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Monday, February 25, 2013

And the train goes on in Lanark county..."Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment"...anti male propaganda.

I wonder if the mayor of Perth,  the counselors, the mpp and the mp of lanark county, got their positions through rape and sexual harassment? Or do the female politicians believe the men in their lives achieve power this way too??? I think not. But that is exactly what this hate filled message says.
In Perth Ontario  they are trying to "erect" a monument to female victims, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be used to promote hatred towards men. Talking about personal experiences, what they did and continue to do, to make me out to be the bad guy, when they do not even know me, assures me that there is a deep policy of hatred against men. To them, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers, of women, are nothing but abusers and rapists. Though they changed their web site with  "Men get their power through rape and sexual harassment", which they took it off the main page but is still there under the 10 step link, the message is still there that all men are bad, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing other than bullshit, look at the dates of the statistics they quote, 1990, 1993, 1992, that's back over 20 years and there is no link to their claims.and if there is to be a monument, they will bring their message of hate every year to this monument. We live in 2013, not the 1990's.
They mention patriarchy 5 times, maybe they see the patriarchy system with their cats at home, but to human beings patriarchy means this...

What is totally ridiculous about this site is they promote some of their statistics with quotes which go back 23 years. That is a going back a whole generation, not to mention their quotes are totally wrong and on the edge of an imaginary past. I could dissect and prove all they are saying is bunk and exaggerated  but i found so much that it would take to long, for example...

Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment
Sexual violence is a gendered crime. (Oh really)
-Statistics - Female Sex Offenders - Female Sexual Predators
75% of sexual predators are male and 25% are female.
86% of the victims of female sexual predators aren't believed, so the crimes go unreported and don't get prosecuted.
Considering these facts,  arrest statistics for child sexual offenders by gender are meaningless

-Women’s inequality is clear in many areas of their lives including in high rates of poverty, lack of employment, pay equity.
Actually there is more men on the streets with no home, more male unemployment, and pay inequity is illegal in this country.(No need for links on this one since it is a known fact).So this in not women's inequality but lack of funding for the poor, men and women, but mostly men.

-Although we recognize that men can be victims of sexual violence and in certain cases women can perpetrate sexual violence, there is a clear gender difference when it comes to who is most likely to rape and who is most likely to be raped.  85% of victims of sexual violence are girls and women, and 98% of sex offenders are men.
Considering this site and this one, and going back to the statement above...
In six studies reviewed by Russell and Finkelhor, female perpetrators accounted for 25% or more of abusers
we can safely say their statistics are... exaggerated. They say 95% of sex offenders are men, but taking into account the above that men and boys who do not report it, this number greatly reduces.

Further down the line they say ..
-A male boss who sexually harasses his female employee, including domestic worker or nanny, and whose behavior goes unchallenged successfully poisons her work environment.
This upholds male power because sexual harassment is one way of “keeping women down” or to use the language of some abusers “putting her in her place”. (again with the "only males do this", well I beg to differ)
A while back I was working at a local bar as a doorman, the manager, a female, wanted me to come with her at her home after work, a good looking woman, though about it, but said no, I was a single dad at the time and my priority was my daughter, got a call the next day, she said I was put on leave for 2 weeks because she said she did not like my attitude. I remember my response, "stick you job up your "bleep", it is not that important to me".
I still laugh about it to this day, it did not make it into the statistics of Lanark county that's for sure, neither does most of situation such as this. I never considered it sexual harassment, even though that's what it was.

There are many sites that are now coming online exposing the honest truth about the realities of this abhorrent behavior among feminist hags and their manginas. Notice with them it is always about women, but a lot of female sex offender go after children, and many women co-abuse alongside male counterpart in 50% - 77% of female offender cases.The Karla Homolka case is a prime example.

I could go on and on dissecting their bullshit on this site, but these people, aka feminist, will use and exaggerate all statistics, leave half the population out of their talking points, which makes everything they say unbelievable. And when you do not tell the whole story, people are not that stupid, you are not taken seriously and those who suffer is not these over payed hags, but the real victims.
 I also read where they say men should be kept out of the shelter industry, of course men should be kept out, we have a better look at reality than some old man hating  hag who only has cats to go home to, putting men in the shelter system would show that not all men are created equal, most of us protect and would provide a sense of security to these women by showing that what happened to them was the act of "one" individual and return their strength,  but if that would happen then the funding of this corrupt organization would be reduced due to the decrease of returning victims.

Nothing they say, to me anyway, is honest, they lie and cheat to achieve their goals, they use victims to promote their hatred, scare them to keep them around for financial purposes, and explain their inflated salaries, anyone can go to a shelter and claim abuse without investigating if it is true, because their excuses, it would put the person in danger, which is bullshit nowadays, and the ones that suffer is the real victim and the children who are shipped into a small room and kept there as if in jail, forcing these victims in most cases to return to an abusive home. If there was an investigation into dubious statements, then the waste of funds could go to the real victims, but by not looking into some of the ridiculous stories that comes out of these places, they can falsely increase their statistics, demand more funding and make themselves out to  be more important than they really are.
They, and I mean the carleton place shelter and its staff, including erin lee todd, put, unnecessarily my daughter on welfare and on their statistics because of teen rebellion, and she admitted to me she was "coached". That is why I do not believe anything they say, if they did it to me, they do it to others at the expense of families and the taxpayer. After sending them all info on what was going on, asking for help, explaining she was 6 months away from college, that they would ruin her promising future, they and I mean erin lee todd, sent her girlfriends from the local opp to my door, why??? I never threatened anyone, I was polite......
Erin Lee
And this is a woman who has 2 other native women staff and they put my native daughter on welfare, don't ask why so many are on welfare or disappear..They are used and thrown out there unprepared. As a parent I was and still am...pissed. I will NEVER forgive them. Now you know why this site exists.
Children suffer at the hands of this corrupt organization, fathers are demonize for no reason other than been fathers.

Everything they say or promote is a lie, they thrive on b.s., they depend on it for their statistics, funding and salaries, their self importance and to hide their inferiority complex.
There is no salary inequality in this country, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW, bosses of companies are not abusing their employees, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW, and they risk a massive law suit, 99% of men do not abuse the women in their lives, and neither do 99% of women.
And men do not achieve power through rape and sexual harassment, because we have wives and daughters...
When we hide the truth, the innocent suffer....

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