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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Who is really responsible for the increase in male teen suicides.

Hags(aka feminists) and manginas.
Who now controls (for the moment soon to be rectified) the schools and the counseling service?
When a parent forfeits their responsibility, when they do not ask the help of their families elders, (because they threw them in a old folks home), when they depend on others with a university degree who have never stepped into your home and circle of life, then parents are partly responsible for what is going on in our society.
We now have an epidemic of boys committing suicide at a faster rate than girls, latest figures put it at 2/3 of suicides are boys.
So, if a parent depends on a school's counseling service; ask yourself,who controls that service?
Yes, feminists and manginas.
They have been through an education system, as we now know, in universities that demonizes, dehumanizes men. They bring their hatred, their inferiority complex and their anti male lessons they learned in women's studies and they "counsel" boys in schools who have emotional problems with that hated they brought with them....
Now you know why it is happening, they are responsible for the increase in the suicide rate in boys as if they pulled the trigger themselves.
Yes, there is an alarming rate amongst girls also but the issue for now is the boys....
Ladies.....here is what they think of men, and what boys will become,

these are you sons they are talking about, this is what they will and do to your sons in schools and in teen counseling organisations such as open door, teen help lines and others....
This is what they brought with them from university courses on women's studies, there are "no" men or boys studies, it is not "allowed" by the hag movement. So how would they know the psychology of boys? How would they be able to help a young man who is having issues at school other than...suck it up????
So why would you trust these hags and their mangina friends to openly find the root cause of someone who is having emotional problems when they believe that these boys will grow up to be abusers????

If you throw them at these hags aren't you partly to blame if, God forbid, something happens?
As a parent you control your local schools if you speak with one voice, if you do not, this will go on and on...
And the cost will be......tears.
Pardon my french but...
Ladies, these are your sons they are talking about and these hags say they speak for you....

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Karen said...

they dont speak for me and other women thats for sure.