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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Father and child reunion by W. Farrell..A look at the importance of Dad in a child's life.


Based on thirteen years of research, "FATHER AND CHILD REUNION: How To Bring The Dads We Need To The Children We Love" will force a re-examination of the circumstances in which a dad or a mom is best for children. For starters, some findings on children with single parents ….

• Children do better with single fathers than with single mothers. Both boys and girls are healthier and do better psychologically and academically, as well as socially.
• Even characteristics such as empathy are exhibited more by children brought up by single fathers.
• Single fathers experience less stress juggling children and work than do single mothers.

What family structures are most likely to be in the child's best interests? Dr. Farrell's findings suggest the following ranking:

(1) the intact family;
(2) shared parent-time (joint physical custody);
(3) primary father time;
(4) primary mother time.

While the intact family is the winner, Father and Child Reunion makes it clear why, if divorce cannot be prevented, children being primarily with their dads gives children more of both parents than when they are primarily with their mothers; reduces a mother's economic dependency on a man, and reduces men's ten times greater suicide rate after divorce.

Does Dr. Farrell conclude, then, that men are better at fathering than women are at mothering? No. But he does conclude that we have been waging a "War Against Fathers" – and mothers and children are among the losers.

Father and Child Reunion answers questions relevant to every family

"I come away from this book inspired to be a more involved dad, with deeper understanding . . . helpful to my children." -- v Jack Canfield. Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul

"It will inspire and persuade dads to become more involved with their children -- benefit to kids, to moms as well." -- John Gray. Author, Men are From Mars; Women Are From Venus

"Of Farrell's books, Father and Child Reunion is his best. . . Its insights are a gift to men and women." -- Kyle D. Pruett, M.D. Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

The author is a man well-known for his evenhandedness with both sexes. --Susan Deitz, Los Angeles Times Syndicate

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