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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The hags (aka; feminist) prayer "The State is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want."

It says it all doesn't it, even though it is sarcasm, it perfectly shows what I have been saying all along, the hags power is been "eroded" by the next generation of the young, they are no longer buying into the "all men are bad" or that the state is the answer. The demise of feminism will not come at the hands of men only, it will come at the hands of fathers, husbands, wives, daughters, together we can make a world pleasant for everyone, divided we will be at each others throats, and fuel the hags insatiable thirst for power at the expense of our kids.

Add the "obama is god, rise for your lord and saviour" from jaime foxx, and you have a clear picture of what they are trying to do, "dependency", on the state, and they are doing it, not to make your life and mine better, but to add the vote to their ranks, if you depend on the state, you are not going to vote for conservatism.
Now some say foxx said it as a joke, ok, might be, but he did say it, and I don't know about you but saying such things it might not make the Creator too happy, because some did not take it as a joke, there are people out there who will follow those words. I do not believe for one minute obama is the anti-christ either, I might not like his financial policies, but he's no frigin anti-christ.
To be honest I think foxx said it to make waves and then it promotes is new movie "django".

The point is, when you push the envelope to far, it causes a backlash, history is full of instances where this has happened before, Robespierre, brought Napoleon, the Dumas republic, (or whatever it was called after the csar), brought lenin and stalin, Spain's communist government, brought franco, the Wiemar republic brought us...hitler.
Every time our society falls under the control of the state, brought on by the corrupt, thriving for power, something bad happens. I know some on the left want good things for people, and so does those on the right, but every time they try, someone passes in between the ranks and grabs power, and just makes things worse.
We cannot afford to follow anymore, we, the people, must take responsibility for ourselves and for our children, the best gift an adult can have, is to be a parent, and family is what makes a nation strong,  and prosperous, this is what gives kids a chance in the world.
I live in an area, where when you visit the housing projects, you see children pushing babies, single parents, mostly young girls, no future, dependent, and their children will be also.
This is used by the corrupt, to increase their power, the more people on welfare, the more votes. more money, bigger salaries. It is not about left or right, it is about letting those who use this to benefit themselves.
Make no qualms about it, the social programs are "controlled" by the hags and a few "manginas" who have forfeited their responsibilities as men and women, for personal gratification. At the expense of our families.
Our immortality is our children and our grandchildren, they belong to no one, state or otherwise, if we do not fight to pass to them the strenght they need, through wisdom and hard work, to be there when they need us, then what does that say about all of us, and who will take up the slack?
When we refuse to fight back as parents, we invite those who thrive on personal power to inject themselves into our children's lives, (teen help lines, welfare, housing, child protection, children counselors so on) and how is that working out, increase drug abuse, teen pregnancy, alcoholism, homelessness, crime, lack of respect for the elders, uneducated generation, and this is passed down, increasing the numbers and down the line, this will not boded well for the future of any nation. How do I know this???
I am native, believe me...I know, because it was done to us.
Look at the end result of been dependant on the state.
No dreams, no hope, no future....
I have no problem with the state helping out, but it must be done with the co-operation of parents, families, mom and dad.
No where in history where the state usurped the family has it ever ended up well, all have fallen...
And the main proponent of the fall of the western world is...feminism and manginas.
This is what they want....

But this is who we really are...

So that our families can have this...peace, freedom and prosperity....

We are all a strand in the web of life, if we forgo our place, the web collapses....and family is the strenght of the web.

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