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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The so called privilege Patriarchy

Show me the privilege Patriarchy??????
What they fought for is an equal society, not class division, or gender wars, not political grouping, nor demonizing men for personal power. It started with the industrial age, taking children out of coal mines and manufacturing industries and putting them is schools. And this was a good thing. It gave us a better and more educated society.
Then it was women, our sisters, mothers, wives, daughters, the same people who use to put children in mines prevented women from getting the vote, so on... So together we fought this inequality, women eventually were recognized as an equal part, important to our society, and this was a good thing...It gave us a better and more compassionate society...
We did this together, men and women...One could not have done it without the other, So....
The children we took out of the mines and put in schools, do not go around saying men are all abusers and rapists, and that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment"
Why are we letting old hags who have nothing but their cats to go home to, say it......

All the social programs in Lanark county have a hand in this site, all of them are controlled by feminists, especially this shelter, now these people want a monument, which will be used to demonized men, who fought with their women to take kids out of coal mines and established that their daughters had the right to be who they wish to be...
The feminists did not do this, men and women did....

Again...no one can accuse me of been anti woman, I have daughters and grand daughters, son and grand sons and I want them to be who and what they want to be, just like all fathers and mothers, and I use to negotiate labour contracts in the 80"s for equal pay for equal work, so I am not a radical left winger, if anything I am politically independent.
I and so many others, past and present did not fight for a just society just to have hateful old hags say that just because I am man, I am bad, or that simply because a woman choose to be a stay at home mom, is a slave to her husband....
They are a stick in the wheel to progress, to equality, to families, they are an evil that needs to be eradicated, any attack on a segment of our society the way it is done above is...illegal. Yet they are allowed to do it because they are old hags, with an inferiority complex, who have no one but their hate to keep them warm at night, and we should have pity on them???
If we let them continue we will have more generational welfare, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, crime, dependency, an uneducated generation, it is time to say...enough.
This is not what I and the past generation fought for......
And again, the irony of it all, if it was not for men, who fought and gave their lives for freedom and family, they would either be calling each other comrade, or saying zeig heil to each other, and they certainly would not have the right to say "men hold their power through rape and sexual harassment".

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stay at home dads provide model for masculine parenting

Dad swinging toddlerAt-home dads aren’t trying to be perfect moms, says a recent study in the Journal of Consumer Research. Instead, they take pride in letting their children take more risks on the playground, compared with their spouses. They tend to jettison daily routines in favor of spontaneous adventures with the kids. And many use technology or DIY skills to squeeze household budgets, or find shortcuts through projects and chores, says the study, based on interviews, observation of father-child outings and an analysis of thousands of pages of at-home dads’ blogs and online commentary.

“Just as we saw a feminization of the workplace in the past few decades, with more emphasis on such skills as empathy and listening, we are seeing the opposite at home—a masculinization of domestic tasks and routines,” says Gokcen Coskuner-Balli, an assistant professor of marketing at Chapman University in Orange, Calif., and lead author of the study. “Many men are building this alternative model of home life that is outdoorsy, playful and more technology-oriented.”

Source Shared parenting works.
In my opinion and experiences, fathers are just as good, and in some cases better at raising children, we are more apt to provide the skills to be self sufficient in a child's future. But to be honest I still believe that a combination of mom and dad is the ultimate in a child's happiness and chances at a productive non dependent life.

Monday, February 25, 2013

And the train goes on in Lanark county..."Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment"...anti male propaganda.

I wonder if the mayor of Perth,  the counselors, the mpp and the mp of lanark county, got their positions through rape and sexual harassment? Or do the female politicians believe the men in their lives achieve power this way too??? I think not. But that is exactly what this hate filled message says.
In Perth Ontario  they are trying to "erect" a monument to female victims, I have no doubt in my mind that it will be used to promote hatred towards men. Talking about personal experiences, what they did and continue to do, to make me out to be the bad guy, when they do not even know me, assures me that there is a deep policy of hatred against men. To them, fathers, husbands, boyfriends, sons, brothers, of women, are nothing but abusers and rapists. Though they changed their web site with  "Men get their power through rape and sexual harassment", which they took it off the main page but is still there under the 10 step link, the message is still there that all men are bad, which in the grand scheme of things is nothing other than bullshit, look at the dates of the statistics they quote, 1990, 1993, 1992, that's back over 20 years and there is no link to their claims.and if there is to be a monument, they will bring their message of hate every year to this monument. We live in 2013, not the 1990's.
They mention patriarchy 5 times, maybe they see the patriarchy system with their cats at home, but to human beings patriarchy means this...

What is totally ridiculous about this site is they promote some of their statistics with quotes which go back 23 years. That is a going back a whole generation, not to mention their quotes are totally wrong and on the edge of an imaginary past. I could dissect and prove all they are saying is bunk and exaggerated  but i found so much that it would take to long, for example...

Recognize that male power is upheld by rape and sexual harassment
Sexual violence is a gendered crime. (Oh really)
-Statistics - Female Sex Offenders - Female Sexual Predators
75% of sexual predators are male and 25% are female.
86% of the victims of female sexual predators aren't believed, so the crimes go unreported and don't get prosecuted.
Considering these facts,  arrest statistics for child sexual offenders by gender are meaningless

-Women’s inequality is clear in many areas of their lives including in high rates of poverty, lack of employment, pay equity.
Actually there is more men on the streets with no home, more male unemployment, and pay inequity is illegal in this country.(No need for links on this one since it is a known fact).So this in not women's inequality but lack of funding for the poor, men and women, but mostly men.

-Although we recognize that men can be victims of sexual violence and in certain cases women can perpetrate sexual violence, there is a clear gender difference when it comes to who is most likely to rape and who is most likely to be raped.  85% of victims of sexual violence are girls and women, and 98% of sex offenders are men.
Considering this site and this one, and going back to the statement above...
In six studies reviewed by Russell and Finkelhor, female perpetrators accounted for 25% or more of abusers
we can safely say their statistics are... exaggerated. They say 95% of sex offenders are men, but taking into account the above that men and boys who do not report it, this number greatly reduces.

Further down the line they say ..
-A male boss who sexually harasses his female employee, including domestic worker or nanny, and whose behavior goes unchallenged successfully poisons her work environment.
This upholds male power because sexual harassment is one way of “keeping women down” or to use the language of some abusers “putting her in her place”. (again with the "only males do this", well I beg to differ)
A while back I was working at a local bar as a doorman, the manager, a female, wanted me to come with her at her home after work, a good looking woman, though about it, but said no, I was a single dad at the time and my priority was my daughter, got a call the next day, she said I was put on leave for 2 weeks because she said she did not like my attitude. I remember my response, "stick you job up your "bleep", it is not that important to me".
I still laugh about it to this day, it did not make it into the statistics of Lanark county that's for sure, neither does most of situation such as this. I never considered it sexual harassment, even though that's what it was.

