perfect example of boys are bad, the director of a local shelter goes to her favorite target, local schools, and the message is???? Boys are bad. Fortunately you can see in the video, 3/4 of the teens are not listening to her, so that is a good thing, but those who are.......

Now I have researched her story on July and Anthony, stabbed 36 times, and found no references to it, not saying its not true, but if something like this ever happened, you would see it on sites that like this...or somewhere???? So, is her aim to scare? to make out that boys are bad and you should always be wary of them? I have my own opinion, but you be the judge.
I have also realized that sites such as this run by feminists have a tendency to exaggerate, or invent, even though we all feel bad, and angry at the lost of life or abuse, truth is always better, because if you exaggerate statistics, eventually people no longer believe anything that is said.

This is a carefully entrenched message that carries a teen girl into her life, and if she listens and believes, it will continue well into her future, having that message implanted into her sub-conscious.

But what this does is now producing more violence amongst this generation, if you implant such messages then you will have a reaction, and they know this very well. As the violence escalates, these teen will need the help from???? yes... shelters, welfare, housing, c.a.s., teen help organisations, and they will need more...funding from governments and taxpayers and decrease the roles of the parent as the source to go to for advice.
 So, the legacy of the feminazi movement is not to make this an equal society, it is to promote themselves, increase their worth in the main stream, and get more money, so they can continue. And in the meantime, instead of looking at our daughters, with pig tails and well dressed, or the rebelliouss teen who still say, " my mom and dad don't understand me, but I love them anyway", we have this....
Are Women Becoming More Violent?

Are U.S. girls becoming more violent.
The answer isn't clear-cut, although national arrest statistics for simple and aggravated assaults by girls have been on the rise for more than a decade
Some analysts trace the surge in the number of girls arrested to increased pressures—from the breakdowns of family, church, community, and school—that have increased their propensity for violence. Other analysts reason that girls are more likely to act out or lash out due to changing gender-role expectations: Greater female freedom and assertiveness have masculinized female behavior and are expressed in an imitation of male machismo competitiveness.
Why girls are getting more violent.
"In movies, we're seeing very aggressive and sexy young women take on the world with knives and guns and bombs and karate and fists," "so a girl gets the message you can be violent and a good guy."

There is a lot more statistics but you get the general idea.

The aim of these feminist controlled organisations is, the poorer the better....They know they can divide families who are poor because there is the adage of financial hardships.

Here is my opinion, in the old days, and no, not the good old days according to feminazi propaganda, we had a balance, the father, the brother, defended the honor of his daughter or sister, the boyfriend protected the girls, and if the boy would disrespect, he would have to face dad or bro'.
The majority of teen relationships had "balance" between the girls and the boy, most where good healthy relationships, watched over by families.
Instead of dealing on this issue, feminazis, turned the few that were bad into an imaginary majority, all boys are bad, teen dating gone wrong is the boys fault. This message promoted violence instead of pointing out the benefit of mutual respect on a date.

Now, we have girls that are as violent on each other as boys were, it will take many generation to undue the damages the feminazy has done, we have to start all over again because of them. We have to explain to the teens, boys and girls, the way our parents use to, that there is always another way to do things, that the only reason, their message is out there is to destroy the family and it's importance, to make them dependent and use them for their own misgivings in their own lives, increase their self worth and finance their organisations, through false statistics and manipulations of teen behavior.
And that in my opinion is...the feminazi legacy. It does not promote women's rights, it destroys them.

These are our families and should never be used for twisted ideals.

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