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Monday, February 11, 2013

Does evil exist in our lives, in our politics, in our way of thinking? And is it making a comeback.

If we continue to let the radical feminists target our kids, divide our families, pit women against men, use our kids for funding and power, if we continue on looking the other way, while schools teach our kids parents are always wrong, more and more people will get enraged, and someone will come out and offer to fix it all. The only thing needed is the right situation at the right time, and history will repeat itself. And the best ally of such a person would be the belief that this could never happen to us.

Does evil exist, is it a true entity we have to worry about, is it running freely in our society? These are difficult question for me, because I always believed in the good in people, until now...
How the hell, can I still believe that there is always good in people when I see children been used by specific organisations, to de-moralize a nation, its families, its parents, even its children.

As adults, most can handle anything that is thrown at us, we know what is right or wrong, (some still do), but when those who are in a position of power, re-organize society according to what they know is wrong, that is when we must ask if evil has a foothold in our way of life.
Teens are at a period of their lives, where confusion reign supreme, and social programs, self appointed know it alls know this, that is why, today’s teen are the target of many organisations to change what evolution created, the society we have now, it might not be perfect, but it is a lot better than what they are trying to do.

Though we had teenage rebellions in the past, it was not as prevalent as it is today, teen pregnancy was handle by the family, paid for by the family, now, "have more kids and get a bigger welfare check". When they went wild, cops would say, “if you treat your parents this way again, I will throw you in jail”, now the parent is blamed, and when the teen realise he or she has this power, we lose them.

Any violent action against women and children was taken care of by the men of the family, the relations of the person committing such actions was held responsible, therefore it was handled by said family in fear of repercussion. Now, pedophiles are given rights, 3 meals a day, protected by the state and if you dare to go after them for raping and killing your child, you’re in jail for life, so today, we have more of these crimes. Because the bleeding hearts, sees them as “people with rights”???

There has never been a case of pedophilia in the animal kingdom…

We have always been told the Nazis were evil, ok, I am not going to debate this issue...But keep this in mind, the Nazis were vilified for eugenics, or the sterilizations of undesirables, but wait a minute….

“The province of Alberta was the first part of the British Empire to adopt a sterilization act, and were the only ones who vigorously implemented it. The western provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, were close to the United States and highly influenced by American trends - during early debates regarding a sexual sterilization bill in Alberta, there were many references made to the U.S. legislation. Canada was rapidly becoming populated by immigrants, and the theme of Eugenics was emerging - supported by sponsors such as J.S. Woodsworth, Emily Murphy, Helen MacMurchy, Louise McKinney, Irene Palby, Nellie McClung, and the president of the University of Alberta, Robert Charles Wallace. In Alberta, Eugenics had seemingly positive intentions with the goal of bettering the gene pool.
The aim was to fight “crime, prostitution, and unemployment” which it claimed was strongly tied to feeble mindedness.”
In 1972, the Sexual Sterilization Act was repealed, and the Eugenics Board dismantled. During the 43 years of the Eugenics Board, it approved nearly 5,000 individual sterilizations, and 2,832 procedures were actually performed.

Repealed in 1972???? Didn’t we have a trial in a place called Nuremberg that found these Nazis guilty of crimes against humanity because of their eugenic program …IN 1948?

Let’s continue on the question, “does evil exist in our society?

I remember a supreme court case years ago, were child pornography was debated as art….Some low life was caught with pictures and called it art, from what I remember the supreme court agreed….

But let’s move to today…

Viewing child pornography online not a crime new york ruling
I could put a shit load (pardon my french) of links exposing how "evil" seem to be slowly creeping up on our lives, but you get the general idea.

One more thing that disturbs me, our women cannot walk alone on our streets at night, and the old hag a.k.a. today's feminist will always blame men, in the old days they were able too, but not today, why?
Because in the old days, men would attack, mangle, beat, rip, de-ball, anyone who would perform such an act. Today, if this is done, men who "protect" a woman's honor and safety is put in jail, sometimes for life. Hence, putting in jeopardy the safety of "our" women...And offering "evil" a chance to perform such acts. Get rid or the honor of men, their sense of protecting the weak and hand it over to the few (cops) who will never have enough manpower to prevent such acts and you open the road to evil.

When the rapist and the pedophile has more rights than the men of honor, isn't this an evil act? Or a support of an evil policy?

What about when a woman, wants to be a mother, a stay at home mother, and wife, she is demonized as a traitor by the old hag's (aka feminists) primary policy, to be like men.
Why in the hell would a woman want to be a man? A woman is a piece of art, created with beauty and softness to give the world...balance. (crazy feminists)

Why would they do such a thing, doesn't our society depend on the mothers of this world to teach the fine art of womanhood to girls and isn't the mother the first to teach a boy, how to treat a girl??? While the father is at work????

So, does evil exist, is it an entity now walking freely in our lives and we are so used to it, we simply do not see it anymore?
I never used to thing this way, until they did it to me and my kids. When I fought back I found the twisted venomous local feminists believed they had such power, that no one was "allowed" to contradict or dispute their power. And if we parents did, we were threatened and treated like criminals by some. Figure that one out, because i can't.
When the majority hands power to the few, with no stings attached, we invite corruption and immoral behavior  This was always prevented with a strong tradition family supported by the state.

Now the state co-operates with the few, the corrupt.
That is a recipe for disaster.

The feminist and gay lobby are not the main problem, they are just the tool to immorality, greed, corruption, the danger is when thing will go the wrong way, who will be there waiting in the wings....with an offer to fix it all, just like 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany, 1949 China.
We can't exactly say things are good right now, teen pregnancy, lack of education, drug abuse, crime, greed, welfare as a way of life, national bankruptcies, and especially the alienation and dehumanization of parents and the traditional family (the very backbone of a nation,) by some schools.
And thing are not getting any better, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, France, just to name a few, all bankrupt and will bring us down with them, it is inevitable.

In closing, Germany in the late 1920's and early 30's, was as decadent as it is today in our lives, same thing, also the same economic disaster we are experiencing.
When evil, Nazism, offered to "fix" all this, offered a restoration to normality, the destruction of gays, undesirables, the feeble minded, unions, and let's not forget the Jews, so on and so on, people overlooked these policies even if they did not agree with them, for jobs, financial security, and the return to normalcy...

We see the same policies implemented in our lives and especially to our kids in schools, we can see the same path, it is destroying our economies, our families and our way of life...

Some of these policies, as in giving pedophile "rights" for instance, teaching sex to grade 1, teen pregnancies, drug abuse, crime, is what we would call decadence, experienced by Germany in the 20's, and one little Austrian, with all the answers was at the right place at the right time.

But wait, we are to evolved for this to happen to us, we would never let this happen....right?

Think about this, Herr Hitler, "never" had a majority of votes and supporters when he took power, nor did comrade Lenin, Stalin and Mao...

It only takes one person to be at the right place at the right time, and that is how evil works, it waits for an....opportunity.
So,does evil exist, is it an entity, a thinking essence of existence, I still do not know, but I do know this, it can only exist through the action of people. Or inaction...

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