There are many sites that are now coming online exposing the honest truth about the realities of this abhorrent behavior among feminist hags and their manginas. Notice with them it is always about women, but a lot of female sex offender go after children, and many women co-abuse alongside male counterpart in 50% - 77% of female offender cases.The Karla Homolka case is a prime example.

I could go on and on dissecting their bullshit on this site, but these people, aka feminist, will use and exaggerate all statistics, leave half the population out of their talking points, which makes everything they say unbelievable. And when you do not tell the whole story, people are not that stupid, you are not taken seriously and those who suffer is not these over payed hags, but the real victims.
 I also read where they say men should be kept out of the shelter industry, of course men should be kept out, we have a better look at reality than some old man hating  hag who only has cats to go home to, putting men in the shelter system would show that not all men are created equal, most of us protect and would provide a sense of security to these women by showing that what happened to them was the act of "one" individual and return their strength,  but if that would happen then the funding of this corrupt organization would be reduced due to the decrease of returning victims.

Nothing they say, to me anyway, is honest, they lie and cheat to achieve their goals, they use victims to promote their hatred, scare them to keep them around for financial purposes, and explain their inflated salaries, anyone can go to a shelter and claim abuse without investigating if it is true, because their excuses, it would put the person in danger, which is bullshit nowadays, and the ones that suffer is the real victim and the children who are shipped into a small room and kept there as if in jail, forcing these victims in most cases to return to an abusive home. If there was an investigation into dubious statements, then the waste of funds could go to the real victims, but by not looking into some of the ridiculous stories that comes out of these places, they can falsely increase their statistics, demand more funding and make themselves out to  be more important than they really are.
They, and I mean the carleton place shelter and its staff, including erin lee todd, put, unnecessarily my daughter on welfare and on their statistics because of teen rebellion, and she admitted to me she was "coached". That is why I do not believe anything they say, if they did it to me, they do it to others at the expense of families and the taxpayer. After sending them all info on what was going on, asking for help, explaining she was 6 months away from college, that they would ruin her promising future, they and I mean erin lee todd, sent her girlfriends from the local opp to my door, why??? I never threatened anyone, I was polite......
Erin Lee
And this is a woman who has 2 other native women staff and they put my native daughter on welfare, don't ask why so many are on welfare or disappear..They are used and thrown out there unprepared. As a parent I was and still am...pissed. I will NEVER forgive them. Now you know why this site exists.
Children suffer at the hands of this corrupt organization, fathers are demonize for no reason other than been fathers.

Everything they say or promote is a lie, they thrive on b.s., they depend on it for their statistics, funding and salaries, their self importance and to hide their inferiority complex.
There is no salary inequality in this country, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW, bosses of companies are not abusing their employees, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW, and they risk a massive law suit, 99% of men do not abuse the women in their lives, and neither do 99% of women.
And men do not achieve power through rape and sexual harassment, because we have wives and daughters...
When we hide the truth, the innocent suffer....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Patriarchal wisdom

The word Patriarch is a time honored word, as is the word Matriarch, do not let old hateful hags aka feminists take that away, twisting what it really means into what they want it to represent.
Children depend on their Elders.
You have lived a long time, acquired life experiences to be passed down to the next generation, it is important that a Patriarch and Matriarch's wisdom be respected.
It give a chance to our children to be able to handle what is to come in their lives.

Feminists gone wild. Celtic cross to "phallic".

Irish monument too ‘phallic’ to share park with Montreal Massacre memorial, opponents say

Monument too "phallic" Definition of phallic, if you don't know what it means look it up, you will giggle at the stupidity. It is taken from the word phallus, definition of phallus, now from what I read about phallus it also means the genitals of women. But wait, they are against an Irish cross because it is to phallic, but have seats commemoration the victims of Montreal with vulva on them????
I am confused....
Vulva this
Vulva that
Vulva everywhere
Get out the popcorn because this is gonna be something to watch. The feminists, who's head speakers are nothing other than old hags who have no one but their cats to go home to, have made all this into nothing other than a comical situation. And that is what is so sad about all this....

A Celtic cross, is to "phallic", to be beside monuments what looks like sarcophagus with a vulva in the middle?
To demean the victims of Montreal, by turning this tragedy into battle of genital parts is simply disgusting. To reduce the victims of Montreal to their sexual organs...well.
If we were to ask the victims, if they agree with this monument what would they say? This is not a monument respecting them as much as it is a monument promoting twisted feminist hatred towards men, and the same thing will happen here in Perth Ontario
They promoted a monument a few weeks ago with a person who threatened to drop her grandson over a bridge with a 25 to 30 foot drop because he was crying, according to this person, that is the way to teach a child a lesson about crying and been too agitated. (full story coming soon.)
But according to the local feministas, a woman monument takes precedence over the rights of children's safety, and their will use anything and anyone to achieve it.
So, the Washington monument, the Eiffel tower, the CN tower, and here in Perth Ontario, city hall has a clock tower, and those all have to go, because they are to "phallic"???
Like I said, get out the popcorn, this should be interesting....

Kevin Jackson on John Gibson, a good analysis of the obama presidency.

What creeps me out is what chis rock said, he doesn't understand democracy, the bosses are not those in power, it is those who votes, or the people. To say obama is the daddy of the country is just weird, but then coming from chris rock i am not surprised, it is people like him that is destroying democracy, if more people like him behave this way, freedom is in danger.
Not to mention what jaimie fox said, "lord and savior". Unfortunately there are many sheeples who listen to Hollywood. Lord and savior is what the roman use to believe their emperors represented, and that is the belief that brought the empire down. Rome thrived under the republic, but went down under imperial rule.
When those in power can do anything without been answerable, it always end up in corruption and brings on the distrust of the people, culminating in the population been dependent on the state and production of said country or empire at a stand still.
We have seen what the welfare state has done to most western countries, it produced a "gimme" generation instead of a productive society.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's thoughts...Personal Independence and strenght

 You were born with a heart and spirit, independent and strong, created by the Great Spirit to serve the people, not those who tell you who you should be, he gave you thought, talent, imagination, passion and emotion, and he gave you everything you need to fulfill your own purpose in this world. You have to take the time to ask what that purpose is, don’t spend your life trying to be what others want you to be, or your own idea of what you should be to other’s eyes, you want to know why you’re here, the Great Spirit gave you all you need to be who you were meant to be, no one else can be that, only you, the trick is, to have faith in why you are here and the reason you exist.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"All life is a circle."

