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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Imaginarium of the feminazi marxist mind.

Sweden is in a feminist marxist stranglehold, and so is most of scandanavia for that matter, and life there is getting more and more ridiculous everyday, pointing out the imaginative ways the marxist feminist and mangina is trying to change million of years of evolution is sometimes funny, sometimes sad. But as they keep on pushing forward with their idiotic agenda, more and more, even in sweden, land of feminist utopia, people are raising an eyebrow and saying enough.
They are so out of ideas, that now they are going after....and get this,
Gender neutral toilets, God forbid, men stand up to pee, that is sexist.
Gender neutral words, like hen, instead of him or her, ya ok, moms and dads are going to call their boys or girls, hen. (cluck)
Gender neutral toys, what they really mean by that is, get rid of toy guns and cars and make boys play with dolls.
Gender neutral schools, teach boys how to be manginas.
Gender neutral names, this is my son, Maiseph, mix Mary and Joseph, this is my daughter Willate, mix William and Kate, I know it's silly but hey, if the shoe fits.
Gender neutral nursery,
Gender neutral schools,
And my favorite, gender neutral babies, now look at this site and this is in my country of Canada, now tell me this is not psychological abuse on a child...What is interesting on that site, is there is no support in the comments for what those abusive parents did to this boy child... It was not gender neutral, as it was turning a boy into the daughter they really wanted. They won't let him wear combat pants, but will dress him in dresses...gender neutral my ass...

Then we have this; I Don’t Want My Preschooler to Be a ‘Gentleman’
How many ladies want men to be a gentleman, I wonder....
After reading it, it was clear she understood nothing about been a gentleman, it is the other side of been a lady, to be realistic, who teaches their kids to be either a gentleman, or a lady, mothers, this is were a child first hears it. It is enforced and nurtured by the father, but it is mom who first uses it. To be a gentleman is to open doors, pull a chair, move aside, defend, provide, to be a lady is to respect yourself, to be the best you can be, to stand tall, also to provide in some cases. I can see it now, "i am sorry, out of respect for you, i am not going to hold the door, pull a chair, provide or defend", see how far that will get you with the ladies...Been a gentleman does not mean you disrespect the ladies for God's sake, it means respect. For your mother, your wife, and especially your sons and daughter, because what they see, they will imitate.

The video above perfectly explain, the real path and cost of out of control feminism, the point is, they did not stop at equality, but continued at trying to change evolution itself, and that has the recipe for one hell of a backlash. The question here is, aren't we weakening society in the western world by doing this kind of abuse, especially on the next generation of boys, will a gender neutral male, fight for freedom, get his hands dirty to build a bridge, a road, a ditch, is the rest of the developing world following our oh so interesting path to gender neutral society, or are we too secure in believing or realising, that the rest of the world, outside the western world, no one believes in this ...crap.
I can see it now, gender neutrals, lets put a gender neutral word to that, gentrals, defending our freedom against a muslim army, or chinesse or north korean, or Iranian, or, well you get the point. (my apologies to these countries, not picking on you, but trying to make a point)
We all want war and conflicts to be abolished, it is said that in time of peace, a son buries his father, but in war, a father buries his son, and we do not want that, we have to realise though, in what kind of world we live in, for now. And it is not the imaginarium world of the feeble minded feminist and their manginas.
No one can deny, the feminist and their mangina supporters have a marxist mentality, to change the world according to their views, and that is what marxism is, to change what is, into what they believe should be. It did not work in those who adopted this philosophy, they returned to the capitalist system, yet, some, in our society want to try it anyway.
It will never take here, especially in the americas, we are a rough and hard society, fortunately, crap like gender neutral always happen in europe first, and as we can see what it is doing to their children, we certainly do not want it here.

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