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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Taking on the system online....can be dangerous to your health.

Visionary Internet activist Aaron Swartz found dead; was this brilliant internet revolutionary 'taken out?'
Swartz was targeted by the system

Mysterious deaths of people who question government now becoming more frequent

Prominent rifle manufacturer killed in mysterious car crash days after posting psych drug link to school shooters

Social networking pioneer who took on Facebook commits suicide at age 22

A few years ago, when I personally started to expose what the social programs where doing with families in Lanark county and using children to increase welfare roles, with the co-operation of city and county officials, I was invited to "give myself up" to the local police station, telling me the rcmp where on their way to pick me up for a warrant. I found it fishy at best because when there is a warrant against you, they do not invite you to the local police station. So I called the rcmp before going there and they told me they had no such action in mind. When I called the local police station asking for an explanation, he told me the name of the rcmp officer who was on his way to pick me up, I again called the rcmp office in Kingston and asked for that particular officer, his answering service told me he was on medical leave and would not return for another 2 weeks.... To this day I wonder what would of happened if I would of showed up at that police station at 8 am in the morning???

Since then, I had the visit of another one warning me not to send emails to specific local social worker directors, which I rarely did, and when I did, it was polite and diplomatic,  (I knew I was dealing with someone with an inferior complexes and very dangerous) . This "cop" had a handful of this blog printed in her hands, and I asked out front, "you read them, was there anything in them that was impolite and threatening", she answered..."NO", I responded, "why are you here then".
A while later I got another visit from a different one, again with a handful of paper printed from this blog, they told me they had a warrant from the rcmp, and I had to go to jail for 5 months, (this is the same as above), while at the station I got "we warned you" thrown in my face. Eventually the rcmp told them that it was only a fine and if I paid it on the spot I could go home. (which I did). After coming home I called the federal court house on laurier st in hull Quebec, 3 times to make sure, they told me this ontario wide warrant claimed by this officer was "non-existent", their words not mine.

And I contacted 2 different rcmp offices, and asked about this warrant and they could not find it, even telling me it was impossible to have an ontario or canada wide warrant on a simple fine unless there was violence involved which there was not...."their words not mine". He told me the worse that could happen is if I was stopped for a seat belt violation or something to that effect where the fine was, in Ottawa ontario., then I would have to pay it on the spot.
I never pushed the issue after that, but after the first encounter, I took precautions, just in case.....and made copies of copies....just in case. My web cam amongst other things is connected to a web site that saves pictures and videos, with a motion detector program... (Just in case.lol)
After a discussion with a local politician, I told this person, they are trying hard to demonize me, make me look bad, especially this shelter's staff, this person responded  "ya, and she won't stop", I said, "it's OK, neither will I", the response was..."Good". So, I am not the only one who thinks the system is corrupt.

For the record,

I am NOT suicidal, depressed or on any drugs or medications
I am non violent, and as you can see on this blog, never threatened anyone with physical violence, even after what they did to my family.
When we give unrestricted power, with no safety line visa vie our freedom we invite people such as lenin, stalin, hitler, and as a native american I can safely say that giving your safety and welfare to a group of people and trusting them to keep you safe is very dangerous...
Freedom is non negotiable, it does not belong to the few to do with as they wish, families should never be regulated by governments, and children are NOT the tool of the corrupt, self hating, low self esteem, with an inferiority complex hag aka the feminist and their manginas.
We can see the results of them infesting our society and families.
A parent can fight, starve, deny himself, just to give what his daughter deserve, and when he sees his sacrifice go down the drain, demonized unjustly for simply been a father, there has to be a line in the sand. They crossed that line with me, they did not have the right, and I plan to make sure they understand this. I wanted my children to be the best they could be, with love, discipline, understanding and especially hard work, the social programs of Lanark county Ontario, pushed on by this shelter in Carlton place and it's staff, believed they could do whatever they wish, after all, I was just a man, a father, bad mistake on their part.You can only push a man, a father so far, and when he decides to fight back, get out of his way, you do not stand one hell of a chance. We will not do it alone, we will put things back were they belong with our wives, our mothers and our daughters.
These are my words of power and they are strong.
Welcome to 2013, our year.

P.S.; Keep this in mind, in the 80's I use to negotiate union labor contracts, equal pay for equal work, I don't mean someone who is waitress should make as much as a welder on top of a bridge or a building, which I use to do,  but for example, male and female welders should make the same pay, if they do the same work.
We do have daughters and this is what we want for them.
I also thought native studies in local schools on a volunteer basis, that means for free.
My point is, if they did it to me, there is no stopping them to do it to anyone out there, there is nothing you can do to have their respect, not that we are looking for it, your a man, they will come after you given the chance, and that is hatred, it does not stop there, if your a stay at home mom, you are also the enemy.
And the attacks directed at myself, (revenge for this blog), continue to this day.

The word feminist should of meant, to bring out the femininity of a woman, her strength and importance in the circle of life, not that she never was, the right to work and be paid the same amount as anyone, so on, so on...
Instead, feminism has become the very epitome of corruption taken over by self hating hags who wants the world to be as miserable as they are, a sub-intellect with an inferiority complex.
Blogs, mrm, and others just point out what they represent, it is up to you ladies to correct it, after all, they claim to speak for you...when they say...about your sons...
"recognize that male power is upheld through rape and sexual harassment"
"men are rapists, batterers, plunderers, killers".


Fathers4life said...

Been reading for while, let me tell you something, you handled the situation better than I would of, I would of freaked on their asses, but your way is better.

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