The atom is a circle, orbits are circles, the earth, moon, and sun are circles. The seasons are circles. The cycle of life is a circle: life, baby, youth, adult, elder, death. The sun gives life to the earth who feeds life to the trees whose seeds fall to the earth to grow new trees. We need to practice seeing the cycles that the Great Spirit gave us because this will help us more in our understanding of how things operate. We need to respect these cycles and live in harmony with them. –
Rolling Thunder, CHEROKEE

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Strong historical women vs feminist lies.

A good point of view on women vs hags.
It is sad that all the women in history are not looked upon as strong role models and contributors to the shaping of society. Instead, you will never see a hag talk about women such as Elizabeth the first, Isabella, Boadicea, Joan of arc, so on...
Instead, they rather turn women into permanent victims...
Well, women of today are turned into victims, not by men, but by those self hating hags with an inferiority complex, who go home to their cats at night, because that is all they have left.


How to resist brainwashing.

To resist the influence of others, knowledge of oneself is most important.
Do not be overcome by evil,  overcome evil with the powers inside you.

Discrimination of Boys in Canada

Welcome to Canada, were it's freedom are protected by men, were they are vilified for been men.
The feminist agenda is not going to last, we can see it's demise through ridiculous comment made by them, even the younger generation are walking away from them.
Question is, how much damages are they going to do before they are eradicated.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The first law of man...

We dictate our own fate.
We answer to no one but ourselves...
Honor is the only thing a man can give himself,
And the only thing he can loose by his own action...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Local shelter want a statue for women, what about the kids? Also using personal attacks on me to do it.

The problem I have with this statue is that it is promoted by a corrupt shelter, and it's staff. Their policies of putting teenage girls on welfare against parental consent, women who claim abuse just to get on the emergency list for housing or to get custody against father, lately using someone with a dubious character towards children, avoiding the facts that more children are abused and killed than women are, where the hell is their statue. Is there any statue in Canada honoring children who have been killed or abused by women? How would they like that one...what about statues honoring only the men who have been killed or abused by their wives and gf?
I almost died at the hands of a woman, you can still see my ribs protruding out of my left side, it never totally healed. (I never complained or asked for money to the victim's compensation of Ontario, but that story is for another time)
I am for a statue in Stewart park in Perth Ontario, but a statue honoring the good a united family can do for a nation, I want to see the positive for once.
And anyway, let's not forget, any statue promoted by this shelter would be used to demonize men. Husbands, sons and brothers. That is exactly what they did last year at the park, this is what they will  do every years if they get their wishes.
They should promote truth, not B.S.
65% of Women Reported That They Regularly Hit Their Husbands.
This blog is fair, unlike local feminist propaganda...
Only in the Domestic Violence area did the number of women killed (109) exceed the number of men killed (77). However the feminists ignore the high rate of women killing men in domestic violence cases and act as if only women are the victims. Clearly they are the perpetrators in family killings at a rate not far behind men..
Another side of domestic violence 
“The spotlight has been on female victims primarily,” Fontes says. “We need to turn on the stage lights to see who else is onstage. And I think we’d be very surprised to see what we find.”

FAMILY VIOLENCE A report from: Family Resources; Research
Women commit most child abuse in intact biological families. When the man is removed from the family the children are at greater risk. * Mother-only households are more dangerous to children than father- only households. * Children are 3 times more likely to be fatally abused in Mother-only Households than in Father-only Households, and many times more likely in households where the mother cohabits with a man other than the biological father. * Children raised in Single-mother Households are 8 times more likely to become killers than children raised with their biological father. 

Other studies reveal more about female violence against children: * Women hit their male children more frequently and more severely than they hit their female children. * Women commit 55% of child murders and 64% of their victims are male children. * Eighty two percent of the general population had their first experience of violence at the hands of women, usually their mother. 

Our culture learns to be violent from our mothers, not our fathers. Yet, 3.1 million reports of child abuse are filed against men each year, most of which are false accusations used as leverage in a divorce or custody case

But don't take it from me, read what a former feminist has to say.(glad to see some are starting to wake up)
 In Defense of Abused Men ,
Women must speak up in support of men 

Where is the statue for abused children in Perth On.??? Or don't they think it is important!
Pornography sentence awaits psych assessments
Published on February 13, 2013 by Kassina Ryder
Two experts in sexual behaviour will file reports before sentencing of a 32-year-old Perth woman on child pornography charges.
Bridget Theobald pleaded guilty last July to possessing child pornography and making available child pornography. The charges stemmed from a Sept.,2011, investigation.
Documents on the case have been sent for review to psychiatrist Dr. Paul Federoff, director of the Sexual Behaviors Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre and Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Ottawa. His assessment is likely to take four to six weeks and isn’t expected until June.
Psychologist Dr. Anthony Eccles will also provide an assessment.
Theobald’s sentence hearing could then take place in June or July. March 4 is set for the next hearing on the case. Theobald has not yet entered a plea on a third charge of accessing child pornography.  

Or the statue for men who dies at the hands of women for that matter???
Wife charged with Husbands murder in Lanark county
A 47-year-old woman has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of her husband Monday, police said Tuesday. Lanark County Ontario Provincial Police were called to a home on Montgomery Road in Drummond-North Elmsley Township just after 7 p.m. Monday. When they arrived, officers found 56-year-old Gerald Albert Madaire dead, with obvious signs of trauma.

What about a statue honoring all victims of violence for once, instead of feminist propaganda, that only women suffer???
If I was to support any kind of statue to those who have fallen because of violence, it would be for children. After all, as adults, we are put on this planet to protect, teach and provide a safe playground for them to grow into. I do not support a statue for one group only, forgetting others. Especially not if the local shelter is going to use it to demonize men.
In any of their calls for a statues commemorating women is there one mention of children who have fallen, 
Not in this one
or this one.
women are not the only recipient of violence and they should realize this.

And if anyone dares to oppose a statue in a family park like Stewart park, they will be chastised by local supporters.
This site says;
  ◦Between 2002-2007, there were 230 domestic violence deaths in Ontario (of which, 142 were women, 23 children, and 65 men – though the "majority of male deaths were suicides by the perpetrator.
Though their statistics are totally wrong, especially about children, take a look on the attacks on men...
Sooo! men who commit suicide are automatically perpetrators?????

