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Friday, January 18, 2013

Quebec Canada; Just like the communist regime of the USSR. Holding prayer meetings is illegal.

Quebecer fined for arranging Catholic Mass in rented building

Denying any freedoms for whatever reason, is not only a dangerous affair, but it also insults our grandparents, who gave us this world through their beliefs and hard work.
You want to be an atheist, fine, I want to be spiritual, you want to be muslim or whatever, fine, I want to be catholic.
Again this has nothing to do with their arguments, but to re-organize what our ancestors gave us and create a world according to their ideals. Take away freedoms for whatever reason and what is next, give them one and they will move to the next one, till one day you will find yourself....without the basic freedoms you used to enjoy.
Who...does it insult, to believe, to pray, to be who you want to be, I have never seen a religious person going to courts or fining someone for been atheist, so why are they doing it?
Doesn't freedom demands you accept the diversity of all????
If they want a socialist utopia, which has been tried and always failed, they must destroy religion and the traditional family, because we stand in their way, we teach hard work, respect, and not to depend on anyone to our kids, and that is a threat to their idealism.

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