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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Domestic violence industry DVI The Inside Story

If your a man, a husband, a father, you have no feelings and even if you do, they do not matter in the grand scheme of things. This is what upset me so much, what really opened my eyes to what was going on with feminists, and to me they are nothing but hateful hags, hence the expression Hag I keep on referring to. To me this is nothing more than hypocrisy on their parts, and to be realistic, their senseless attacks does not stop there, women are also their target especially if it is a stay at home mom and when you look at the circle, nothing they do or say, makes any frigging sense. Their freedom, democracy, freedom of expression depends on the good will of men, without man there is no freedom, no hateful rhetoric on their part. All of our freedoms, in this world, which seems to be taking a step backward lately, the safety of our loved ones, totally depends on men. Yet courts, governments, politicians, bow to the ridiculous, their existence depend on men, their power, their positions, their safety. I do not want to be treated any different than anyone else, I want my daughters to be safe and productive, I want the women in my circle to be free, and if need be, if our country is threatened, if our families is in danger we will go out and defend their freedom with our lives, it is the way of things. But if this continue, the senseless dehumanization of our place in the circle, why defend a system which treat us like dogs.

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