They are trying hard to say the local shelter is not behind this call for a statue.
In the Perth Courier editorial on July 5 (Women's monument proposed for Stewart Park), it was noted Lanark County Interval House is the main fundraising proponent of the statue. In fact, the Survivor Engagement Group, an initiative of the Sexual Assault Domestic Violence Advisory Committee of Lanark County, is the main fundraiser for this project.
But on the site, we have this shelter on the page. so....I am sure this shelter is involved in promoting this statue if not the main characters behind it. I and others are against this statue in Perth ontario, for a statue honoring the family instead, a family park like stewart park should never be used to promote hatred towards a segment of our society, namely men.

Mayor of Perth Ontario
John Fenik, 613-267-3311 ext. 2239 jfenik@perth.ca
Town of Perth  ontario

Why am I so pissed, and against anything this shelter does, because their policies is against fathers, and their children, their gains is financial, political and....
They made it personal... which they should of never have done...'
They had a story last week in the Perth courrier, which I took as an attack against me personally...I am having a problem exposing what they did, because it would involve people who are dear to me.
But I am still thinking about it.
I agree that there is a place for shelters, but not under the system it is now.
I agree that some women and children need to be protected by men and women of strong morals,but not by self hating personalities with an inferior complex who use people who need help for personal, political and financial gains. 
I will never accept that men are the problem, we are the solution.
I will never accept that women are permanent victims of men.
I want an equal society, where my daughters and grand daughter can live free and safe, without believing they are permanent victims, I want my son and grandsons to live in a world of morals and self assurance that they are good men first.

As they try hard to make this personal, I have much more than words and hearsay.....
 Canadians can legally record their own conversations with other people, but not other peoples' conversations that they are not involved in.
 Other legislation in Canada protects various privacy rights, but does not prevent Canadians from recording their own conversations with others.
"In Ontario, Canada... it is only legal to tape a conversation when at least ONE of the people involved in the conversation is aware that it is being recorded." Namely you.

Be very careful, I am watching you....
And there is a scandal...

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Geneticist: Human Intelligence is Slowly Declining

Really? I did not need a geneticist to tell me that
Realizing the war I had declare on me for only trying to  protect my family, the people I had to deal with, I understood early into the argument that I was not dealing with Einsteins that's for sure.
It was obvious that the ones who were causing me problems had the intellect of dumb and dumber...

That is the mistake I made, trying to converse with them on an equal intellectual basis...
People in power doe not necessarily mean intelligence.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Name & Shame Social Workers site, what a great idea.

What is amazing about this site is, from what I can see it was posted last Thursday, and since then there is already 5000 comments...
If that does not open your eyes on how bad social programs are in the western world, using family and kids for financial purposes then I don't know what will.
I strongly believe in naming names, if the truth is told then there is nothing they can do and as the page explains there is plenty of ways, if your not sure, to do it anonymously.
Personally I have no reservation in naming names, everything I write is the truth and not exaggerated. I found people I did not know, who did not know me, and even some who did know me personally caused trouble like an old hag in the window spying on neighbors who has nothing to do but cause pain. In my experiences they seem to thrive on this, and what I found most disturbing, they seem to think they can do it without repercussions.
With the internet, they can no longer hide....
The page above is full of people, families how have suffered at the hands of social programs.
Though it mostly concentrate on child services, all social programs are inter-twined, tied to each other and responsible for the downfall of the traditional family.
No one is beyond their reach, for financial or political gains, no child is...safe.

RCMP under attack by feminist agenda.

The reason I have  problem believing the rcmp is a bastion of male supremacy and women degradation is it is been attacked by all sides by feminists.
Whether an editorial in the star, by yes, a feminist, Mounties close ranks against the first woman to speak out about sexual harassment, were the commisioner is grilled by a female dominated committee. Not for one minute will these "feminists" think that maybe the rcmp are telling the truth.

And if the chairman of the commission for public complaints against the rcmp does not say word for word what the feminist wants, then he is wrong too and the rcmp are all males bent on abusing fellow female officers.
Former Mountie Janet Merlo, lead plaintiff in the proposed class-action, said Thursday she believes the level of sexual harassment in the force is much greater than what’s reflected in the files reviewed by the watchdog.(yes all men are bad)
Many women have not filed complaints, she said, because they lack faith in the process for investigating complaints. (maybe janet, there is no complaint to be made?)
“You need someone who is unknown to both parties and who can see (the complaint) in an unbiased way,” she said. (what she means is an all feminist man hating group)
Merlo said she believes the force is paying only “lip service” to the problem. (with all the laws and precaution in place in Canada, there is no such thing as lip service)
“They can print policy until they’re blue in the face, but if the organization doesn't follow it and abide by it, it’s not worth the paper it’s written on,” she said. 
And there you have it, if it does not go a feminist way, then it must be that men are evil and want all women to be pregnant, in the kitchen doing the dishes…
I have a lot of respect for the rcmp, compared to most police force in the world, not perfect but better than what is out there. 
True there are bad ones, those whose power goes to their head, as in all police forces, but when I had problems with the locals, it is the rcmp who advised me on my rights as a citizen, male and female officers.
Where as the locals wanted to put me away, in retaliation for my blog, with a non existent warrant, it was the rcmp who said..wait a minute.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feminist, prostitution, patriarch and valentine's day.

Feminist views on prostitution...
On this site there is 8 reference to the word patriarch....
It is always patriarchy with them, patriarch this, patriarchy that, it's all men's fault, never mind that other women fully support the oldest profession in history.

Amsterdam’s Red Light District is now home to a bronze statue in honor of prostitutes around the world — the first and only such monument in the world.

Titled Belle, the monument depicts a full-breasted woman who, feet apart and standing in a doorway at the top of small set of steps, looks self-assuredly into the world.

What I take exception to is these hags using an honorable word like patriarchy and twisting it for their own ends.
Patriarchy does not mean what they say, I am the patriarch of my family, it simply means that I must be there for hugs to the grand-kids, reading to them, making them laugh and remember the good time they had with Grandpa, or as they call me Poppy and making sure they know the history of the family. This is what it really means. They are not allowed to take it, and make it their own, and it as a bad thing. If they don't like it, then they should crawl back into the hole they came out of.I say defend your right to be a Patriarch, the next generation depends on it and will be the better for it, while they learn from you.

Now if that is not enough, the hags, especially in forgotten organisations like ..NOW...trying to be relevant again, are trying to take valentines day and turn it into a day of....men abusing women...
A day where love between men and their women is express, one day a year were we celebrate
affection is not sacred to them....
They are trying to take valentines day, destroy it because they have no men and usurp it into a day memorizing violence.
They are dreaming if they think 1 billion will rise on valentines day....
As I told someone the other day, "violence is not performed on you by a group, it was done to you by one individual, if you live by that understanding, then you are not a victim for life, but the victim of one persons action".
But nothing is sacred to a feminist(hag), they do not understand what patriarchy really means, and valentines day, they do not understand that attacking without thinking is making people turn on them, so they now try to choose days like valentine day, were love is express and turn into something bad...
good luck with that.

Father and child reunion by W. Farrell..A look at the importance of Dad in a child's life.


Based on thirteen years of research, "FATHER AND CHILD REUNION: How To Bring The Dads We Need To The Children We Love" will force a re-examination of the circumstances in which a dad or a mom is best for children. For starters, some findings on children with single parents ….

• Children do better with single fathers than with single mothers. Both boys and girls are healthier and do better psychologically and academically, as well as socially.
• Even characteristics such as empathy are exhibited more by children brought up by single fathers.
• Single fathers experience less stress juggling children and work than do single mothers.

What family structures are most likely to be in the child's best interests? Dr. Farrell's findings suggest the following ranking:

(1) the intact family;
(2) shared parent-time (joint physical custody);
(3) primary father time;
(4) primary mother time.

While the intact family is the winner, Father and Child Reunion makes it clear why, if divorce cannot be prevented, children being primarily with their dads gives children more of both parents than when they are primarily with their mothers; reduces a mother's economic dependency on a man, and reduces men's ten times greater suicide rate after divorce.

Does Dr. Farrell conclude, then, that men are better at fathering than women are at mothering? No. But he does conclude that we have been waging a "War Against Fathers" – and mothers and children are among the losers.

Father and Child Reunion answers questions relevant to every family

"I come away from this book inspired to be a more involved dad, with deeper understanding . . . helpful to my children." -- v Jack Canfield. Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Parent's Soul

"It will inspire and persuade dads to become more involved with their children -- benefit to kids, to moms as well." -- John Gray. Author, Men are From Mars; Women Are From Venus

"Of Farrell's books, Father and Child Reunion is his best. . . Its insights are a gift to men and women." -- Kyle D. Pruett, M.D. Professor of Child Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine

The author is a man well-known for his evenhandedness with both sexes. --Susan Deitz, Los Angeles Times Syndicate

Beware the Ice Cream Truck Man? The continuing attacks on childhood.

Make a population fear all and you control everything.
Give them power over you, your family and the state will be responsible for your kids.
Forgo your God given rights to a chosen few and ...
Well you get the point, problem is, when you do not speak up, who will be left when they come for you.

The destruction of feminism will not come from men only, but from women like the one in the video and so many others on youtube, who have realize that this is out of control, and that they are trying to control not  help.
We can't do it on our own, like women who wanted the vote and equal rights could not do it on their own, but needed the help of...yes...men, who agreed that the rights of our wives, daughters, sisters and mothers was a good endeavor and the right thing to do.
One can point out to our women, what the hags are saying and simply ask: "is this what you think your husbands, sons, fathers are really like?"
Once you do this, you can see the realization in women's eyes that this is...terribly wrong and destructive.
And that is the way to destroy left wing, communistic promoting radical man hating feminism.
The union of men and women against anything that attacks one or the other.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ottawa ontario, men are guilty even when innocent, according to the local media.

Men cleared of charges are still portrayed by media as rapists. No evidence of crime is now police's fault. The Ottawa police is now accused of abuse for asking the female accusers questions !

If anything, especially in Canada, police are extremely advance in investigating sexual assault, they can determine if those involved are telling the truth. The one thing they do not want, is to be accused of harassing the victims, because if they do, the Canadian media, now totally controlled by feminism and manginas, cbc, ctv, so on, will, as they did here attack their methods.
In this video, according to ctv reporter, the victim should be believed, even if her story has...faults. The investigating women of the Ottawa police are absolutely informed about what could happen if they are seen to be abusive to the alleged victim, so they do not take the accusations lightly.
If they came to the conclusion that the alleged accusers where not telling the truth, you can believe it was because there was an extensive investigation.
What we see in this video is, the alleged victims must be believed and anything they say must be the truth. Even if the investigation proved otherwise.
The so called experts in sexual assault do not want to know the truth, because if they would expose the abuse of the justice system by some women, they would have to cut their statistics in half, and then would get funding according to those statistics. It is all about the money, not the real victim.
In other words, it is extremely dangerous for a man to go to a bar, pick up a woman, and if she is drunk, has sex, then get a conscience attack the next morning, the man is up shit creek  without a paddle, guilty until proven innocent, and if the police investigation find that there was no crime, they will be also attacked by the experts and media.
This is very dangerous because it puts pressure on the investigators to find that person guilty if they themselves do not want to be on the long end of an attack by the ..."EXPERTS"
Noticed also, the investigators in this case were all...women.

Personally, I do not go to bars anymore, too fuc#$% dangerous...And I would not recommend that any man pick up a woman in a bar...she might have a conscience attack the next day, married and she did not tell you, and then you are royally screwed, because even if your found innocent, the accusation will always be on your record, it does not go away.

Real Baby being swung around by her mom! Warning this is going to make you sick.

Link to facebook.

This is the sickest thing I have ever seen online, you can actually hear the baby boy crying.
As a parent this is a fu#$in nightmare...I could not watch it all..

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Protest at U of T from a different perspective

These "people" like to use the word patriarchy for their own benefit, not knowing what patriarchy really means...this is what it means...

Monday, February 11, 2013

Does evil exist in our lives, in our politics, in our way of thinking? And is it making a comeback.

If we continue to let the radical feminists target our kids, divide our families, pit women against men, use our kids for funding and power, if we continue on looking the other way, while schools teach our kids parents are always wrong, more and more people will get enraged, and someone will come out and offer to fix it all. The only thing needed is the right situation at the right time, and history will repeat itself. And the best ally of such a person would be the belief that this could never happen to us.

Does evil exist, is it a true entity we have to worry about, is it running freely in our society? These are difficult question for me, because I always believed in the good in people, until now...
How the hell, can I still believe that there is always good in people when I see children been used by specific organisations, to de-moralize a nation, its families, its parents, even its children.

As adults, most can handle anything that is thrown at us, we know what is right or wrong, (some still do), but when those who are in a position of power, re-organize society according to what they know is wrong, that is when we must ask if evil has a foothold in our way of life.
Teens are at a period of their lives, where confusion reign supreme, and social programs, self appointed know it alls know this, that is why, today’s teen are the target of many organisations to change what evolution created, the society we have now, it might not be perfect, but it is a lot better than what they are trying to do.

Though we had teenage rebellions in the past, it was not as prevalent as it is today, teen pregnancy was handle by the family, paid for by the family, now, "have more kids and get a bigger welfare check". When they went wild, cops would say, “if you treat your parents this way again, I will throw you in jail”, now the parent is blamed, and when the teen realise he or she has this power, we lose them.

Any violent action against women and children was taken care of by the men of the family, the relations of the person committing such actions was held responsible, therefore it was handled by said family in fear of repercussion. Now, pedophiles are given rights, 3 meals a day, protected by the state and if you dare to go after them for raping and killing your child, you’re in jail for life, so today, we have more of these crimes. Because the bleeding hearts, sees them as “people with rights”???

There has never been a case of pedophilia in the animal kingdom…

We have always been told the Nazis were evil, ok, I am not going to debate this issue...But keep this in mind, the Nazis were vilified for eugenics, or the sterilizations of undesirables, but wait a minute….

“The province of Alberta was the first part of the British Empire to adopt a sterilization act, and were the only ones who vigorously implemented it. The western provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, were close to the United States and highly influenced by American trends - during early debates regarding a sexual sterilization bill in Alberta, there were many references made to the U.S. legislation. Canada was rapidly becoming populated by immigrants, and the theme of Eugenics was emerging - supported by sponsors such as J.S. Woodsworth, Emily Murphy, Helen MacMurchy, Louise McKinney, Irene Palby, Nellie McClung, and the president of the University of Alberta, Robert Charles Wallace. In Alberta, Eugenics had seemingly positive intentions with the goal of bettering the gene pool.
The aim was to fight “crime, prostitution, and unemployment” which it claimed was strongly tied to feeble mindedness.”
In 1972, the Sexual Sterilization Act was repealed, and the Eugenics Board dismantled. During the 43 years of the Eugenics Board, it approved nearly 5,000 individual sterilizations, and 2,832 procedures were actually performed.

Repealed in 1972???? Didn’t we have a trial in a place called Nuremberg that found these Nazis guilty of crimes against humanity because of their eugenic program …IN 1948?

Let’s continue on the question, “does evil exist in our society?

I remember a supreme court case years ago, were child pornography was debated as art….Some low life was caught with pictures and called it art, from what I remember the supreme court agreed….

But let’s move to today…

Viewing child pornography online not a crime new york ruling
I could put a shit load (pardon my french) of links exposing how "evil" seem to be slowly creeping up on our lives, but you get the general idea.

One more thing that disturbs me, our women cannot walk alone on our streets at night, and the old hag a.k.a. today's feminist will always blame men, in the old days they were able too, but not today, why?
Because in the old days, men would attack, mangle, beat, rip, de-ball, anyone who would perform such an act. Today, if this is done, men who "protect" a woman's honor and safety is put in jail, sometimes for life. Hence, putting in jeopardy the safety of "our" women...And offering "evil" a chance to perform such acts. Get rid or the honor of men, their sense of protecting the weak and hand it over to the few (cops) who will never have enough manpower to prevent such acts and you open the road to evil.

When the rapist and the pedophile has more rights than the men of honor, isn't this an evil act? Or a support of an evil policy?

What about when a woman, wants to be a mother, a stay at home mother, and wife, she is demonized as a traitor by the old hag's (aka feminists) primary policy, to be like men.
Why in the hell would a woman want to be a man? A woman is a piece of art, created with beauty and softness to give the world...balance. (crazy feminists)

Why would they do such a thing, doesn't our society depend on the mothers of this world to teach the fine art of womanhood to girls and isn't the mother the first to teach a boy, how to treat a girl??? While the father is at work????

So, does evil exist, is it an entity now walking freely in our lives and we are so used to it, we simply do not see it anymore?
I never used to thing this way, until they did it to me and my kids. When I fought back I found the twisted venomous local feminists believed they had such power, that no one was "allowed" to contradict or dispute their power. And if we parents did, we were threatened and treated like criminals by some. Figure that one out, because i can't.
When the majority hands power to the few, with no stings attached, we invite corruption and immoral behavior  This was always prevented with a strong tradition family supported by the state.

Now the state co-operates with the few, the corrupt.
That is a recipe for disaster.

The feminist and gay lobby are not the main problem, they are just the tool to immorality, greed, corruption, the danger is when thing will go the wrong way, who will be there waiting in the wings....with an offer to fix it all, just like 1917 Russia, 1933 Germany, 1949 China.
We can't exactly say things are good right now, teen pregnancy, lack of education, drug abuse, crime, greed, welfare as a way of life, national bankruptcies, and especially the alienation and dehumanization of parents and the traditional family (the very backbone of a nation,) by some schools.
And thing are not getting any better, Greece, Spain, Italy, Ireland, France, just to name a few, all bankrupt and will bring us down with them, it is inevitable.

In closing, Germany in the late 1920's and early 30's, was as decadent as it is today in our lives, same thing, also the same economic disaster we are experiencing.
When evil, Nazism, offered to "fix" all this, offered a restoration to normality, the destruction of gays, undesirables, the feeble minded, unions, and let's not forget the Jews, so on and so on, people overlooked these policies even if they did not agree with them, for jobs, financial security, and the return to normalcy...

We see the same policies implemented in our lives and especially to our kids in schools, we can see the same path, it is destroying our economies, our families and our way of life...

Some of these policies, as in giving pedophile "rights" for instance, teaching sex to grade 1, teen pregnancies, drug abuse, crime, is what we would call decadence, experienced by Germany in the 20's, and one little Austrian, with all the answers was at the right place at the right time.

But wait, we are to evolved for this to happen to us, we would never let this happen....right?

Think about this, Herr Hitler, "never" had a majority of votes and supporters when he took power, nor did comrade Lenin, Stalin and Mao...

It only takes one person to be at the right place at the right time, and that is how evil works, it waits for an....opportunity.
So,does evil exist, is it an entity, a thinking essence of existence, I still do not know, but I do know this, it can only exist through the action of people. Or inaction...

Sunday, February 10, 2013

University of Toronto Student Union seeks to censor A Voice for Men

As promised, last night the University of Toronto Student Union passed a motion to condemn A Voice for Men and to demand that the University of Toronto prevent students from accessing this website on their servers. The motion also contained language proposing that our web hosting company be pushed into taking our site down.

It seems the Future Fascists of Canada are on a roll.

And now is the time that we will see where the university administration stands. Will they heed the call of junior jackboots and support the repression of free speech and the open dissemination of ideas? Or will they prove that the UTSU is alone as a band of Stalinist reprobates and reject their Orwellian ideals?

Time will tell, but I wanted to reassure the readers of A Voice for Men on a couple of irreversible facts. One, AVFM is not going anywhere. It is highly doubtful, but in a world of rampant misandry and unlimited possible scenarios it is feasible that we may have to change hosting companies. It would amount to no more than a hiccup in our operations, as we have remained prepared for many possibilities.

The other fact is that if the University of Toronto should decide to put blinders on their students, it will only result in a damning indictment of their school, and more U of T students coming to this website.

Indeed, if they are inclined to ban us, I will be more than happy to exploit such a ridiculous move for everything it is worth. And it is worth a lot
 Story link to AVFM
Whether one agrees with avfn or disagree, one thing we all agree on  is any kind of censor of the freedom of expression is marxist and or fascist in nature. It is not our way to do this in Canada.
If feminist web sites attacking men do not wish their sites to be censored, then they should not preach or impose censorship themselves.
I have seen site such as this....
promoted by the local women's shelter in carleton place ontario, falsely targeting a segment of our society, I think it is disgusting and not only degrades men, but also the mothers who raised them, the wives and daughters who love them. Yet I and others have never called for censorship of this site.
In no way am I comparing avfm to this site, avfm has more class, but the point is, feminist can demonize a segment of society, but freak out if someone does not follow the path they force on people.
Especially coming for a university, censorship is trying to impose one way of thinking on the population, and that  is borderline communism, or fascism, it is definitively not democratic.
Freedom of expression ensures democracy, plain and simple, don't agree, don't read?

Family Violence Affects Men Too

Original Air Date: Monday, February 04, 2013
Family violence is a constant problem, but the discussion is often limited to female victims.  Many men also deal with violence and abuse, but lack access to the same resources.
Most statistics promotes by feminists (aka hags) say only females are victims of domestic violence and that is basically false, most men will not call the police when they are abused, and as the video shows, if they do, they usually end up been charged. 
If one pushes a woman away when she comes at him, that is considered assault, and if a woman pushes a man, that is also assault under Canadian laws, but there is no way a man will call police when he is pushed by a woman. Hence, if both would be counted, and you can see now that they are starting to in some statistics, you find abuse is equal among men and women.

Example; When a man was trying to prevent his girlfriend from going out and do drugs, while pregnant, she hit him with an heavy glass ashtray, broke 2 of his ribs, ruptured his spleen. He never thought of calling police  because he was a man, she was 5 foot nothing, weighed 100 pnds. He has been involved in many things in his life, military, biker,  including been a bouncer, so he was no pushover. It never crossed his mind to call police, not even for one minute, it's a man thing, so he never made it into the "statistics".
A man was married to a very emotionally insecure, and obsessive woman, (and obsessive is been polite), knives, blows, adultery on her part, you name it, yet she would call the police at every argument. He never mentioned the knives and the blows, because he did not want her and the kids to be taken away. And again, it was a man thing.
These are true stories, and both never made it into the statistics.
I don't think that men want to put their women in jail, but the idea that we men are the only ones that are bad in relationships is false and gives false information about the realities out there. It shows clearly that statistics are not been used to help, or inform, they are been used for political and financial benefit. 
When they throw false information, false statistics, the problem is, once everyone knows they are faked, then anyone who honestly claim abuse, is not believed, what if she is lying like so many others, what if someone is "coaching" her to get custody, what if it is just revenge, or what if she started it.
As long as we have false reports, and faked statistics, the problem of family violence will never go away.
As a matter of fact, the more they lie about it, the less it will be taken seriously.
It is sad, because there is  many men and women who need help, children who are stuck in between, they cant get it because the truth is been thrown aside, perpetuated by feminists and mangina's for greed and political power.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Feminazis legacy, violent teens.

We have to realize that our society has taken a turn for the worse, we now know, major policies will have to be re-arranged if we are to survive, one of those is government funding. The idea to give out money to organisations such as women's shelters, c.a.s., welfare, housing, or open doors, a teen help organisation here in smiths fall which demeans parents in front of rebellious teens, must be looked at, because giving out funds on how many people go through their doors has invited corruption. Turn teens against parents and you have a client you can had to your statistics, therefore showing governments you need more money, a simple policy, but very cruel, it adds to the breakdown of families and increases welfare roles.
With these types of policies, taxes have to be increased, people have less to spend, production and jobs suffer.
Now this is directly attributed to the feminazi of our time, they no longer are satisfied with women, but now have their eye on our teens, specifically teen girls for their own benefit.
If you look at shelters, and their message on teen dating, it is always boys who are at fault, boys are bad, men are bad, dad is bad, brothers are bad, so on so on..
Here you can see my perfect example of boys are bad, the director of a local shelter goes to her favorite target, local schools, and the message is???? Boys are bad. Fortunately you can see in the video, 3/4 of the teens are not listening to her, so that is a good thing, but those who are.......

Now I have researched her story on July and Anthony, stabbed 36 times, and found no references to it, not saying its not true, but if something like this ever happened, you would see it on sites that like this...or somewhere???? So, is her aim to scare? to make out that boys are bad and you should always be wary of them? I have my own opinion, but you be the judge.
I have also realized that sites such as this run by feminists have a tendency to exaggerate, or invent, even though we all feel bad, and angry at the lost of life or abuse, truth is always better, because if you exaggerate statistics, eventually people no longer believe anything that is said.

This is a carefully entrenched message that carries a teen girl into her life, and if she listens and believes, it will continue well into her future, having that message implanted into her sub-conscious.

But what this does is now producing more violence amongst this generation, if you implant such messages then you will have a reaction, and they know this very well. As the violence escalates, these teen will need the help from???? yes... shelters, welfare, housing, c.a.s., teen help organisations, and they will need more...funding from governments and taxpayers and decrease the roles of the parent as the source to go to for advice.
 So, the legacy of the feminazi movement is not to make this an equal society, it is to promote themselves, increase their worth in the main stream, and get more money, so they can continue. And in the meantime, instead of looking at our daughters, with pig tails and well dressed, or the rebelliouss teen who still say, " my mom and dad don't understand me, but I love them anyway", we have this....
Are Women Becoming More Violent?

Are U.S. girls becoming more violent.
The answer isn't clear-cut, although national arrest statistics for simple and aggravated assaults by girls have been on the rise for more than a decade
Some analysts trace the surge in the number of girls arrested to increased pressures—from the breakdowns of family, church, community, and school—that have increased their propensity for violence. Other analysts reason that girls are more likely to act out or lash out due to changing gender-role expectations: Greater female freedom and assertiveness have masculinized female behavior and are expressed in an imitation of male machismo competitiveness.
Why girls are getting more violent.
"In movies, we're seeing very aggressive and sexy young women take on the world with knives and guns and bombs and karate and fists," "so a girl gets the message you can be violent and a good guy."

There is a lot more statistics but you get the general idea.

The aim of these feminist controlled organisations is, the poorer the better....They know they can divide families who are poor because there is the adage of financial hardships.

Here is my opinion, in the old days, and no, not the good old days according to feminazi propaganda, we had a balance, the father, the brother, defended the honor of his daughter or sister, the boyfriend protected the girls, and if the boy would disrespect, he would have to face dad or bro'.
The majority of teen relationships had "balance" between the girls and the boy, most where good healthy relationships, watched over by families.
Instead of dealing on this issue, feminazis, turned the few that were bad into an imaginary majority, all boys are bad, teen dating gone wrong is the boys fault. This message promoted violence instead of pointing out the benefit of mutual respect on a date.

Now, we have girls that are as violent on each other as boys were, it will take many generation to undue the damages the feminazy has done, we have to start all over again because of them. We have to explain to the teens, boys and girls, the way our parents use to, that there is always another way to do things, that the only reason, their message is out there is to destroy the family and it's importance, to make them dependent and use them for their own misgivings in their own lives, increase their self worth and finance their organisations, through false statistics and manipulations of teen behavior.
And that in my opinion is...the feminazi legacy. It does not promote women's rights, it destroys them.

These are our families and should never be used for twisted ideals.

The reasons why I am against abortions...

Born with a smile

Don't trust anyone but yourself and your loved ones, pregnancy is not a disease, it is a gift.
If I would have walked away years ago, my youngest daughter would not be here today. I was vilified, demonized, pushed aside as not important, (because I was the father) but I did not give up, I fought, scratched and insisted that a life was a life.
Abortion is the radical feminists tool for power, most of whom do not have kids, so what do they know.
The hags continue to make me out to be a bad person simply because I was the father, for decades I have always been on the defensive because they made me feel like I was a violent creature.
When I came to realize the abusive creature was the ones attacking me, I went on the offensive. I have been exposing who and what they really are, hateful, low self esteem people with an extreme inferiority complex.
I  got custody, and raised my daughter on my own, against all odds, we thrived as a family, and I would not change a thing. (except maybe the teen years lol)
The point is, life became more interesting with my child than without it, it pushes one to achieve a better life, not less.
The hags, even to this day, will always try to make us, fathers to be unimportant, and will even go after stay at home moms. Their lives are empty, and they try to push their emptiness on others, and now they do it with our children.
Those of us, moms and dads who never gave up on our responsibility and our place in the circle of life, tell you with assurance that children make your life a joy, and you achieve more with them career wise than without.
Any child has the potential to change the world, they might be the one who find a cure, or find a way to make the world better than we had, and we have no right to take that away from them or others that come after.
So, the next time you see a hag, aka a feminist, have pity, their lives are not much to talk about, they feel empty, and have a low self esteem, and an inferiority complex, pat them on the head and say, "there there, I understand, you poor poor feminist hag".

Friday, February 8, 2013

More on the legacy of Canadian feminism...cry abuse and you get a pass.

In court, after this video was made, she cried out abuse, (coached??) yet…
She freely admitted there was not abuse by the husband…
She did not care if her daughter was in the house…
The courts had full access to this RCMP video but chose to ignore it…
The courts set her free saying she had been through enough already.
Welcome to the Canadian justice system.
And this thing was...a teacher?

Her husbands response.

It is becoming dangerous to be a husband in Canada....You have a video that shows she was not abused, she did not care if her daughter was in the house, smiling while discussing murder, and the courts choosing not to admit it in evidence...
When you promote all women are victims of men, some will use it to defend their actions.
Now, how does this help the real victim?
It does not...
From now on, every time some woman say's to men, "I have been abused", the first thing that will pop in our minds is...doubt.
and that is the true legacy of Canadian feminism. In this case as so many, the man and the daughter take a back step to the message that all women are victims, even if the accusations are false.

Feminism's true colors

Don't need comments, it says it all doesn't it.
Hey Canada, how would you like to be Sweden someday, your well on your way there.

Marxist Indoctrination And Gender Engineering In Canadian Schools.

If you have kids this is important,  the "we co-parent" policies of the Marxists (or whatever they are) now infesting our schools is destroying society. Don't be fooled by their policies, they are there to reorganize through our kids, And if your a parent that does not agree you will be demonized.

Now as a parent, did you ever give any school or school board the right to "co-parent" your kids???
Remember this, the coward will always go after the weak, in this case, children.
As for the gender barrier they speak about, they don't want to make children equal, they want our boys to behave like girls.
I am a big believer in the notion that men cannot be women and women cannot be men, it is not the same as race equality, gender is totally different. The individual gifts of men and women is important to raise children, it offers a balance that reflect in raising boys to be boys and girls to be girls. It is no secret that since they have tried to throw away million of years of evolution out the door, that suicides are on the increase amongst teenagers, especially with the male population. These poor kids have been told something inside the family, and something totally inappropriate in schools.
Sex ed, homosexual lifestyle, even some educators are now saying perverse behavior such as pedophilia is inter generational intimacy. If you teach these things in schools to early, and promote them as normal, they invite confusion in minds that are in the process of learning what is right and wrong.
If we have to throw these subjects to students it should be done after secondary school, not in primary, were parents are raising their children one way, and marxists are trying to guide society in another, through minds of children.
Freedom to be who you are does not automatically mean it is right for everyone.
You cannot teach a boy to be a girl or vise versa as you cannot teach a dog to be a cat.
These peoples (if that's what they are)  in some way are not only trying to change our society, but evolution itself, they reject creation, embrace evolution, but they do not follow the rules they themselves claim to follow. So, they don't even know who they are and they claim to "co-parent"?

As for sun news, they are having financial problems because the main stream media in Canada, especially the government funded cbc, and the radical infestation polluting the system, have done everything in their power to prevent sun news from been widely available to Canadians  Did you know the oprah network, american and foreign news channels are more available in this country than sun news. Doesn't matter if you like them or not, it is important, especially for freedom of information that all views be accessible, if they are trying their best to destroy sun news, one has to ask why, and what are they afraid of?
Sun news must be made available to all Canadians, and if they fail after  that, then at least it will be because of our choices, not a chosen few in the media trying to control our thoughts.